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deckyon Offline

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Joined: Feb. 2004
Posted: Feb. 26 2004,10:41 am QUOTE

Some qualifications here.  While my cache count is not extremely high, I have set a personal goal, not for numbers, but for collecting as many Geocoins from as many different areas.  My ideas for a new cache type are as follows:
  • Each state, country area has a coin.  Like the State Quarters in the USA.  One side with the Navicache Logo, the other with something that represents the state/country/area.
  • Offer these for sale relativly cheap.  If possible, down to $0.50 and sell them in bags of 10/25/50/100/1000 with discounts going for buying in bulk.
  • The Geocoin Cache type, beyond the current rules for placing a cache, will require a minimum number of Geocoins for the area.
  • To take a coin, you leave a coin for your area.  This is an honor-system thing here.
  • The coins would not have to be numbered or trackable, just collectable.  Like trading card games or the State Quarters in the USA.
I am sure this would require a lot of development before implementation.  I realize some will think this would be a "money-making" scheme, but if the profit margin is kept low, more will buy than would not buy.

I would love this kind of cacheing.  I guess the hardest part of this would be to actually get the coin design completed for all the different areas and then to get them manufacutred cheaply.

I am just putting some ideas out for the rest of you to think about, for what it's worth.

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Scout Offline
Cache Master

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    Posted: Feb. 26 2004,12:22 pm QUOTE

I think your idea would be a big hit, ... if you can get the cost down. That's the sticking point.

Scout  ( )
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PC Medic Offline
Cache Master

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    Posted: Feb. 26 2004,3:17 pm QUOTE

While they probably would be well accepted, to have a different coin for each state. country, etc. would be a big order.

How many would be interested is the question?

'PC Medic'
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JeepCachr Offline

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Joined: Mar. 2004
    Posted: April 04 2004,1:57 pm QUOTE

Why not just create your own coin as a signature item? I've seen other cachers do it.

If you could come up with a cheap way to manufacture them then you could offer it as a service to others. Getting a organized effort to create a coin for each state would be a very expensive undertaking.

From my experience with arcade machines and tokens-
To get a coin stamped usually you have to spend $200+ to get a die created. If you want both sides its 2 dies. Then usually theres a minimum run of around 2500. I've seen them for as low as $.25 each. So you looking at a $1000 for each coin you want created.

Interesting site but its a little expensive-

Edited by JeepCachr on April 04 2004,2:06 pm
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