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Topic: North East Michigan Geocaching Get Together
started by: JeepCachr

Posted by PC Medic on June 17 2004,12:30 pm
Only the second time in two years I have had to do something like this, but rules are rules. Because your event was not listed here on and we received no response to the request to check the guidelines or any update to comply, the link was removed and this topic locked.

For further ino Please see the < Event Postings > reminder in the News and Announcements forum.

Posted by welch on June 18 2004,10:48 pm
While we're on navicache event listings, When a listed event is over/retired will they be automatically removed from Buxley's maps?
Posted by PC Medic on June 19 2004,2:48 pm
"over" no, but if the listing has been retired then yes they drop of Buxley's if I remember correctly. To keep from straying off topic here, Further discussion on this would be best directed to its own posting in the appropriate forum.

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