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Topic: Spring 2003 Park Cleanup?
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on Sep. 28 2002,1:03 pm
While out caching this morning in a local area park with some nice small trails it came to me that this park would really make for a nice place to visit no matter what the age range was.
The trails were slightly over grown and could use some minor pick-up of trash, but with a little work could really be something.

I would like to contact a place such as Chase -pitkins (local area chain store hardware and outdoor landscape king)
to see if they would have an interest in providing things such as trail lumber or perhaps sign equipment.

If we could get enough people to do this like 3-4 times a year we could fix up several parks in this area as well as other areas in NY or anywhere for that matter.

This is a great way to promote the sport, grab media attention, and give Geocachers a good foot in the door with the parks people.
If anyone is interested let me know and we can try to put plans in the work as to which parks could use what, and where to start.
Posted by DxChallenged on Sep. 29 2002,1:21 am
Sounds like a great idea to me!

A couple summers back we helped out at a summer camp in Pike NY.  Cleaned out trails and cleared out brush for cabins to be built.  It made the kids feel that they were a part of the camp and Eversure has been spending a weekend every summer there ever since.

The nice thing was that after all the work we were treated to a pig roast..........Errr.......except Butterfly girl almost became a vegitarian......

I imagaine that this would be scheduled after the snow melts...which could be May if you live in my neck of the woods.


Posted by Geo G on Sep. 29 2002,2:11 pm
Great idea.  You can definitely count me in.  Maybe we could have further discussions and an opportunity to sign up for those who are attending the Letchworth gathering.
Posted by DxChallenged on Sep. 30 2002,8:25 pm
Oh Man...Another reason to go to the Letchworth event.........

Sounds like an all around great time!!

Could someone please e-mail me what comes up with the spring cleaning idea?

We start moving into the new house tommorrow.......Where to start........Nothing is in boxes here.......I'm just going to move tings via the car for the next few days....Hey it is only .6 of a mile up the road..........

I'm praying for no rain on Saturday.........for you all at the event.......and uh ....... it would be nice to have the horde that's moving us walk in with dry feet....... :grinnin

Best wishes to all!!

Posted by Shilfiell on Oct. 01 2002,1:05 am
Sign me up!
I won't be at the picnic but I know the park you mean and since it's about thirty seconds from my house (and I'm sure I messed it up plenty in my youth) I'd be thrilled to help out.  Already hauled a garbage bag or two outta there while walking the trails last week, so we have a head start!

Posted by Quinn on Oct. 01 2002,9:55 pm
This is great. I would really like to see events like this take off all over the place. i like that little park and think it has a great future with a touch of help. Now if we can just keep THIS years youth from ruining it after it's been cleaned.  ;)
Posted by Dekaner on Oct. 13 2002,6:50 am
Count me in!
Posted by Cracker7M on Oct. 14 2002,8:44 am
I would suggest people try doing this with their smaller, local community parks. I was at a playground in Letchworth yesterday, and was appalled at the amount and type of trash laying all over the ground..... :(

But then , again, it is a LARGE state park, so they should have enough funding and manpower to keep up on this type of stuff.

I think starting with smaller local parks would have more of an effect with the local community and media. I also would expect that these parks/areas have little to no funding, and could use/appreciate more help than larger state or county parks. I'm also pretty sure there would be less red tape to go through, and might even get volunteers from other local groups to join in also.

Either way, this sounds like a great idea..... :)

How about putting together a forum category (sorry if one already exists), where people could post times, locales, and generally organize these local clean-ups?
As an example from this post alone, it sounds like several of you are local to Pike NY. So am I, but I havent come across your names or posts in any of the forums yet. (I'm a newbie!..  :wave  )

I think clean-ups like this would not only help the community and the public image of Geocaching in general, butwould also help us organize and grow in local groups.

Any way, I'm getting longwinded now, so I'll stop.

Posted by Guest on Oct. 14 2002,5:54 pm
Originally posted by Geo-g on July 14, 2002

Went looking for the Leprechaun's Treasure cache yesterday, and as I mentioned to Hinge Thunder by email, someone has dumped a whole party load of trash down the hill.  I'm going over Tuesday at 7:00 PM with RobN Hood to clean the mess up.  A couple of extra hands wouldn't hurt if anyone's interested.  Also, since I was fairly new in geocaching for the June get together, I haven't met many area geocachers.  If you want to stop by just to chat and meet that would be great!

0riginally posted by me (Duane from Upinyachit)

to the park a little early instead of going home first.  When I arrived at the Leprechaun's treasure, I was stunned!  The nerve of those dirty pigs (  ) to dump that kind of trash down a beautiful hillside!  Totally uncalled for!  They must not have any respect for themselves; let alone our beautiful state!  Ya know, if they were gonna dump their trash, at least pick a dumpster!  Geez!  

Geo G, RobNHood and I had no problem cleaning this UNNECESSARY  mess up.  It had an upside to it all because  I enjoyed meeting more fellow cachers and I feel pretty good  helping out our community and keeping all cachers far and wide lookin' good.  

From now on, when we go caching we will always bring a
trash bag, just in case.

Back in June of this year, we attented the Navicache picnic located at Durand park.  Hinge Thunder placed the best cache that I have personally seen at that park.  The area was very nice and all us geocachers had a great time looking for this cache while at the picnic.  When I read this post in another thread it bothered me much.  So I went out of my way to help clean the hillside of trash.  I had a great feeling helping out the park managment, mother nature, and the geocaching community. ;)

We would be happy to contribute to this.  So, let's get together and get our parks cleaned up!

Posted by Dekaner on Mar. 25 2003,7:02 am
Just letting everyone know we're working with the Olmsted Conservancy Group to plant some new trees in Cazenovia Park in May.

< >
Posted by Cracker7M on May 08 2003,8:40 am
I was recently at the Brighton Town Park, and while its a nice, pretty little park, it could use quite a cleanup...????...And there is a cache there, and one nearby... :)
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