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started by: zoisrus

Posted by zoisrus on May 04 2002,2:33 pm
Wanted to inform Navicachers in New York and PA and other areas about the CacheAcross America Project

The goal of this project is to link Caches in one continuous  chain from Atlantic to Pacific Coast.  The requirement to extend the chain is that you must visit the cache at the end of an existing chain personally (or start your own segment if need be)and then extend the chain by adding a cache within 100 miles of the current end cache.  The cache or caches you add may be caches you have hidden and/or caches you have found.  The current end of the northern chain (pink chain) is at Cresent Hill Cache-by Road Kill which is a Navicache located near Fairport, NY.  This particular chain  extends west from Cresent Hill across NY and Ohio and is currently within 110 miles of connecting with the Indiana-Illinois Chain.  Also cachers in Nebraska and Iowa are busy working on a chain to link to Illinois.  The Pacific chain has extend from CA into NV and now is working its way across northern Utah.  Atlantic segements have begun in both NJ and Mass.  Hopefully we can connect the eastern end of the northern chain in NY with either of those chains and link it to the Atlantic.  

For further info such as how to add caches of your own or to find out where the nearest caches are to the current end of any chain visit:

IF any Navicachers can help out I would appreciate it.

zoisrus (NE Ohio Geo and Navicacher)
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