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Topic: Hampton Roads VA Picnic
started by: Cacheola Crew

Posted by Cacheola Crew on Sep. 04 2003,12:17 am
What: < Hampton Roads Virginia Picnic and mini-cache dash >
When:  Sunday, September 14 12:30pm
Where:  Waller Mill Park, Williamsburg, VA

Details are on the cache page.

Cacheola Crew

Posted by PC Medic on Sep. 04 2003,8:51 am
Well being on the South-Side I have never been to < Waller Mill Park >, but it certainly looks to be a great park for a picnic and get together!

I am certainly going to do my best to be there as it would a great opportunity to meet other geocachers from the area.
Not to mention I have not gone after any of the caches on the peninsula yet :grinnin

Have already let Cacheola Crew know we will be able to donate some 'Navicache' and 'Magellan GPS Treasure Hunt' shirts for door prizes :thumbs-up

Hope to see everyone there.

Posted by cachekidds on Dec. 31 2003,9:15 am
We appreciated Navicahe's support for the picnic!
Posted by PC Medic on Jan. 01 2004,8:30 am
We were happy to help out  :thumbs-up
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