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Topic: New York Geocachers Club?
started by: Quinn

Posted by Quinn on June 08 2002,7:29 pm
There has been an expressed interest to start a club for Geocachers in NY.
Does anyone here think they would like to get one formed?
What I am getting at is a group of people having their own forum, chat room and schedule for meetings to talk about the sport, parks and lands, the future of caching and also idea's for expanded forms of caching.

This group could add fee's to a pot to cover picnics (spring and fall) and it could also form ideas such as adopt a park or trail to promote the sport of Geocaching as one that is safe for our lands.
There are many groups formed already through out the country and maybe this would be a good idea to get started right here in NY. Once a member base grows large enough you can take it from there.
I will forward this topic to those that have been discussing it via e-mail with me, this will give them a chance to also voice out opinions.
Posted by DxChallenged on June 08 2002,8:28 pm
Hey!  I'de be interested and I know that the rest of the HIlton's would be.  

I could offer to make up a quilt to be raffled off to go to keeping up the club or sent to the parks that cachers voted as the best..........nice postive feedback for parks that have oked caches in them.....

Posted by Dekaner on June 08 2002,11:18 pm
Yup, working with Quinn to try and spearhead this.  Was thinking perhaps of a NY geocaching association w/ different chapters/divisions for the different areas.

- Buffalo
- Rochester
- Syracuse
- Albany
- New York City

or perhaps

- Western NY
- Central NY
- Upstate NY
- Downstate NY

Always open to suggestions!!

- Dekaner of Team KKF2A
Posted by Road Kill on June 09 2002,3:02 pm
I like the idea. I may even run for president.

Aside from organizing picnics and collecting funds we need a bit more purpose.  What is it our club will do?  I'm looking for ideas here.

It may be that picnic organization and planning fun things is all we need. Again please comment.
Posted by YardBoy on June 09 2002,5:22 pm
Quote (Quinn @ June 08 2002,9:29 pm)
There has been an expressed interest to start a club for Geocachers in NY...

What's the difference between a club & ?
Posted by Quinn on June 09 2002,6:05 pm must remain devoted to Cachers everywhere instead of just one area such as NY or Upstate, NY.

Thus a club for a certain area is more able to maintain such things as dates, meeting times and places, and events for it's own area and members. ;)
Posted by Blackpete on June 09 2002,7:28 pm
We would be interested.  One of our goals might be to try and get new people interested.  The more people, the more caches!
Posted by DxChallenged on June 10 2002,12:50 am
Besides getting more people interested.......I imagine that a geocaching club would also be a way to promote and support parks in our respective areas.....

I have been talking to a cacher from Tenessee (he is participating in my latest quilt project...From Sea to Shinning Sea) who is the VP of the Middle Tenessee Geocachers Club.  His name is Don Johnson (I keep picturing the guy from Miami Vice).  I believe I will e-mail him and ask what his club does.

Posted by Dekaner on June 10 2002,7:32 am
Some ideas / reasons to have an organization:

- Promote 'Caching in the respective area - some sort of organized front to show the community that this is not some fad on the Internet and that it is actually beneficial to the community!  (Sorry, got distracted - I'm working on a cache permission database at the same time.)

- Meet new people, friends - speaks for itself.

- Discuss activities related to the sport, such as new places to put caches, new twists on the sport, etc.

- Have get togethers, etc. - this can either be like the Rochester get together, but also can be productive.  For example Idaho is having a 'spring clean-up' event where they are going to meet and clean up a few cache sites.
Posted by Firemedic on June 10 2002,10:13 am
Don't use the major cities as an identifier.  I am sure I am not the only one that has forsaken the city and moved to a rural area. :D
Posted by Dekaner on June 10 2002,10:48 am
Okay, cities are out.  How would we break it up then?

Western NY would be the West boarder of NY State to ... Rochester?

Central NY would be Rochester to Albany?

Upstate NY would be Watertown (?) to the North Border?

Downstate NY would be Albany down to NYC?

Obviously there would be some overlap for some people, but I'm open to any and all suggestions!
Posted by Blackpete on June 15 2002,6:13 pm
What if we try a Finger Lakes Region or include the area from Syracuse to Buffalo.  If there is a lot of interest from people on the fringes, we could encourage them to set up their own club.  It would be fun to do joint club activities that would encourage us to travel to other areas and look for caches there.  To get started, include a large geographic area and see what interest we get.
Posted by Dekaner on June 26 2002,9:15 am
After studying my calender long and hard, how does: August 3rd sound for everyone?

We could meet early (10am?) to discuss a NYS Organization and would invite people not interested in that to come later (12noon?).  Of course everyone would be invited to both, I just figure some people wouldn't want to come to both.

PS I have lots of charcoal and paper plates left over from the Rochester gathering, so I will be bringing at least that!!
Posted by Quinn on June 26 2002,6:59 pm
doesn't sound like a problem to me...we also have a fall cachers picnic here in Letchworth state park but I am sure i can make your syracuse get-together if you post coords. You will find that many more people that dont use the forums but do search the cache pages will also show if posted this way.
Posted by Dekaner on July 01 2002,3:44 pm
Greetings everyone. We've finally settled on a date and place for the 1st ever Syracuse Geocaching Picnic!

It will be held August 3rd at the Clark Reservation off of Rt. 173 in Jamesville, NY. (A quick hop off Rt. 81, a few minutes south of Syracuse.)

We will be meeting at the large pavilion, which I have reserved for the day. The pavilion is visible from the parking area and I will try to put up a few signs to let people know where we are. There is a $5 parking charge as it is a State Park that cannot be avoided (unless you enter by foot or bike ... though you can't bike on the trails.)

We will be meeting at 10am to discuss the possibility of setting up a New York State Geocaching group with lunch and events (still planning these!) starting at 12 noon. All are welcome to attend both.

This will be a 'pot-luck' event and we ask that everyone bring a dish to share.

I will be posting the event cache page with the coordinates over the next day or so ... basically as soon as I can get back out to take some. Once the event page is up, please post a note to the page letting us know if you can attend so we can do a basic head-count.

There are four caches (compliments of Anton) in the park currently, and we are considering a special cache for the event.

Any questions or comments, just ask!

- Dekaner of Team KKF2A
Posted by Firemedic on July 07 2002,6:48 am
Post it as a meeting cache!  Include coordinates.
Posted by Quinn on July 07 2002,9:07 am
I agree...if you want extra exposure you will need to submit to all the sites in order to get the word out...sounds like fun though and would give me a great reason to look for more caches in that area.
Posted by Bitmaster on July 07 2002,11:45 am
I think a Geocaching club for the 4 NY area regions would be a great idea. Like someone suggested, the club not only gets together for Geocaching cookouts/get-togethers, but also does other things like maybe adopt a highway cleanup area or something along that way.

One thing that the club should also focus on is getting other people involved in the sport & getting it more exposure in the media.

The Syracuse area cachers event would be a great way to get media exposure in either the newspaper or the local news stations. I think caching in itself is an interesting subject for those who have never heard of it before & media exposure will help get people interested in the sport, which in turn gets them trying the sport, which in turn gets more people interested in a local caching group, etc.

Looking forward to the Syracuse caching event... Grew up in the area & love going back to visit the area. Quinn, you going to this event? Brittany is looking forward to playing with Morgan again!

Posted by Quinn on July 09 2002,9:24 pm
Here is the link for the < AUGUST SYRACUSE GEOCACHERS PICNIC AND MEETING >, I intend on making the trek and it would be great to see many of the Rochester and Buffalo area cachers also head out to show not only support for a NY cachers club of sorts, but to also enjoy the picnic and the caching afterwards. Hope to see you all there!
Posted by Bitmaster on July 11 2002,7:34 pm
Quinn, RoadKill, Hinge, etc.

I don't know if this is going to impact turnout for the Syracuse geocaching event, but I just happen to notice that the GPS Gold Rush event this year is in Killington, Vermont and is on the same date as the Syracuse geocaching event.

Check it out:

Does anyone think that this will impact turnout at the Syracuse event? I have to admit that the GPS Gold Rush event sounds fun also, but if I have to make a choice, I'm still there for the Syracuse event. Any thoughts?

Posted by Dekaner on July 11 2002,8:00 pm
Shoot, I had forgotten about that when I chose the date.  

Actually, I had originally wanted to go, but the site seems sort of scetchy - mostly disorganized in that I can't seem to figure out the rules, etc.

Hopefully this won't have a huge impact on our picnic.

- Dekaner
Posted by Quinn on July 11 2002,8:37 pm
I think you will find it has very little impact on it. Though the event does sound interesting I have noticed that based on the amount of people that know about this from last year, that the number of those that went were quite little.

The Geocachers picnic (syracuse) will be fine.   :)
Posted by Bitmaster on July 11 2002,8:59 pm
Hey, another thought regarding the geocachers club.

Since each cacher has a total of how many caches they have found both here & that "other place", wouldn't it be nice to recognize members with cache find milestones?

We could have either pins, patches or t-shirts (or something else - ideas?) that we could issue to members for crossing certain milestones for finding caches (50, 100, 150, 200, etc. caches found). I know we all kinda keep track of the amount of caches we've found, so I thought that it might be nice to have some sort of commemoration (sp?) for geocacher members.

Details would have to be worked out (how to pay for pins, patches, etc. - maybe through dues?)... Any thoughts?

Posted by Dekaner on July 11 2002,9:25 pm
Another good idea for the organization.  I like it, keep 'em coming!  PS Hit my 100th this past weekend. ;)
Posted by DxChallenged on July 12 2002,3:46 am
:grinnin I might add that Dekaner's 100th was at our Bag-End Hobbit Cache!

I'm up to 94...think that I'll hit the trails without Fearless today (he's working) so perhaps our 100th could be at the event?

I've been thinking of somehow linking a quilt project to the group....I just enstalled the latest version of Electric Quilt.......a very powerful quilt design program.  I also have a new signature quilt that I would like to make........Forest Trails........

On the 22 and 23 of this month 300mag and the Mrs are comming here to had off squares from my Canadian Quilt Project.......too bad they won't be around for the event.  The are bot most excellent cachers!

Posted by mikechim on July 12 2002,11:29 am
Quote (Bitmaster @ July 11 2002,10:59 pm)
wouldn't it be nice to recognize members with cache find milestones?

We could have either pins, patches or t-shirts (or something else - ideas?) that we could issue to members for crossing certain milestones for finding caches (50, 100, 150, 200, etc. caches found).

I really like the idea, in fact I proposed the same thing over at the other site about 6 months ago, saying how I thought it would be a nice bonding or promotion of the group or something like that for cachers, plus give a little extra incentative for people to keep caching once they've started instead of dying off.  Anyway I basically got laughed off the boards... ahh well, I'm past 200 now, I think little pins to put on my backpack would be great.  ALso a good way to identify fellow navicachers (if the GPS wasn't enough  :D ) in the woods.
Posted by Bitmaster on July 20 2002,8:03 pm

Do we think that the idea of a New York Geocacher club is going to take off or do we think that this is better left to further discussion later in the year (say, at the Fall geocaching event in Rochester?) or further discussion at the Syracuse caching event?

I know that people discussed this idea & that they might talk about it early in the morning before the Syracuse caching event, but I think that maybe later in the day would be a better idea because there might be people who come later for the event & might not know anything about a Geocaching club meeting...

Any thoughts??

Posted by dboggny on Aug. 19 2002,6:36 am
for those interested, there is a nyc - metro goecachers mailing list at yahoo groups called "nycmetrogeocachers", this group is for those in and around nyc who wish to be kept informed of these activities. this inlcudes downstate and northern new jersey folks who are intersted, we would love to have them.
Posted by mikechim on Aug. 21 2002,10:53 am
Welcome dboggny, good to see you over this way.
Posted by dboggny on Sep. 08 2002,5:30 am
thanks mikechim.
i have been missing the last few sunday night chats because work here in nyc is very busy... can someone post an update as to where things are goin?

Posted by Cracker7M on Sep. 16 2002,10:14 pm
Hi All!

As to what the club would/could accomplish, may I present an example of an established club?

Granted, its a Toyota 4x4 club, but I think a lot of its methods and goals could easily be adapted to a geocaching club.......

< >

These people are from all over New England. They have a very active email news group (you guys have, and they have several big get-togethers a year, with one BIG one every year called (incidentally) the Fall Gathering! :D

I've been to a couple of their events, and people from all over the East coast show up, even though they are not members.

Anyway, they are a regional club, which is sanctioned by and part of a larger national club, the TLCA (Toyota Land Cruiser Association). They have specific Club Officers who work with outside organizations, retailers, manufacturers and government agencies to promote their sport in a good light to the general public. They also promote trash in-trash out, and also the Tread Lightly! ethic.

Anyway, I hope you all can get some ideas that might be useful after checking out their site. (It is a little out of date in a few areas, but.......)

And here is a perfect example of what an organized regional club can accomplish:

<;t=12 >

One of the Officers of the club would do alot of the legwork for stuff like this. Government agencies like to deal with other "organizations", and "officials".
Instead of each one of us lowly individuals (not that it hasnt seemed to work to some degree) trying to get appointments with, or the attention of Park or State officials, and having several or even many of us trying to do the same thing at the same time with limited results, one person from an organized group of people may be able to get more accomplished in less time.

As an example, the President of Yankee Toys got the state of New Hampshire and a local power company to OK YT to run some of the trails for their Fall Gathering on their land.

Now, I am pretty sure that if I as an individual tried to get an appointment with the CEO of RG&E or NYSEG to get approval for myself and a few friends (say, 50 or 60 trucks)to take our 4x4'x out on their powerlines, I wouldnt get very far........

Anyway, I'm getting longwinded, so I'll stop..... :D

-ps I hope to make it to the Letchworth Fall Gathering and hopefully will meet all of you there! :wave

Posted by Gimpy on Sep. 18 2002,2:11 am
Hey, Cracker7M. Welcome & thanks for the input. Nice web site with some great pics. I don't think my Pontiac van could keep up with you guys, but sure looks like a blast. Hope to see you at Letchworth. :grinnin
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