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Topic: Caches now available in Queens, NYC
started by: Alan2

Posted by Alan2 on Mar. 23 2002,9:20 pm
I noticed that the closest Navicache to NYC was about 65 miles away.  The second nearest was 150 miles away or so.

So, I joined and posted on the Navicache site the 5 I had previously hid on that other site - just to mix in up a little.  If you're down in my area, click ZIP 11375 to get close to the caches.  They're in Queens.

Alan  :)
Posted by Quinn on Mar. 23 2002,10:08 pm
Actually Allen, i go there about three times a year for work.
As a matter of fact I was there on sept 12th 2001 delivering equipment for the trade centers salvage.
Maybe this year I can cut a break in between and grab some of those you added. thanks for submitting them by the way! The more people that know about us and submit caches, the more people will continue to submit and also come here as a source of locating cache information. If you know of people in your area that are cachers then by all means spread the word!
We are giving away a free toaster with every 5000 caches submitted.  :)
Posted by Gimpy on Mar. 24 2002,3:22 am
Welcome, Alan2. Always great to see a new name on the boards. :wave
Posted by Alan2 on Mar. 24 2002,6:37 am
We are giving away a free toaster with every 5000 caches submitted.  :)

2 slice or 3?  ;)

Posted by Quinn on Mar. 24 2002,7:02 am
We spared no expense here at Navicache...we stepped right up to the four slice deluxe model  :grinnin
Posted by YardBoy on Mar. 24 2002,11:11 am
And here at the Chennai, India chapter, you get the free Tender Coconut Water to refresh you after a sweltering NaviCache!
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