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started by: Road Kill

Posted by Road Kill on June 16 2001,5:44 pm
   Sammy (a Beany Snail) was dropped off and left stranded in Chicago by his irresponsible owner. Now, it’s not that Sammy doesn’t like Chicago, in fact he's seen many beautiful things there and he's met some of the nicest people who have peeked in on him from time to time. But he must get back to his home in Letchworth State Park in New York State.
Please help Sammy as much as you can by moving him from cache to cache eastward toward Rochester NY were he has many cacher friends who can get him to the lovely park he calls home. There is one problem in that Sammy has a fear of air travel and ask that only ground vehicles be used. The postal system is not to be used even though he feels nothing is wrong with the so-called “Snail Mail” system.
   The good news is that Sammy is not a swap out item. he has nothing to give you and he certainly doesn’t want to be a burden to you. So, if you can give Sammy a ride eastward to another cache, just take him.  Your only reward is to know that you helped and, if you fill in the data sheet attachment, others will know as well.
Everyone knows that snails leave trails and Sammy's can be monitored at this forum topic.  His home is the “Gibsonville Doublet” cache box which resides at  N 42° 42.095   W 077° 56.355.  His owners name is Road Kill. and he’s often seen grinning.

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Posted by Road Kill on June 16 2001,7:34 pm
   Sammy's initial drop point was "Waterfall" by Dr Spyro. Located in a nice forest preserve near the Argonne National Lab just South & West of Chicago.  He seemed Quite happy by the stream when I left him.
   To he who finds him and gives him a lift - Happy Caching
Posted by Czar of Ridgeland on June 21 2001,11:19 am
The snail was picked up from Waterfall on Saturday, June 16th. Currently he is sitting on my sofa, nervously watching my daughter, the cat and the dog. He will probably be moved to my cache, Flood Plain, this weekend. That is the most southeastern cache in the Chicago area for now. To move further east, someone will have to move him to Indiana. If he doesn't move after awhile (which is likely as only three people have checked out my cache - two of them being friends- sort of a mercy find) I will bring him to Indiana when I get around to going there.


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Posted by Czar of Ridgeland on June 28 2001,2:58 pm
On June 26th, Sammy was moved to Flood Plain cache in River Forest, IL.
Posted by James and Khanh on Aug. 05 2001,12:58 am
James and Khanh found Sammy drunk and about 20 miles north (off course) in Northbrook Il,.  Seems Sammy wanted to go to Minnesota or something.!?
We sobered him up and took him to Checkpoint Charlie Brown GCAB4 near the "junction" (where 90/94 merge).
Hopefully someone will come by and take him SOUTH not NORTH!
Posted by mikechim on Oct. 25 2001,10:07 pm
Found  Sammy and he convinced me to take him with me, even though I'm wasn't heading directly east, but would be going back there.  (I'm from Erie PA and was heading on a trip around the Northern Part of the US, well from Erie to Washington.)  So anyway Sammy's been all over the place to Glacier NP, The North Cascades NP, Olympic NP, Mt Rainer NP, Yellowstone NP, and so on.  I've just arrived back home in Erie and will be putting him in one of the Gamehenge Ranger caches.  He has been a good travelling companion, didn't take up much room, didn't make much noise, didn't argue with me, a good driver, etc.  However his bar tab did get pretty high.    
Posted by mikechim on Oct. 30 2001,6:19 pm
Dropped Sammy off today at Mouse's treehouse by the Gamehenge Rangers, he's almost home!

Posted by mikechim on April 08 2002,10:57 pm

While looking through the logs at caches I was thinking about hitting on my next day off I noticed some mentions of Sammy.

On 12/5/01 "JoeyRiz" dropped him off at the Overlook cache by Laura Al and kids, not sure if he's still there or not.
Posted by mikechim on April 11 2002,10:03 am
I hit the Overlook cache yesterday no Sammy, went back to the logs and noticed the Beer Man took him, looks like he untimately ended up in..... Florida .... ??? ..... hmm so close and yet so far away.
Posted by The Beer Man on July 15 2002,4:43 pm
Well, I have to say I had a hell of a time with Sammy, but our time together is finally up! Yes we did travel to Florida together and we partied in Disney World! That Snail can drink! Then when we got back to New York we moved and I lost him in the move! :withstupid He finally popped up and we took him to the Zoar Valley cache sight where we went swimming and hiking and he decided he wanted to camp out there for a little while until he could catch a ride with a little less drunk, little more responsible cacher. Sorry it took so long but he's on his way. :oo:
Posted by mikechim on July 15 2002,6:26 pm
Wow, I'm extremely impressed, he's alive.  It gives me a little hope... though not much for my Grandalf hitchiker, he disapeared off of Mt. Erie in WA last year and all email attempts to the person who took him have gone unanswered.  Even though Sammy's not mine, he hitched a long way with me towards NY (yeah he can drink... I love how somewhere along the line roadkill's hitchhiker became a drunk  :grinnin ), I'm pumped and shocked to see him back in play.  Glad you brought him back.
Posted by Road Kill on July 16 2002,4:15 pm
Terrific  :grinnin  I too was about to give up all hope. Thanks a bunch and I'm not the least bit upset. Just happy to have the little guy back.  sob :(
Posted by Treasure Ferrets on Aug. 31 2002,6:56 pm
Hellooooo.... I'm Home!  Sammy has returned to Letchworth!  He spent the past week with us in Springville, after picking him up from our cache site at Zoar Valley.  
And what an adventure he's had... being dragged around in a backpack, led by strangers travelling down dangerous paths where most people fear to tread...followed by some well-deserved R & R on our couch, watching Friends.
He played with our ferrets, as well!  They dragged him to and fro, introducing him to like-sized stuffed animals that the ferrets keep around.  Fun O' plenty!
And when it was time to part, Sammy said farewell to his new friends, sad, yet with a hopeful gleam in his eye as he looked out over the hills some distance to the East where his ammo box, err, home, awaited.  (And just finding that was an adventure in itself!)
So, that's where he is.  So long, Sammy! :wave
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