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Topic: New Yorker hits Samurai Cat
started by: Road Kill

Posted by Road Kill on June 25 2001,8:51 pm
As one might expect most of Iowa is flat with occasional rolling hills.  But along it's east coast, not far from the mighty Miss, just west of Davenport, I found a cache in a very scenic glen. The only unfortunate part was that skies were overcast on the evening of my adventure  and there was no sun for pictures. I  enjoyed everything about this park. It was quiet, there were boardwalks and stairs for easy travel, I saw very little litter and  the deer standing near by as I signed the cache log book was a special bonus. To others who haven't been in this park, pick a sunny day and take a camera. The park itself is out there near nowhere but the trip is worth the scenery.
Posted by Quinn on Feb. 11 2002,5:49 pm
jeez...going by the title of this topic and that thing on your head, I really thought you "Hit a cat"  :grinnin
Posted by Choberiba on April 11 2002,11:42 pm
I read the subject line as an auto crash between a Suzuki and a Chrysler.
Posted by Road Kill on April 28 2002,9:29 pm
Well, the man in the hat has hit 11 more in Iowa: 2 in Dubuque - Mandy's Cache and Swiss Valley Cache; and 9 in Cedar Rapids - Dog A Cache, Skywatch Gorge, Rest Stop Cache, Tackle Box Treasure, Cindy's Little Secret, Keebler's Cache, Riverside Cache, Hoefle-Dulin Cache, and the Dead Road cache.

There seems to be a preference to tupperware out there with only 2 ammo cans found. The rest were plastic and 3 of those were wet. There was one surprise I may copy soon. If I were to tell the story now, it would spoil the surprise. So you will all have to wait.  Meanwhile I'll set back and grin.
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