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Topic: Local TV Station Came By Today
started by: emrldjetta

Posted by emrldjetta on July 08 2001,7:05 pm
A local TV station came to my house today, WKBN, and Shana and I took them out to a local cache. It went really well so I don't think they will make us seem too foolish on TV. They are showing the piece on the 10 o'clock news tonight. We were out about two hours and they said they would produce a 1.5 minute segment out of that. Sure is a lot of work for such a short piece of finished work. Will let you know how it looks on TV after it is aired........Kyle
Posted by dgridley on July 08 2001,7:07 pm
If you can convert it to a streamable format and send it in, we'll post it here on NaviCache for all to see. Make sure you have the appropriate permissions from your local news as well.
Posted by dgridley on July 08 2001,7:10 pm
BTW- cool and congrats for making the "big time"!
Posted by emrldjetta on July 08 2001,7:53 pm
Ok, yes if it isn't too embarassing I will try to do that....Kyle
Posted by Quinn on July 09 2001,7:16 am
they say that most the good stuff always ends up on the editing room floor, but you can bet your last dollar they'll show you picking your nose or something! :)
Posted by emrldjetta on July 10 2001,1:36 pm
Well we didn't look too foolish. I'll try to get a guy at work take the analog tape and convert it to digital on a CD. Warning, they only mention not, sorry Quinn.8)
Posted by Quinn on July 10 2001,6:35 pm
sigh!...way it goes. But thats fine with me. I'm getting there. National coverage and local paper and news here.
Just need to get ABC to gimme the web notice they mentioned. :)
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