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Topic: Western NY cache event ideas???
started by: DxChallenged

Posted by DxChallenged on Dec. 27 2002,6:38 pm
Hey!  I'm back!!  Slowly recovering from our move, Christmas and finishing 6 quilts by Christmas....

In the midst of caching 1 time a week and wanting to cache more we had a newbee e-mail us.  It ended up that he is a free lance reporter for the Buffalo News.  He mentioned one of our caches in his article....and at the same time said that the only disadvantage for family geocaching would be that the family would have to buy a GPS (I'm thinking any sport has an investment cleats, football gear heck how much does all that hockey stuff cost??).  So I have been mulling over that and also wondering what my next quilt project will be.....and on top of that the regional club thing has been bouncing around.

So here are my ideas.
1. Have a Western NY cache event in say Feb, March....near my house is a free outdoor ice rink that is part of a county park.  It has a very nice club house that is heated and has a kitchen. The club house is free to the public all winter long.
2. Post a time for cachers to come and then an hour or so  latter open it up to the public.  Sign up volunteer cachers to take potential cachers out.....This way the initial investement for them would be nill.  I must say Fearless and the rest of my clan are all to ready to talk about caching. Even Sweety can go on for hours about it!  
3. How about a photo quilt for the next geocaching quilt project?  
Many cachers take pictures, don't know what to do with the px taken with the disposable cameras in their caches, take some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen and hey the beauty of geocaching is discovering amazing places that one would not have seen had it not been for the sport....So perhaps a contest....I'de need 18 photos...ones voted the best could be in the quilt....and yes you can wash these quilts....

So HEY!  Watchya all think?  Any interest?
Posted by Quinn on Dec. 29 2002,6:54 am
I am always interested  :)
Posted by mikechim on Dec. 30 2002,12:21 am
I'd love to come out, just depends on when it is and how my schedule looks.  I may even have to get some of my photos developed finally.
Posted by DxChallenged on Jan. 07 2003,4:12 pm
Hey it is official!!  I called the Akron Falls park department and they approved an event cache to be held at the same time as their Winterfest.  This will let cachers come and enjoy free of charge the 15 or so actvities they will be hosting!

It's listed here under

Akron Falls Winterfest Event Cache

I will have a signature quilt their for geocachers to sign as their log....a snowball ball pattern......

The event runs from 12 to 5pm  and afterwards I will be giving the quilt to the parks commisioner.  He has been most cooperative and supportive of our sport.  The deal is I have to get started on it....this is the start of my really busy season......

So I'm hoping that I'll see some of you there.  BTW..I'm going to get the Chamber of Commerce to give cachers a free bag of popcorn........I'll be popping it all day.

Posted by Quinn on Jan. 07 2003,7:55 pm
Sounds like a great time...I guess people need to dust off those GPSR's for the winter.  :)
Posted by Gimpy on Jan. 08 2003,3:11 am
I'll be there for sure, Deb. Should be a great time. Been getting in some real good caching lately. This is my favorite caching season. Parks are empty. Trees are bare, making for great sat. reception. No sweatin' or swattin' at skeeters. And the snow makes for some real nice scenery. The snow we've been getting lately adds a bit more of a challenge to finding the cache, but that's a good thing. Havin' a ball. See ya the 18th. :D
Posted by Blackwatch Clan on Feb. 07 2003,8:28 am
This is a little early but, mark your calendar for the October 18th Letchworth Fall Cachers' Gathering at Letchworth Park again.  It will be in almost the same spot as last year but the other large pavilion, the South Highbanks Pavilion.  Look for the details under caches in Zipcode area 14530.  See ya there! Gamma Kitt  :wave
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