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started by: nfa

Posted by nfa on June 13 2004,9:32 am
Hello Everyone!

The < Northern New York Geocachers (NNYGeo) > is hosting an < event > on June 19, 2004 in Long Lake, NY.  The purpose of the event is to meet other geocachers in Northern New York, have some fun, talk about geocaching, and share some geocaching loot.

Members of < Northern New York Geocachers (NNYGeo) > can take a YJTB home with them, along with some other NNYGeo stuff: buttons, cache cards, rear-window stickers, and "Official Geocache" ID stickers. Non-members of NNYGeo are (of course) welcome as well, and can also plan on taking some cool stuff home with them as well.

Bring any TBs you want to exchange, as well as examples of signature items and other caching related stuff you would like to talk about/share with the < event >.

Plan on getting to the event around 11:30 or noon, and we'll talk a bit before having lunch (and adult beverages) at the Adirondack Hotel (although you could picnic by the beach if you prefer). After lunch, there is a great public beach for swimming or just hanging out. It should be a great day!

I look forward to meeting as many Northern New York Geocachers as can make it.

nfa - jamie

Posted by Quinn on June 13 2004,10:09 am
I am not one for censorship, but being one of your first posts it would seem that your posting is very commercial in nature as all I see are links to the other geocaching site as well as mentions of travel bugs and links there-of  going back to them.

Is this event oriented around Geocaching as a hobby or just the other site in general? I dont even recall seeing the listing for this event on the navicache site or have I over looked it? :rock:

Posted by PC Medic on June 13 2004,1:46 pm
Moved here to appropriate category by Admin and multiple/cross-post was removed.

Please do not post same topic to multiple forums.

Posted by nfa on June 13 2004,2:03 pm
Hi there slightly-tense-admins,

I have posted the event on navicache...< here >, and corrected the earlier post.  I'm sorry for not doing that earlier.

I'm somewhat at a loss as regards the assertion that my post  is "very commercial in nature" because I mentioned "the other geocaching site ". ???

As regards listing it in 2 places...the event is of note to geocachers in the Northeast, as well as being about geocachers meeting I thought I would post in both assured this will not happen again... :rolleyes

In fact, considering the efficiency of the forum (unable to post for a day or so after logging in) and warmth of my welcome from various administrators, I may not be troubling you again, at all (in these forums, I love the navicache listing-site).

One would think that given the scarcity of posts to this forum-site, the admins might work to attract, not repel, newbies. ???

Sorry for the troubles, and thanks for your help and advice.


Posted by Quinn on June 13 2004,2:40 pm
This site does quite well with traffic, and we much prefer "Quality" in the forums as far as postings go than "Quantity" of posts being made.

The other site is very commercial in nature (not saying that it is a bad thing) and the mention of TB's which normally cost money to obtain as well as a direct link to that sites event page is NOT what we are here for. But as you can plainly see your post has not been deleted because THIS is what we are here for and do not censor postings like you will find over there. As a test seeing as you may not be aware of this. Go there and try posting in that forum using the word "navicache" and see how far it gets you.

We do not try to pull people in this forum but instead try to get the ones that visit to see that this is a friendly place to be. Many of the members that visit here have posted quite often how different it is here as a result of not allowing people to drop flame wars all day at each other.

I was in no way knocking you, I just wanted you to see it from my point of view. You made two posts which were both the exact same thing in two sections of the forum. Both were to simply promote your event and in such doing aimed people to see another sites product as well as pages.
It was in my view no different than going to a chevy dealer and telling all the customers about fords.

By the way...I am Quinn!  Nice to meet you and welcome!  :)

Posted by nfa on June 13 2004,6:19 pm
Thanks for your reply Quinn, I'm Jamie.

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, but (not to belabor the point) it was the event I was steering you towards, not the "other" website (which btw, does not cost a cent to view/visit/list on);in addition, those particular travel bugs were given away completely free of charge, and NNYGeo is a totally non-commercial organization.

I care not at all whose site the event is listed on (although I understand why you might, so that is why the post here now points people to a navicache listing of the event), I just want to get some people to come to the event so that we can organize/discuss geocaching in Northern New York, and have some fun doing it.

Thanks for your help and replies and explanations,


Posted by Quinn on June 13 2004,7:07 pm
No problem, there is however areas of that website which are "pay to play". And "Jeep" I am quite certain is not getting all that exposure for free either.

But I also am quite certain that your reson for the listing was not to push people to the other site and that your main goal was as you stated. But we here at the navicache site need to keep things on the track we have made plans for.

But with a touch of luck and with some exposure I am sure your event will do well. :)

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