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Topic: Hurricane Isabel
started by: PC Medic

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 22 2003,5:39 am
With the destruction we have just sustained here in the area from hurricane Isabel I hope that all who live here in the area are well.

With that said, I would also like to remind everyone to exercise a little caution when you first return to the woods to search for a cache or to check on your own. Many tree limbs are loose and dandling and will continue to drop in the slightest breeze for weeks (and even months) to come. There are also creeks and streams where they previously did not exist. So please keep your eyes open (especially upward) when trekking through the woods. That area you knew like the back of your hand may not look at all as it used to.

You may also want to check park offices to see if there are any particular trail closings posted. Nothing more aggravating than to walk a mile into a trail to reach a dead end due to fallen trees or a new gap in the landscape!

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