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Topic: Is this your cache?
started by: PC Medic

Posted by PC Medic on July 19 2006,5:34 pm
I received an email from someone concerned about a cache that is on public property, but near her home.

An excerpt of that email

There is a cache located on a narrow public sidewalk (in Charlotte, along the lake) that goes through my property that has created a problem.  I have contacted the geocaching/groundspeak people, but they do not think it is one of theirs.  


I am unable to determine which cache (if any) listed here this may be. They also included some coordinates that were provided them by someone at, but those coordinates are several miles from that area so I have not included them here.

If this is your cache or you think you know which one it may be, could you please contact us.

Unfortunately the senders email address bounced back as -unknown- the first couple times till I corrected a typo so I have been unable to get more information.

Posted by PC Medic on July 22 2006,7:40 pm
Some additional information here...

We do not appear to have a cache listed at this location within our database nor does according to one of their representatives that has contacted me. My guess is this may instead be a 'leg' on a multi-cache.

If you have such a cache or stop on a multi located in the Beach Ave area of Rochester near Larch St. please < Contact Us > so that we may help resolve this problem.

Thank you

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