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Quinn Offline
Caching Madman

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    Posted: Mar. 25 2002,7:46 pm QUOTE

Caron and I went out for a Geocache hunt just this past saturday (Rochester, NY.) while we were just getting to leave the parking lot on Lake ave near driving park quite a few cop cars came rushing into the lot locking up the brakes and blocking everything off. They all then hopped out of the cars with Guns out and aimed just behind us and we could see a guy in regular clothes aiming a gun what looked to be right at the uniformed cops. Now me thinking in a moments noticed thought this was some sort of bank robber or something and being on this side of the guy with the gun had a quick thought that I was in a better position to do something than the cops were, lucky I thought longer as it turned out to be an under cover cop aiming also at a car between him and the uniformed officers. I took a few pix before we left after watching them pull the guys from the car and cuffing them. Today on the locals news stations we found out that it was not a robber but instead a person who was buying illegal guns in a plot to kill a county judge here in rochester, NY. Now this is extreme caching!

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"I Cache...Therefore I am!"
Quinn Stone
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Rob Offline
Navicache Dude

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    Posted: Mar. 26 2002,8:13 am QUOTE

I thought you were going to say it ended up with them pointing the guns at you.  Some geocaching hunts can look mighty suspicious.  :0
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300mag Offline
Navicache Dude

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    Posted: April 02 2002,4:37 pm QUOTE

Pretty cool stuff I had something like that happen but not while caching. This ghostcar cut this car in front of me.Then I saw the cops run out with there gun.Then a few other cars.At first I wondered who was going to shoot who.The guy didn't have anywhere to run with all these gun's pointing at him.He came out and they handcuffed him. :0
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