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Topic: A 2nd Chicago Caching Frenzy
started by: Road Kill

Posted by Road Kill on June 16 2001,5:00 pm
   In an attempt to out do his last adventure Road Kill  set a goal for 13 caches in one day.  There again on business,weeks later,  the weekend of June 2nd & 3rd was mine to pillage for Chicago treasures.
   Again, to follow this adventure go to and seek a cache this time using Zip Code 60555.  Use the nearest caches list generated as the focal point to return to for jumping from cache to cache.  The first cache visited was "Atomic Age" and there I tell of my adventure and reveal where I'm off to next.  Just click on the "Back" arrow to return to the list and find the name of the next cache.  For those who prefer using Buxley's Maps simply go to the Illinois map and zoom in on Chicago.  Once there take note of the southern most string of caches and basically follow them from right to left starting with "Atomic Age" and ending with "Saw Wee Kee".
   Hey! If you follow it through I'd be interested in hearing from you.
Posted by Road Kill on June 16 2001,5:26 pm
   Please note that not all 13 caches were found in one day.  With 2 hours of daylight remaining, and while on the tenth cache, disaster strikes.  (Or should I say stupidity).  All I can say is: "Make sure the keys are in your pocket when you lock the doors of a rental car".  I grin now just thinking about the situation.  Imagine being on government property (FermiLabs and the Accelerator), you have a global positioner, a backpack full of stuffed toys & computer disks and your trying to break into a car.  As the sun was setting security found me and actually helped me out.  The last 3 caches were none-the-less visited the next day.
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