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Topic: New Caches in Central FL Area
started by: hazman

Posted by hazman on June 26 2006,10:23 am
:cool: Just checking to see if there is any interest in new caches in the Hillsborough/Pasco/Polk County areas of Central Florida? We've noticed that most of the caches in this area are 2 or 3 years old (or older) and many do not exist anymore. If there is enough interest to make it worthwhile, we will start replentishing these caches and adding some new ones.

This is a great sport/hobby, and we'd like to see more of it in our area. You can post back to this forum, or send email input to

Happy hunting!

Posted by PC Medic on June 26 2006,3:12 pm
Moved thread to appropiate forum
Posted by jimear1e on Sep. 02 2006,9:49 pm
I have 20 caches placed in Central Florida. These are also listed on GC and were placed this year and are active with several logged finds. I have not had one Navicacher log one.

I have 2 more to submit.

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