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started by: axcion

Posted by axcion on Oct. 23 2003,4:50 am
Anyone in NEBRASKA north of the little tip by IA / MO?

Didn't see any caches in the area!

Posted by axcion on Nov. 11 2003,12:40 am
Doesn't seem to be!  :(
Posted by welch on Nov. 11 2003,3:29 pm
Quote (axcion @ Nov. 11 2003,1:40 am)

The upside is noone will complain about that hide to find one :tungue2

I checked< "Navi-Stats" > and found that no Huskers have found any caches :nono  I have to concluded thats some sort of error  :2cool  :;):

Posted by PC Medic on Nov. 11 2003,4:12 pm
My brother had recently moved to the Lincoln area but has now settled in Carthidge. While he is a Navicache member (of course), he has not yet started his geocaching activities since arriving there.
Posted by MOCache on Nov. 21 2003,1:11 am
Actually, I'm down in the SW portion of Missouri.. a bit of a distance from the IA/MO juncture.

Once I can get a bit more settled here, I do plan to cache a bit. My GF is quite the traveller (we often make trips back to NE to visit her kids)... in recent weeks we've gone to Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas as well!

I'd love to see the area saturated with themed caches as there's alot of history in the area!

Posted by earthshaker on Oct. 07 2004,8:43 pm
West Central Nebraska here. No caches on this site for us out west they are on the other site. But I aim to correct that.
Posted by toothfaker on April 26 2010,8:51 pm
This is in no way ment to be rude. There are hundreds of geocachers in Nebraska and I would guess to say probably a few thousand geocaches here. They are just not listed here or members on this site. I live in Lincoln and we have hundreds of caches in Lincoln alone not to mention the rest of the state. I have not cached in Hastings, NE  but it boasts having the most geocaches in it's city in the world. They have a few. So yes there are geocaches here and many many people enjoying the fun.  

Toothfaker,  :)

Posted by DudleyGrunt on April 27 2010,7:08 am
Welcome to Navicache.  I don't have much in the way of non-crosslisted NC hides out my way, either.  However, even if there are no physical/virtual caches near you, you can search the forums or cache listings for "locationless" or "virtual" and may find some you can do.  And of course, you can place some.

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