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Topic: Need a few good cachers 4 quilt
started by: DxChallenged

Posted by DxChallenged on April 06 2002,5:17 pm I'm planning some more geoquilts.

I've started a Canadian geoquilt...sewing the blocks as I is that tricky!!

Anyway, I'de like to do another geoquilt.  I learned a few things while doing the last one....

Establish a return date.
Set an
See if I can get people to send out the blocks for me.
Find a way to increase # of blocks signed and returned.

So what I'm looking for is some cachers willing to get a number of packets of blocks (each packet to have 10 blocks with instructions and my address to mail them to once they are signed)...then to get them out to cachers acrost the US for placement.....I had thought about finding a cacher in Rochester as they get way more hits than my area.....

The Canadian quilt will have over 200 blocks (each contains 2 triangles so over 500 traingles).  I suspect the American one will have more as I'm planning to do it in pinwheels of red-blue and white.  

So I'm looking for cachers to get a bundel of blocks and either have them leave from their cache or to mail them to friend cachers.........this way my responsibility is limited more to the materials, cutting and sewing........

I had also thought of using the mailing labels from the sherpas who put blocks in caches or delivered them as a pool to draw names from...Once the deadline for returning the blocks arrives husband would draw a name from that pool and that person would get the quilt..What do you think of this idea?

Thought I'de use Navicache to do this project......then you can post the cache that they're in where ever..........

Any intrest?

Posted by mikechim on April 06 2002,7:25 pm
umm I up for it, it all depends on when, I'm going to be leaving eventually to live in my truck for 2 or 3 months and travel the whole south (should have already left by now).  I'd be more then willing to drop blocks off at caches in the different states along the way.  Or I'd be willing to help in other ways before I leave or after I come back.
Posted by Quinn on April 18 2002,7:16 am
Hey can send some this way too! I think I can move some around for ya. :)
Posted by Gimpy on April 19 2002,1:54 am
I'm in for round 2, Deb. The batch for the first quilt I put in my "Greenway Trails" cache got filled out in pretty good time. While out on my MinuteWar travels, I came across a whole bunch of great cache locations that have no caches in the immediate area. I've got a fresh supply of ammo boxes, so I'll be heading out with some new ones very soon. :D
Posted by DxChallenged on April 19 2002,6:13 am
Hey guys....

I am putting the finishing touches on my Canadian quilt now.....all 256 blocks sewn and the guys have a great map posted on the other site as to where they will be.......

I purposely made twice as many blocks for the Canadian one as I want to tweek the design.  I will use the same blocks but entirely different and white pinwheels with blue that it truely will be red, white and blue.....

I am also putting the finishing touches on the navicache quilt.  I have it on my design wall just needs boarders and to be quilted......You can see & sign it at the get together.

My question is........should I post the new project just on navicache?  I know that Quinn doesn't have caches on the other site.........Maybe we could use this as a way to get publicity.......anyone up for contacting the Buffalo News?  We could promote geocaching, the quilt project and navicache all at the same time.......I am getting many hits on my new cache I am up to 1/2 of the hits on my new cache that I have on my old one and the new one has only been out for a week....a lot more Buffalonians have GPS so now might be the right time for PR.......Tell me what you think........

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