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started by: emrldjetta

Posted by emrldjetta on June 30 2001,9:41 pm
I am in NE Ohio and have had people from FLA. who are visiting relatives here, visit my cache. Not bad.....Kyle
Posted by welch on July 30 2002,8:29 am
as far as i know, Roadkill from NY, is the one who has travel the longest distance and found my cache(s), those caches being in east iowa, the 2nd longest distance is BruceS from St.louis found a cache i had placed toward the SE corner of iowa.
Posted by DxChallenged on July 30 2002,2:12 pm
Last Wednesday we had cachers come from Ottawa, Canada and the pan handle of Florida visit our "Eversure's C&S cache"..We live in Akron, NY 35 minutes outside of Buffalo.

We've also had cachers from Rhode Island and we are starting to get private pilots who fly into our small airport for the day and discover geocaching while checking out our caches


Posted by Morseman on July 30 2002,4:06 pm
Do caches set count?

In Brighton I found caches set by people from Florida.

A bit "reversed" but I was impressed that they came over here to put them out.

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