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Topic: Nine new maps for New York City & Newark NJ area
started by: Buxley

Posted by Buxley on Nov. 16 2002,10:46 am
The < New York City/Newark NJ geocaching map >, the second densest concentration of geocaches in the US (LA is the first), now has nine smaller tile maps of its own. These maps cover the following regions:

* Middletown, NY
* West Point, NY
* Danbury, CT
* Paterson, NJ
* Yonkers, NY
* White Plains, NY
* Newark, NJ
* New York City, NY
* Levitown, NY

Each of these nine maps is 500 pixels across and covers an area that is approximately twenty miles on a side. That means that each pixel on these new maps represents an area that's only (very roughly) two hundred feet on a side!

Have fun! :grinnin
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