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Topic: Help the Leprechaun
started by: Geo G

Posted by Geo G on July 14 2002,6:22 pm
Went looking for the Leprechaun's Treasure cache yesterday, and as I mentioned to Hinge Thunder by email, someone has dumped a whole party load of trash down the hill.  I'm going over Tuesday at 7:00 PM with RobN Hood to clean the mess up.  A couple of extra hands wouldn't hurt if anyone's interested.  Also, since I was fairly new in geocaching for the June get together, I haven't met many area geocachers.  If you want to stop by just to chat and meet that would be great!
Posted by Quinn on July 14 2002,6:34 pm
That sounds like it would pretty much fit into my schedule. I will plan on being there as well and will bring a fe plastic garbage bags along.

It really sucks that in many area's even when cachers do cleanups of this nature we are still considered the bad guy. Maybe a little light will shine as a result of this good deed.

Look forward to meeting with whoever shows.
Posted by Hinge Thunder on July 14 2002,7:32 pm
Wish I could be there, but I have other commitments. Have fun. And don't give Geo G. any hints to the cache as he hasn't found it yet! :)
Posted by Geo G on July 14 2002,7:53 pm
Would I be that devious??  :D
Posted by Guest on July 15 2002,5:12 pm
Well, if we bring the whole family, that's 6 people which adds 12 hands!  We will have it cleaned up in no time.  It's a shame that inconsiderate people like this ruin our beautiful outdoors!   :^^

We would be happy to help!  :^:

The Hughes Family
Posted by Quinn on July 16 2002,6:56 pm
Guys I am sorry I was not there as promised to help with the cleanup, but my family owns a local Automotive towing business and things always seem to get in the way at the last second. The guy that is on call tonight (takes breakdowns of trucks and cars after hours) was called to do a long distance construction equipment move to watertown, NY. Thus this threw me in his slot to watch the area while he is gone. I came home and took a fast shower after work and made a quick post in the forums before heading out the door to Durand, thats when the phone started ringing off the wall with after hour jobs I had to take.

I hear you guys did an awesome job of cleaning up some horible mess and you should all be thanked greatly for your deeds. i am sorry I wasn't there to do my part but will make it up on the trails over the next several days.

It's people like you guys that make the sport what it is, and I hope others realize the time you invested so that others may enjoy our parks as being clean .

I Thank you sincerely!!    :)
Posted by Geo G on July 16 2002,7:42 pm
The cleanup went real well, although I have to say Duane beat us to the punch and nearly had it finished by the time we arrived.  It was great to meet a fellow cacher, and I'd like to say THANKS for making a difference.  I could tell Duane was busting to give me a hint on the Leprechaun, but we didn't get into that...  Honest Hinge!!  :D

Quinn, from what I can see on this site and in the forums, nobody works any harder to make this sport/game/hobby/adventure a really neat thing to do.  No apologies necessary.
Posted by Guest on July 16 2002,8:20 pm
That's right Quinn, no apologies necessary!  

I just happen to be working close by, and decided to go to the park a little early instead of going home first.  When I arrived at the Leprechaun's treasure, I was stunned!  The nerve of those dirty pigs ( :sick ) to dump that kind of trash down a beautiful hillside!  Totally uncalled for!  They must not have any respect for themselves; let alone our beautiful state!  Ya know, if they were gonna dump their trash, at least pick a dumpster!  Geez!  :(

Geo G, RobNHood and I had no problem cleaning this UNNECESSARY  mess up.  It had an upside to it all because  I enjoyed meeting more fellow cachers and I feel pretty good  helping out our community and keeping all cachers far and wide lookin' good.  ;)

From now on, when we go caching we will always bring a trash bag, just in case. :^:  

Duane from
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