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Topic: Where is Everyone ??
started by: CoachNH

Posted by CoachNH on Aug. 26 2002,4:05 pm
I am a geocacher from NH looking for input from other geocachers.
Posted by zurcher on Jan. 12 2006,9:50 am
I cant believe this...."where is every body ??? "
Posted by OzzyCoop on June 16 2006,5:49 am
I'm from NEPA if that matters any. :wave
Posted by FindFenway on April 20 2008,8:34 pm
Posted by earlthepearl on May 26 2008,3:48 pm
Doesn't seem to many from Maine in this site........
Posted by Sharpee on June 16 2008,4:39 pm
Well, either I don't know how to use this site yet (I just signed up a few minutes ago) or there are less than a dozen caches withing 50 miles of Dover NH, so I am guessing that everyone is on instead.
Posted by Omega on June 17 2008,2:39 pm
But think of it this way, there is plenty of room for you to add many more caches to your area  :D  
In my area 99% of the caches are mine.   :rock:

Posted by Airstreaming on Feb. 22 2009,6:36 pm
HI from CT!  Wonder if anyone is on this site??
Posted by earlthepearl on April 06 2009,7:09 am
A few, but not as many as the Geo site fer sure.
Try TerraCache also......

Posted by earlthepearl on April 09 2009,3:03 pm
Seems this site really is quite dead. I'll try TerraCaching to see if more is happening......:p :p
Posted by zurcher on June 12 2009,5:40 am
Still a lonely place...
any one else from Ct [ hi airstreaming ]

Posted by Drop Frame on June 30 2009,5:00 pm
South Eastern NH here. Either this site is very lacking on caches, which means it needs to find a way to maybe import caches from other sites; or it needs to be way easier to find them on this site. Buxley's Maps is horrible for finding anything!
Posted by sabrefan7 on June 30 2009,6:34 pm
Hi from western NY! We have a few people our way and I try to spread the word by cross listing my caches.
My next one will be navi exclusive :)

Posted by snowluv21 on Aug. 05 2009,10:24 pm
all the sites are sooo dead :( allthe new ones in my area r mine and ive found so many of others im in southern nh next to brattleboro, vt
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