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Topic: Indiana Cachers - Let's Meet
started by: HIKEZILLA

Posted by HIKEZILLA on Sep. 04 2001,8:13 am
I'm a complete rookie at this with but one cache found under my belt. But I'm hooked.  I am a scout leader and this would be a great fun thing to do with some of our lads.  Are there any other Indiana scouters around? Let's meet.

Hikezilla - One down, thousands to go!

Posted by Quinn on Sep. 04 2001,3:42 pm
Welcome Hikezilla. I am not sure about that area, but here there seems to be a growing number of scouts and leaders willing to take the dip into Geocaching. I myself did a little speak over for some young scouts a couple months back to get them into what Geocaching is. You may want to post a message on your local scouting forum there or maybe contact some other leaders to get some in-put.
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