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started by: Scout

Posted by Scout on Aug. 30 2003,10:15 am

Navicache stats for Texas caches found (top 10):

The Outlaw 40
The Diver 19
BlazerMan 12
Peeve 11
thorax 10
ants1 8
Blizzard 7
BubblesPPG 6
peripatetic 6
Web_ling 6

Navicache leaderboard for Texas caches owned (top 10):

Cybercat 45
lowracer 24
Scout 12
Captain J 6
The Outlaw 6
BigJon 4
MissBehavin 4
FireCacher 3
4genatxn 3
The Diver 3
grajek 3

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Posted by Scout on Sep. 21 2003,2:41 pm
I have updated the Navicache Stats page. It now has a permanent home, with regular updates. Bookmark the site: < Navicache Stats >.

The Texas stats are no longer broken out separately, but such a feature could be provided, if Texas activity on Navicache picks up enough to warrant it.

Posted by Scout on Sep. 26 2003,7:06 am
The < Navicache Stats for Texas > is back, with more features. Check it out.
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