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started by: Cracker7M

Posted by Cracker7M on April 14 2003,8:39 pm
I just wanted to post that its an ideal time to visit Letchworth State Park, and catch up on all those caches you didnt get to last year.

Due to the heavy winter we just had, the Genesee is flowing almost double the mean average for this time of year, over the past 90 years.

The river has literally become a lake from behind the dam in Mt Morris, almost up to the Lower Falls area.

Now is a good time to cache, since:
1) Weather is great (not hot, not cold)
2) No BUGS yet...
3) No weeds to trudge thru
4) With no leaves on the trees yet, the views are WIDE open and spectacular.
5) The park has NOT started charging admission yet. (I dont know when they will, though)
6) There are currently 15 active caches in the park. I will also be adding 2 to 4 more caches soon.

I've attached a link to a few pics I took today.

< >

Posted by Cracker7M on April 17 2003,10:30 am
Here is a list of all the active physical caches in the park:

< 1856 Mule Path >

< Busy As A Beaver >

< Along the Roots Of Big Bend >

< Penny's Point >

< Low & Behold >

< Two Rivers >

< Gibsonville Doublet >

< End of 18 >

< Hogs Back Vistas >

< Whats the Point >

< Smokey Hollow Wallow >

< Huff & Puff >

< Tea Table Trudge >

< Letchworth Fall Gathering Cache >

< Mossy Pine Camoflage >

< Wolf Creek Workout >

Hopefully this one will be replaced soon, as well:

< West Meets East >

If anyone is interested in hitting any of these anytime soon, let me know, as I might be interested in putting together a small group to go and make a day/picnic of it.
Let me know what caches you have already visited, or those you havent.

Unfortunately, due to damage caused by the recent ice storm, a few of the trails and areas (east side gate), of the park are currently closed until cleanup can be completed. You can call (585)493-3600 to check on whether specific trails/areas are open or closed.

Posted by Cracker7M on April 18 2003,9:06 am
I guess I should have specified.
Most of the closed areas are closed to traffic only.
You can still walk/bike thru most of these closed areas.
There are two trails, though, that I know of that are closed. trail 18 and trail 6 & 6A. Each of these trails has a cache, which means these two are probably not good choices to go after, till they open the trails.
Actually, West Meets East is the cache on one of these trails, and its a moot point, because Roadkill has not replaced it for the season yet anyway.
Because these trails have cliffs above them, I'm pretty sure they're closed due to falling rock.

The east gate is still closed as of today. You can still walk, bike, or horseback in, but its closed to vehicles.

That means you can still hit the caches on the east side, but it will add about 6 miles round trip to your hike for some of them...
Others on the east side are still easily accessed by road, and a short hike.

This is kinda why I volunteered for anyone thinking of coming down, give me a shout. I can probably help to let people know which caches are available, and the best ways to get to them if the road/trail into an area is closed.
Posted by Cracker7M on April 19 2003,10:07 pm
The parks east gate was open yesterday...But only down to the parade grounds. :(
I saw where there must have been several large trees fallen across the road....
Posted by Cracker7M on April 26 2003,8:23 pm
Well, it looks like vehicle access is finally open on the east park road. Hopefully it will STAY open...

Trail 6 & 6A are still closed, as well as part of trail 7, between the east park road, and River road. The rest of trail 7 (along the gorge and slide area), seems to be open.
Posted by Cracker7M on April 29 2003,12:15 am
All these page views, and no one wants to take me up on my offer to meet up and do some of these caches? :p
Posted by Quinn on April 29 2003,4:40 am
I have every intention to, but I just need to wait a bit until work slows up some.

But I do look forward to getting back out there to catch all the ones I have not done there yet (which is quite a few)

Posted by Cracker7M on May 03 2003,10:15 am
Quinn, thats funny....I'm in the opposite boat....I'm LOOKING for work... :(

Hey, if you wanna meet up anytime to go, drop me a line. :)
Posted by Cracker7M on May 19 2003,2:22 am
Well, it looks like all the Letchworth caches are back in place, now...And there's even a new one, and soon to be another... :)
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