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Topic: $40,000. buried in Goldfield NV.
started by: thelastchurch

Posted by thelastchurch on Aug. 07 2008,12:28 am
:O  :wave The last Church buried $40,000 in two Place's
South east of Goldfield in a new ATV park.  Anyone who finds it can keep it. There is also a $5,000. Cash and fifty or so smaller treasures scattered around the Desert.  All
can be found with a metal Detector.
 There is free dry camping in the ATV park. The park is under construction but open. Its name is "The Worlds Largest Junk Car Forest" Artists play groung and ATV
park with ultralight runways.
 Goldfield is a great place to play.



Posted by Quinn on Oct. 14 2008,9:55 pm
The things i could do with that money :rock:
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