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Topic: Melbourne, Florida
started by: Firemedic

Posted by Firemedic on June 19 2002,7:36 am
Anyone there?  I found a few caches listed.  I like to leave georges when I visit.  Any caches where I might be able to trade georges? :wave
Posted by Firemedic on July 07 2002,6:45 am
Anyone there?  I think we will be moving there soon.  I found a couple of caches there  while visiting (found on the pay for play board), so somebody caches.  

I may have to place my own so this board can list some in the area.
Posted by firetrkdriver on Nov. 30 2002,9:16 pm
This is kind of an old thread, but thought I would tell you that I have just started geocaching.  I found out about this through

I will be putting some george dollars in some caches too.

Also noticed your username.  I am a career firefighter of 15 years in NC.

Stay safe,
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