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Topic: Geocaching Hampton Roads E-group
started by: Cacheola Crew

Posted by Cacheola Crew on July 22 2003,7:33 pm
You are invited to be a member of the Geocaching Hampton Roads email  group.  This group is just getting started and is meant to discuss the topic of local Geocaching, as well as plan get-togethers and other caching related activities in the Hampton Roads area.  Members who have an interest in caching in this area are welcome,  regardless of where they actually live.    

If you are not already a member of Yahoo or YahooGroups, it is easy to do.  Simply go to by clicking on the link above and create a user name.   I would recommend creating a user name that is the same or  similar to your caching name.  After you create your user name then you can sign up for the group.

< Geocaching-Hampton Roads VA >

If you are already a member of Yahoogroups, just follow the
links.   Again, I'd recommend creating a separate "profile" with your caching  name if yours doesn't reflect that already.

Feel free to post and share with other local geocachers your
experiences finding caches, your travel bugs, favorite sites, and  future events, and have fun getting to know other cachers in the area

Hope to see you there!

Happy Caching,
Cacheola Crew

Posted by Crazy Cache on Jan. 03 2004,6:40 pm
Just wanted to say that this group is great! We have 60+ members now and have a lot of fun. Our first picnic was awesome! We have made friends from all over VA including other states as far as CA! If you are from the Hampton Roads area, you really should check us out. Joining this group was definitely one of my milestones in geocaching!

< Geocaching Hampton Roads-VA >

Crazy Cache

Posted by Quinn on Jan. 03 2004,8:04 pm
We are very happy that you like it here. I hope you have found what was expected if not more.

Please keep spreading the word about Navicache!
i have been in that group by the way...Yes!, there are a great deal of nice people in there. :)

Posted by cachekidds on Jan. 06 2004,12:19 pm
I think that we will try to hide a cache this weekend a list it on Navicache. We need more Navicachers in SE Virginia!
Posted by cachekidds on Jan. 24 2004,6:45 pm
Hid the los lagos solitarios de la estrella II
today out in Chuckatuck. Lots of frozen water and geese out there!

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