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Posting to the forums
Posting refers to either starting a new topic, or replying to an existing topic.

You must be a registered member and logged-in to post in the Forums, so If you get an error when trying to post in a particular forum first check to make sure you are registered and have logged in.

The same steps apply for starting a new topic.

To reply to a post, simply click on the 'Add reply' button at the top or bottom of the topic page and enter your message into the form. There is also a 'Quick Reply' box located at the bottom of each topic page which may be used.

When posting an 'Event' please remember that before being posted to the forums, all Geocaching Events must be submitted to the cache database (and approved) or refer to an event being hosted by one of our sponsors.

Please remember that commercial ads are not permitted and will be removed. If you have a Geocaching or GPS related product you feel would interest our members and would like to discuss a possible link from our site, please contact us.