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Topic: Hi Everyone from Naples,Florida
started by: firecat

Posted by firecat on Aug. 21 2002,9:33 pm
Well here I am,after being involved with Geocaching for about 1 1/2 years on the other site. I just found out about this site. I talked to others in my area and they had not heard of it either. I looked for caches in my area but nothing even close. But the Firecat is here and I have posted 4 of my caches to get things started in my area. Another Cacher friend of mine is also going to put a cache up. I will do my best so people from all over can have something to look for if they are in the area.
Hope to hear from some of you out there soon. Happy caching....Firecat

:) :wave

Posted by Guest on Oct. 13 2002,4:00 pm
Welcome, firecat, to Navicache.  I am glad to hear that you posted your caches on this site too.  That takes care of no caches in your area, doesn't it? ;)  That is what we have been trying to tell people on the other site; that if your caches were on both sites, there would be some in their area.  This site is for the eastern part of the United States and needs to spread west.  We have initiated a cache in Pueblo Colorado and Indiana to try and spread the word out that way.  The owners of this site are great and very helpful.  I'm sure you will be hearing from them soon!

Glad to have you here! :grinnin  

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