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Topic: Covered Bridges and other interesting virtuals
started by: Alan2

Posted by Alan2 on April 26 2002,7:18 pm
I've routed a trip through Essex County, NY that includes 5 wooden covered bridges, one which is a virtual.  There's dozens more throughout NYS and other surrounding states.  Anyone have coordinates and/or route info and any suggestions for putting together a multi-virtual cache?

Posted by Alan2 on July 15 2002,6:17 pm
Well, I re-did my plan and did two caches in Sullivan County, NY instead of Essex.  One's a conventional by a covered bridge and the other's a virtual tour of 4 covered bridges that you can link up and do from the first. Hope you enjoy them.

< >

Chestnut Creek Covered Bridge

< >

Covered Bridge Tour of Sullivan County

Alan   :)
Posted by Gimpy on July 16 2002,2:01 am
They look great, Alan2. I've never been to that part of the state before, but may have to plan a visit down that way. I'll be heading to Cape Cod for a week  3 weeks from now & up to the Adirondacks for a week in October for the fall colors & some caching. Maybe I can squeeze in a 4 day weekend down that way around September. Any suggestions for a nice area near there for hotels etc.? Something pretty central to some of the sites to check out.
Posted by Alan2 on July 16 2002,7:14 pm
Woodstock in the heart of the Catskills is a great little town with shops, etc and jumping off point for the Catskill Mtns.  Can't recommend a hotel though.  There's lots of B & B's around.  Check the web.  Alan.   :)
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