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Topic: GA Geocaching Monthly Podcast
started by: gumbyatl92

Posted by gumbyatl92 on April 02 2006,7:41 pm
Our podcast (an internet tv show) chronicles two Southern boys going after caches. There is drama, misery, joy, and some laughs. Check us out at th link below and if you would like to help support us just click on an advertisement link :)

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Posted by gumbyatl92 on April 09 2006,7:54 am
Episode 3 is up and running. Check it out.
Posted by PC Medic on April 09 2006,11:00 am
This is a great concept you have going here and fun to watch  :thumbs-up

By the way,...Love the hat  :grinnin  Not as good as RoadKills though!

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