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Topic: A Chicago Caching Frenzy
started by: Road Kill

Posted by Road Kill on June 16 2001,4:33 pm
   While on a business trip to Chicago I planned a 9 cache hunt to be completed in one day.  Finding 8 out of 10 hides, Road Kill found himself grinning ear-to-ear.  The reason that I ended up hunting 10 hides was due to one of them being a double.
   At any rate, to follow this adventure go to and seek a cache using Zip Code 60061.  Use the nearest caches list generated as the focal point to return to for jumping from cache to cache.  The first cache visited was "High and Dry" and there I tell of my adventure and reveal where I'm off to next.  Just click on the "Back" arrow to return to the list and find the name of the next cache.  The reports may not be too exciting because I was all caught up in the idea of linking the multi-cache adventures all into one.  As a result not much was said regarding each cache.
   Hey! If you follow it through I'd be interested in hearing from you.
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