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started by: JeepCachr

Posted by JeepCachr on June 20 2004,6:10 am
Please remember that postings for geocaching events should contain a link to the Event Cache listing here on Navicache. Of course links to your regional club or personal geocaching page are also welcome within the post.

Postings to promote geocaching Events not listed within the Navicache database or hosted by one of our sponsors are not allowed.

Where are the rules posted?

Posted by PC Medic on June 20 2004,8:39 am
If you are referring to a rule specific to this, in the HELP section, when you post an Event, mentioned in other posts here in the forums, the emails you were sent, the PM you were sent, the reply to your original Event posting,...

I think I got them all.

Posted by JeepCachr on June 20 2004,6:13 pm
Where is the list of guidelines posted? A simple link to the list of rules would be fine. Not a link to a message that you created in responce to my post.

I do not apprecieate the obscenity and tone used in your personal message to me. If this gets my account banned here, than go ahead ban me. I thought this board was better than the other one but apparently I was wrong. 90% of the posting to this site is complaining and bashing the other site any way. I won't be missing a lot. It took you 7 days to reply to my post saying that it was inappropriate. You claimed to have sent me 2 emails and I personal message. I wonder who you sent them to because it wasn't me. It wasn't my event that I was trying to promote. I can't very well create a listing here for a event that isn't mine. It was an event from a distant area in my state that I was trying to help support.

I've been telling others about this site. I've been trying to promote it. Its tough when nobody posts anything or lists any caches here.

I am planning an event in August and it won't be posted here because I'm not sure what the "RULES" are and I'd hate to break one of them.

You know you complain because that other site won't allow links to you. Well could it be because you won't allow links to them? I really thought this site was better than that.

Posted by PC Medic on June 20 2004,7:18 pm
OK, I normally do not bring things like this into the open forum, but I am not in the habit of censoring posts and you have chosen to make a false statement here that warrants a response.

First, let's get one thing broke a rule, you were politely notified of the issue via email 2 emails (which you say you never received), a reply to the post that was in violation (that you say you never saw) and a PM which by the way contained no obscenity as you claim (I have a little more class than that!).

Now, as I responded to the two PM's you have sent, you posted an Event that was outside a guidline (of which we have very few). Every attempt was made to politely contact you via the contact information YOU have provided us as well as here in the forums (both a reply to your post and a PM). There was no response from you at all and your Event post was not edited to bring it within guidelines, so it was removed.

You have asked for and been provided with different locations of where this information can be found, yet none of this seems to be enough for you. Instead I get more sarcastic messages from you about how you "do not appreciate my tone".

As for folks not listing caches here, we do just fine as far as we are concerned. Any lack of postings is certainly not (as you suggest) due to to our censorship. As for 'complaining' about that other site not linking to us, I will assume you mean Nope, that does not bother us either, we have plenty of sites that link to us and if you care to check our links page, forums or the a number of other places, you will see we link to plenty of others. so do not attempt to play the you did not like my post because it linked to . That had nothing to do with it and in fact there are countless links within our forums and cache listings to their site.

As for your August Event, good luck  :thumbs-up where ever you post it and you are welcome to post it here if you stay within the guideline. If you are not sure of this guideline I AGAIN refer you to the HELP section (hint: see the section titled "Posting to the forums") or keep your eyes open while posting the event.

Case closed, have a great day!

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