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Firemedic Offline
Caching Medic

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Joined: Mar. 2002
    Posted: April 05 2002,6:12 am QUOTE

I think I know where they go....

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mikechim Offline
Navicache Elite

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Joined: Oct. 2001
    Posted: April 05 2002,12:39 pm QUOTE


"...Not all those who wander are lost..."
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Gimpy Offline
Cache Master

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Joined: June 2001
Posted: April 06 2002,1:43 am QUOTE

Check this out!:
I found, accidentally, your geocache near the south end of Conesus Lake. Neat
game. I think it has been moved from its original location. The last log
entry states that it was out in the open, "so I moved it". That was on Nov.
28, and it hasn't been found since. I found it stuffed in a muskrat hole near
the base of a tree, on a stream embankment. It was barely visible. I placed
it back where I found it, but if that doesn't sound like where you hid it,
let me know and I will show you where it is. There were several log entries
prior to the Nov. 28 entry.

I don't have a GPS, but I will soon. I want to play too.

Hows that. I've e-mailed Jim thanking him & asking him to join us here. I'll hook up with him & place the cache in the same area, in a more remote location, & un-archive it or post it as another cache. Cache Conesus lives!! Great to get one of my babies back.

-Gimpy --N2GLS-
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Quinn Offline
Caching Madman

Group: Members
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Joined: June 2001
    Posted: April 06 2002,3:17 am QUOTE

way to go Gimpy! It's more-so nice to hear that it was not stolen, but instead just stumbled across and even then still not taken.

Me thinks Gimpy needs to stop placing caches on the white line in the middle of roads thinking people won't see them unless they have a GPS.  :grinnin

"I Cache...Therefore I am!"
    Quinn Stone
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Road Kill Offline
Navicache Guru

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Joined: June 2001
    Posted: April 06 2002,8:02 pm QUOTE

Quote (Road Kill @ Mar. 22 2002,8:42 pm)
There is another explanation I encountered while doing the TV13 thing.  Both guest thought that the cache was to be hidden in a different spot than where you found it.  I was quick to explain this wasn't the case and provided a few reasons until they realized it wouldn't work their way.  I thought then as I do now that there just may be some newbees out there who are confused as to how the GPS works or how putting it into the hollow log over there insted of the stone pile here would change things. I mean the log is a much nicer place and 150 feet closer to where everyone is parking.  :nono

Bottom line it's not just honesty that some people lack. :smart

Boy, I'm smart

Road Kill is Grinning
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lighthouserocket Offline
Navicache Dude

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Joined: Jan. 2002
    Posted: April 11 2002,4:38 pm QUOTE

if you make it down this weekend to fix up the conesus cache i do believe the walleye are spawning.. i drove by today and there were quite a few cars at the end of the lake.. unfortunatly i didn't get the chance to check it out.. but can be quite a site if you get there at the right time..
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Morseman Offline
Navicache Guru

Group: Members
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Joined: Nov. 2001
Posted: April 12 2002,4:25 pm QUOTE

"We", in the UK, seem to be losing a few caches lately.

Some go because of outside activity.  It seems my "Oddies Delight" went when the area was 'tidied' up and another I went to seemed to be too close to where non-geocachers might have stumbled across it.

Others seem to go because another geocacher dissagrees with the point of view, or number of caches placed, of a geocacher!

To my point of view, the first two reasons are either bad luck, or in my case not getting permission from the people really "in charge" (even if you get the OK from the name on the notice board!).

The third one is more of a problem, in my opinion again, as it's from within and more due to personal ideas about what is "U" and "non-U".

--... ...--
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    Posted: June 22 2002,7:34 am QUOTE

To all of you geotrashers out there,
   here is a message for you.  :angry:
We're sick and tired of your "existence",
   and the awful things you do.
We will find out who you are
   see, our members stick together.  :p
You'll never know when we'll pop up,
   in any type of weather.
So, please leave our caches alone;  
   don't be an S.O.B.!  :nono
No one knows who you are
   or what your point might be.
It might be that you like the box,  
   or you just might like the stuff;  ???
But remember, one thing is for sure,
   carma can sure be tough!

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Posted: June 22 2002,8:39 am QUOTE

There is something else i have seen. Where other cachers leave the caches they found uncover ,or let other uncachers see them find it.Of course as soon as the cachers leave the find the uncachers are going to go see what the hell those pepole where doing traceing around the woods for.There where at least 5 caches i have been on where the box was left open or they where not not put back right.That makes me feel like i dont even want to be in this group any more .I have lost 2 caches my self because of the careless of other cachers.I dont want to hear about oh someboby happen to accidently find it.There was a cache a want on that a counld see from the road becasue it wasnt covered back up the right way.To all the other cachers if you fond a cache please put it back so noboby can see it,that is what the gps is for,and make sure noboby is watching you.I have gone on caches hunts where i had to come back because there where to many people around.I would hope that iam not the only one that feel like this. :angry:
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Posted: June 22 2002,8:51 am QUOTE

sorry about my spelling,a little upset. :grinnin ............................................................................. :withstupid
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barrington Offline
Caching Maniac

Group: Members
Posts: 102
Joined: Aug. 2001
    Posted: Aug. 04 2002,4:42 pm QUOTE

Well, my "Blair Witch" cache by Hemlock Lake wasn't stolen, but it was blasted with a shotgun! A find report on the other site by John & Sue (backspace_69) described finding the cache with a hole blasted in the bottom, the top open, and the contents scattered.  They were kind enough to reassemble and relocate the cache to new coordinates nearby, so it's still alive, but a bit beat up.  I named the cache based on the spooky nature of the area it's in; seems even more appropriate now.  I'll freshen the cache up with a new box and some new contents, when I get up enough nerve to go into the area again!  

It only took eight months, but but I finally got to the "Blair Witch" cache site to replace the box and replenish the contents.  I removed some of the items that were musty from moisture that had leaked into the box, and added several items, mostly toys and novelties, and some "Keokuk Geodes" (mineral specimens).  

Since this was the first time I've been to the cache since "backspace_69" et al rescued and relocated it, I had to search it out, so I'm counting it (my own cache) as a find. :grinnin

The cache is still living up to it's name.  Half way to the cache at a fork in the trail, my canine caching buddy Penny sensed something she didn't like and refused to willingly go any further.  We had to put the leash on her to keep her from heading back to the car, and she seemed pretty spooked for the next hundred yards or so.  Wooooooo..... :0

Thanks to everyone that helped out with this cache by removing soggy paper and plastic-bagging stuff to protect it from moisture.

"If you don't care where you are, you ain't lost!"
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