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Hidden on Difficulty Terrain Cache Name
07 Jul 2001
09 Aug 2002
29 Sept 2001
11 Aug 2001
15 May 2001
Stony Brook State Park Geocache
20 Apr 2001
Klipnocky State Forest Geocache
05 Dec 2001
20 Jul 2001
West Pike Fire Tower-USGS Marker Cache
20 Jul 2002
28 Aug 2002
08 May 2003
15 May 2003
21 May 2003
29 May 2003
06 Jun 2003
20 Jun 2003
26 Jun 2003
01 Aug 2003
22 Aug 2003
30 Aug 2003
05 Jul 2004

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I found it! 12 Sept 2003    The LCS Geocache  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2.5 )

Found the cache straight away without any difficulty. Coordinates are right on! Enjoyed the view from the top including seeing Conesus Lake. A very good hide, with potential for a tough bushwhack if you choose the wrong route.
Thank you, I enjoyed myself.

Note 13 Jul 2003    ANCIENT FOREST GEOCACHE  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2.5 )

I am very disappointed to announce that the Ancient Forest Geocache will be archived on August 1st. This cache, of the 18 Mrs. Rocky and I have placed, has been our favorite. I also note that there are 7 accounts watching the cache so no doubt a special one for others as well.
I have been contacted by Dale Luthringer the Environmental Education Specialist for Cook Forest State Park. Dale explained that the cache is located in a “natural area”. Recent Pennsylvania regulations prohibit geocaches in these areas. I am very thankful for the positive attitude expressed by Dale toward geocaching and the park administrator’s willingness to work with the caching community to locate caches within the park in approved areas.
The cache will be available to discover until the end of the month but this is a wonderful place to visit with or without the Ancient Forest Geocache.

I found it! 17 Jun 2003    Along the Roots of Big Bend  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 3.5 )

I have never been a big fan of multi-caches. It seems I never have the time, always in a hurry to get to work or whatever. After talking with caching buddy Harv I thought I better check this one out. My suggestion to anyone thinking about this is to find the time! There are 2 reasons; this is a well thought out and planned cache and it is Letchworth.

First Part: “The Foot of the Big Bend”
Found the parking and the start of the adventure no problem, was pleased with the nice easy walk on wide service road. Came up with the cache in short order, the bug spray is a very thoughtful touch. I was a little confused with the GPS saying part 3 was closer than part 2, but as I hiked I could see the lay of the land, which explained why.

Second Part: “ River Walk Cache”
Man I was concerned! Both Country Boy Gary and Harv could not find this one and had to come back a second time for it. They are both very good and experienced cachers, I felt I could be heading for trouble. The feeling of being right next to the river with all the rain having it run high and muddy was really cool. As I walked at the shore the picture taking and great views had me forget for a moment about the tough reputation this second leg had. As the GPS told me it was time to turn away from the river I could see what gave those guys so much trouble. Reception was going to be very difficult where I was heading. I have been caching with a compass from the very beginning, I knew it was going to be very necessary if I was going to come up with this one. While still out 325 feet and decent GPS reception I took a very careful compass reading. If I say it took me 5 minutes to find the cache that might be a little long. My head was so swelled that if part 5 did not humble me the way it did Mrs. Rocky might not be able to live with me.

Third Part: “The View”
I knew that I could have made a return trip for an easy approach. I choose instead to climb the saddle, which was a little tough but no regrets. With this approach I was at the view before the cache and got some needed rest as I took some great photos. While signing in a Doe and fawn walked by, it was like heaven. Part 2 a cakewalk, 3 in the bag, beautiful woods, man this is life!

Fourth Part: “Beaver View Cache”
I think for the last time I made more good decisions in choosing a route that was following contours rather than the shortest route the GPS was pointing out. Got some photos of the little beaver dam on my way in. I often find caches by patterning the cache hider. You gave me a little curve with the spot you choose, but I still made quick work of it. Thinking, “ROCKY are you good!!”

Fifth Part: “Horse Shoe Pond Cache”
I think to be honest I will have to admit I got burned because I tried to shortcut. It didn’t start out that way. I came to the large pond and made the wrong decision about which side to walk down. Rather than correct that I thought I would head back to my car with the last part looking like it was very near the road anyway. I drove down the road and jumped out very close to the cache. Not possible to get it from there! Very close but natural obstacle blocked me out. To make matters worse I got turned around. As in a little lost. Yea me Mr. found part 2 no problem. When I got back to the car I came with a plan that had me driving down the road to make another attempt only to encounter the same problem again. That cache was on a friggin island! Now it’s late and I have to be to work. I left very disappointed. Came back after work to finally log it.

This is a fantastic cache. Thank you for your very very thoughtful work. I enjoyed this as much as any I have done.

I found it! 14 Jun 2003    The Old Boneyard  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

This is a very unique place. I enjoyed the history lesson very much. A great first hide! Thank you. What do you now do for an encore?

I couldn 18 Apr 2003    Up a Creek  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 3 )

Even though we didn't find the cache we had a very nice time. Driving up from Naples we turned off Route 21 well south of the cache to travel some roads we have never been on. The views of the lake were awesome and some of the new homes that have been built are very impressive. This park is truly a hidden jewel. The trails seem very well maintained and the views are terrific. I do have some concern either with the difficulty of this cache or the possibility it may not be there. When we arrived in the area where our GPS told us the cache would be it was obvious that the area had been disturbed by previous cashers who were trying to find this difficult hide. We spent quite a bit of time moving leaves looking about up and down, around and around. My concern is that if someone were walking along the nearby trail they may not have a very positive impression of geocaching given the amount of disturbance that we and other cachers have created. I think this may largely be perception, as we really did no harm but as they say perception is reality. Thank you very much for bringing us to this beautiful place. We had a great day and enjoyed ourselves very much.

  cameraA GRAND LADY

I found it! 18 Jan 2003    Akron Falls Winterfest Event Cache  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

A beautiful winter day at the Erie County Winterfest. We very much enjoyed ourselves, the honor of signing the quilt, meeting other cashers, seeing all the activities made this truly a special day. True to her word DX challenged provided 2 bags of delicious popcorn as our reward for logging in at the event cash log. Thank you, it was nice.

I found it! 18 Jan 2003    Eversure's C&S Cache....  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

When I read that Eversure was thinking about my Stony Brook Cache when he scoped out this location I knew it was one that we would have to do. What a beautiful walk today from the Erie County Winterfest to this location. We took the spur trail and got some great photos of the waterfall with a massive icicles and the sun just in the right place. As others have mentioned it is not possible to open the cache but we were very satisfied to have seen this beautiful place just the same. Thank you Eversure, a really cool spot!

I found it! 18 Jan 2003    The LARCH  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2.5 )

Hello old friend. Remember the good old days when I was always first. Today we decided to attend the event cache that DX Challenged put together at the Erie County Winterfest in Akron. When I saw one of your caches was right on our way there I could not resist. As usual, with yours, I felt like a rabbit as we dug out the cache. Although I have come across several caches that the log book was damp this is the first time that an ammo can had a damp logbook. The park is very nice, even though I had my snowshoes with me they were not required. Thank you for a very nice hide, it is still fun even when I am not first.

I found it! 08 Nov 2002    PollyWogg Holler  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1 )

Well Brogan, I think to say, as you did in your description, this is a “unique area” is truly an understatement. We met Bill on the way in; he invited us to check out the accommodations as we hit it at a good time with no guests. What a place! I hope other cachers are as fortunate and will be able to see this very special place. I would recommend that future cachers visit the Pollywog holler web site before they go to get a flavor of what the place is all about. We found the cache no problem, pleased to be first to sign the logbook. Thank you for bringing us to this more than unique place.

I found it! 26 Oct 2002    Brogan's Topo Lesson  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 3.5 )

Another beautiful day at Letchworth caching. Did not have time the day of the Gathering but we did not want to miss this one. Much easier getting there than getting back. Found the cache no problem, everything ok in your jumbo container. Thanks for the hide, we had fun and improved our cardieal-vascular health on the return trip.

I found it! 26 Oct 2002    End of 18  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2.5 )

End of 18??? I could not figure out what the golf connection to this cache might be. I have been watching it since you placed and could tell from the maps and your description it was going to be special. We decided to hold ourselves back until the fall colors would make this the memorable hike it was. Yes Road Kill you did it again, this was absolutely one of the most beautiful cache walks we have been on. It was very much worth waiting for this time of year to do it. Several comments in the logbook questioned the coordinates but both of the receivers we had indicated less that 25 feet standing over the cache. The cache was a bit exposed, naturally we fixed that, we do like em tough, don’t we?. Thanks for another great hide, super mostly level hike with world-class scenery, it does not get any better than this!!!

I found it! 05 Oct 2002    Letchworth Fall Cachers' Gathering  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

World class, superb, outstanding, and a lot of fun too!! Let me add our thanks to Road Kill, Gamma Kitt, Coyote, Hero, Dekaner and J-RA. It was nice to meet so many, say Hi again to so many others. The hospitality extended by the Windigo Team at their campsite on Friday night was just an another example of what great folks we meet thru this unique hobby of ours and why We’re proud to call ourselves GEOCACHERS.
Speaking of lost and found, on the way out we picked up a dead furry thing, Mrs. Rocky thought she saw that thing on someone’s head. I would gladly trade it for a picture I left behind. Can we do it soon, cause that dead critter really STINKS!!!

I found it! 04 Oct 2002    What's the Point  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1 )

Nice walk to a couple great views. We did not find the graffiti but still had no problem finding the cache without nailing that exact spot anyway. You did not fool me a third time like at Verda and with the note on the rock. I knew not to even look at your decoy. We continued to the campground where we spent a couple enjoyable hours with the cachers staying there. Thank you for the hide and nice views. We both enjoyed ourselves very much.

Note 17 Sept 2002    Letchworth Fall Cachers' Gathering  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

“ROCKY” and Mrs. Rocky will be there although a little later, 3 or so, Have another commitment called job that will prevent us from joining all of you sooner. I need to lay the rumor to rest that in conjunction with Evil Knievel Enterprises Hinge Thunder is planning the short route to my nearby Hogs Back Vistas cache.

I found it! 12 Sept 2002    Hills Creek Park Cache I  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

Heading back from an over-night business trip I could not resist the call of a Road Kill cache. It was only a short detour and one I am happy I made, the area is beautiful! It was a picture perfect sunny cool day, which always adds to the enjoyment. Picked the perfect place to park, all good trails to the cache, no beeline down over the cliff like some have done on my caches. When I found the note written on the rock I did more than GRIN, I laughed out loud. Then I thought what if someone sees this guy in the woods alone holding his cell phone out in front of him laughing like a crazy man? There is nothing crazy about this beautiful area, the views are world class. The cache is in fine shape, thank you for the hide.

I found it! 06 Sept 2002    Jacobs' Jest  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Very well done. We enjoyed your cache very much. Although I thought I had things figured out I will have to admit that I was surprised at the end. Thank you for the creative hide. I did notice certain previous cachers took great pride in having beaten me to this one. As well they should, having done the same to them more times than I can count. Given the age of this cacher I thought it would be nice to give the old fella a chance this one time.

I found it! 05 Sept 2002    Feel Us Shaking Like Nothing on Earth (retired)  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Drive by twice each day, important to put things back just as you found them. Thanks for the hide.

Note 23 Aug 2002    On Top of an Esker  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 3 )

Once again a very nice place in beautiful hardwoods. I enjoy them so much! The terrain made sat reception a little jumpy but no real problem finding the cache. Thank you for the hide, we enjoyed finding it very much.

I found it! 23 Aug 2002    Issaquah In Egypt/Mayonnaise Jar 2  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

Tough one! Spent more time here looking than we did on the several we found this day. You might want to take a look yourself to see how thick it is compared to when you hid it in April. Thanks for the hide and extra challenge

I found it! 23 Aug 2002    Issaquah In Perinton  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Lets just say we got to go in a full circle. No problems finding the cache, coordinates seem to be dead on. It was still dry at the cache area but boots would have been nice so as to cut the circle short. Thanks for the hide.

I couldn 23 Aug 2002    Issaquah's Pebble In A Gravel Pit  ( Difficulty: 4    Terrain: 1.5 )

Flipped over rock, yellowjackets came, we left.

I found it! 19 Aug 2002    Dog Chow Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2.5 )

Great summer activity at our place had me taking my Dad to the airport this morning after a wonderful family get together this past week. Combine that with a break in the heat and humidity and I had to find a cache. Not sure where I went wrong but I never saw the park. Found the cache no problem. Did not take or leave anything. The logbook seemed damp, other than that all is in good shape. Thanks for the hide, I had fun finding it.

I found it! 25 Jul 2002    Den 11 Strikes Again  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2.5 )

Hey Den 11 good job again! Want to advise other cachers to park in the parking lots only, the 2 friendly campus police officers were explaining to me this is the best way to avoid a parking ticket. The coordinates seem to be right on, I walked right up to the cache, did not take or leave anything except my log in your book. Thank you for taking the time to create and place the cache, I had fun finding it.

Note 21 Jul 2002    FawCow'ee Challenge  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 4.5 )

I hope the Hoodlebug was not put into use to elevate the recent cachers, the hiker and I may not feel they enjoyed the full Challenge of Faw Cow'ee if that be the case?

I found it! 13 Jul 2002    Global Geocache (ARCHIVED)  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

As I mentioned to you after you’re nice note about my 100th I had this cache lined up for earlier in the week. I am happy I did go back in to get it as mature hardwoods are my favorite place to be in the outdoors, this is a beautiful island in a very urban area. Like everyone else I was impressed with the quality of the items for trade, I have not been trading so when I saw the bird book I quickly came up with 3 dollar coins. Thanks for your hide, you found a great spot, I enjoyed it very much.

I found it! 13 Jul 2002    Guess Who-Oak Openings  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

I did not have to Guess Who, because I knew Who. I had taken a walk here in May and considered placing a cache here. I thought the name was a nice coincidence as well. I am so glad that you did put a cache in so I could beat Road Kill to it AGAIN!!!! No problems finding the cache, especially after all the training my eyes got the day before at your Goose Poop. Thank you, it was so nice to be first

I found it! 12 Jul 2002    THe Bluebird Angel  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Just as Mother of Rocky said, a very nice day to be out, and a very nice place you brought us out to. Thank you for placing the cache, we had fun.

I found it! 12 Jul 2002    Goose Poop Trail  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

This one reminded me of your Crescent Hill hide from last year. Road Kill says he likes them tough, but you guys can be pretty tough yourselves. So many good hiding spots in such a small area, we could have been there a week. Thank you for another good one, Mrs. Rocky, Mother of Rocky, and I all had a great time.

Note 10 Jul 2002    Locke of Olde Cache  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

Gimpy, this was number 100 for me on Geocaching.com. Wanted it to be one of your caches
because there is no one in this game that has done more for the sport. Thanks for this cache, all
your others,and advice to me and people I referred to you. You have always had time to share
your knowledge. Enjoyed meeting lowerfalls, and visiting the old lock. Great day to be out there.
Looking forward to my next 100 and your continued friendship!
[upload images]

Note 29 Jun 2002    Wesley Hill  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 3 )

Had a very nice evening walk in this beautiful area. We did some autorouting from South Dansville and found getting there is half the fun. As with your other cache, your coordinates are right on, so once there no problem locating the box. Thank you for another nice hide.

Note 28 Jun 2002    Grime's Glen  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 4 )

I will have to admit that I was sure you had me skunked, Mrs. Rocky wanted to go back to the 2nd falls for more pictures so I made one more pass with the GPS and took a compass reading that pointed out an area that that we might have missed the first 10 times we searched. I think they may have heard me yell “HUCKLE BUCKLE BEANSTALK” in downtown Naples. Thank you for showing us this beautiful place, well used by the way, and for making this among the most challenging caches I have done.

I found it! 27 May 2002    The Black Spot  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 3 )

Hey Blackpete we must have just missed you, saw your entry in the logbook today, we were there at 11:30AM. Took the Traveler you left with us and put him in Diane’s cache, Ithaca is Gorges. We loved the area you choose for the cache; the mature forest is always our favorite for a hike. Like everyone else we did not know about this part of the park. That is what makes our game so special, being introduced to so many beautiful places. Thank you, sorry we did not meet you on the trail, maybe next time.

I found it! 23 May 2002    Avon Calling Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

What a picture perfect day for this hike! Mother of Rocky and I had a very nice time and a little chance to catch up with her having recently returned from Sarasota. We walked just far enough before we went off trail to find it. Your coordinates, as usual, are dead on! Thanks for another nice one and for giving us this opportunity to share some time together.

I found it! 21 Apr 2002    Moose River Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

What a beautiful spot you choose for this hide. The swift water was rushing by on this beautiful early spring day. This was a stop on our way to Long Lake for a all day cache adventure up there. Gary, I can say that a day before the earthquake the cache was in perfect condition. The way things shook up there it could now be in the river. Just kidding, but it was quite the shake-up on Saturday morning. I guess for a couple of guys from the Rochester area to be planting and finding caches in the Adirondack Park is a comment on our love for the game. Thanks for bringing me to such beautiful spot.

I found it! 09 Apr 2002    1779 Memorial Tree  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

Did you expect it could have been anyone else to log it FIRST?? During the winter when I saw that fellow cacher Lighthouserocket had placed a 2part cache starting at Ambuscade Park in Groveland I expected the second part of that cache to have taken me to your historical location for this cache. I enjoyed my visit very much as I had done some recent reading about the park at the time of my visit to the Ambuscade Park. The tree is spectacular. I measured the circumference at 22 feet!!! While visiting the old growth forest that was written up in the Democrat and Chronicle this past fall at the South end of Hemlock Lake the largest tree I found there was ONLY 9 feet in circumference. Your coordinates are right on, thank you, I enjoyed it very much.

I found it! 07 Apr 2002    Iroquois Transplanted  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

OK Gimpy who do I complain to next so you have to bring another one of yours in closer for me to find. Just kidding, but you did make something nice out of the transplant. Had a great ride to the cache, aotorouting on the back roads from the East Avon area to your new spot. Many Geese flying low overhead as I walked to the cache area, honking up a storm. Loved the very mature trees in the cache area, wish I would have had my camera, some were huge! Did have to look a little more than usual as the cache is well hidden with many possibilities in the general area. Cache is in excellent shape, took a picture, left a log entry. Thank you, still having a ton of fun as I start my second year of caching.

I found it! 06 Apr 2002    Down but not out  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

Great job guys! I did not park at the area you mentioned, but came in from the other direction. Still did .8 mile hike each way. I used 4 different GPS units to get there and find the cache, talk about heaven. While driving the V and color map StreetPilot guided me thru the back roads of Allegany County. Getting there is half the fun. Even got autorouted to a bridge over the mighty Genesee that has been closed for some time. On the hike to the cache area GPS III Plus in one hand eMap in the other. Loved doing the last bit with the compass, your instructions were dead on! The cache was well done, I could see you put some time and effort to make it very nice. Posed for a picture with Redd Rider, as he was leaving with me and wanted you to have your favorite Cacher and Travel Bug together so you can frame it for your wall. Thank you for making your first one a real good one, enjoyed being first, and I think Redd Rider is on his way!!
[upload images]

Note 01 Apr 2002    Busy as a Beaver  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

Wanted to let you know I was back for a third visit on Good Friday. Mrs Rocky wanted to see the area, we stayed quite a long time, took many more pictures, and I wrote another note in the log book.

I found it! 16 Mar 2002    High Falls Cache -That I can do and I will- Sam P.  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Computer $995.00
GPSr, 400.00
Monthly internet access 17.95
What a beautiful sight the falls were on this day, the water was roaring. Also kind of sad when you consider the potential of the area, but how DEAD downtown is. Thank you for showing us this beautiful place. Great urban hide, not many places can match the natural beauty of this spot.

I found it! 16 Mar 2002    I Heard it on the Grapevine  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Barrington, I think you may have been a rabbit in a past life. This hide, as were several of your others, perfect rabbit hang outs. I hope Penny and Mrs.B continue to follow you to these dense tough places. The cache is in perfect condition, we signed your log book, took or left nothing. Thank you for not making it too easy, we enjoy them all.

Note 10 Mar 2002    ROCHESTER AND AREA CACHERS GET-TOGETHER!  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

If you have it.... we will come

I found it! 08 Mar 2002    Busy as a Beaver  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

What a great spot Hikers!! I did not ending up wishing I brought my camera, I only wish I would have taken more than the 20 shots I did. If this is your first cache I can't wait for your next one as you did a superb job on this one. I almost forgot I was cache hunting as I really got into the photos. Found the cache without any problem, your coordinates are dead on! This fantastic area and a sunny 65 degree sunny picture perfect day helped make this one of my most memorable caches. Put on top of that I beat Road Kill, Quinn, and Gimpy to be the first, what more can I say. One thing, THANK YOU, you should take great delight that you found something so special to share.

I found it! 02 Mar 2002    Cacher's Cache Can  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

We were first!! Sounds like we beat the heavy traffic that was at you cache today. Nice to be back in Mendon Ponds Park where we found our first cache about a year ago. Although not a bad walk there were so many good hiding spots we wondered around a bit before we found it. From some foot prints we saw going in didn't think we would be first, there may have been a unsuccessful cacher today as well. Left a gold dollar coin and a note in the log book. Our first of 4 today, thank you for the fun.

I found it! 02 Mar 2002    Watch out for Private Property!  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Hinge, this was our 4th and final cache of the day. We had planned 5 but you did us in. Mrs. Rocky is never going to let me forget that she wanted to go what would of turned out to be a much better, easier, safer route. Still I liked this cache the best as it was by far the most challenging. In reading the log book most of the previous cachers seemed to comment that the coordinates were off. I think that they were right on and you gave them problems by not choosing the obivious hiding spot. Good job, still trying to convince Mrs. Rocky that this is fun.

I found it! 02 Mar 2002    Beechwoods Mayonnaise Jar  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

This was our 3rd of 4 caches today. Although well hidden the cache is not in very good condition, everything is wet. Thank you for the hide.

I found it! 12 Feb 2002    feel us shaking (retired)  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

I think the first part was not possible with the information provided. Glad you added the additional information after my first attempt. No Problem at the second location, a little more realistic given the size of what I was looking for. Took the travel bug.

I couldn 10 Feb 2002    feel us shaking (retired)  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

I spent a long time looking for this mini, so mini it was invisible. Would have liked to have gone on to the second part but I could not find the small container.

Note 22 Jan 2002    Avon Calling Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

GIMPY, still waiting for that DEEP snow to go after this one. This winter does not want to seem to cooperate. In Feb will be my time to nail this one, been waiting oh so long.

I found it! 21 Jan 2002    FawCow'ee Challenge  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 4.5 )

Very nice area and quite the hike. I think I took the bee-line path, steep, but all on trails or woods roads. Nice to see in person some of the things I saw in photos this past June. As a Steuben County resident I was prepared for the "CHALLENGE" of FawCow'ee, I think some of them city fellers ain't up to this here kind of walk.
Found the cache fine, snow cover will not be a problem, thanks Road Kill for a invigorating hike

I found it! 28 Dec 2001    Deer Crossing  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

We had beautiful fresh snow as we started our quest for your cache. We could tell from the tracks in the snow that some snow cross-country skiers were just ahead. We turned off and the secondary trail to the cache area. Once there the several good hiding spots and snow cover made this the toughest find of the 4 we did today. Thank you, enjoyed the winter caching very much.

I found it! 28 Dec 2001    Hawthorn  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

This was a nice walk and we were surprised in reading the logbook that some of the earlier cachers had a hard time with this one. We used the main trail most of the way and then the deer led us to your Hawthorn tree. The beautiful stone house at your nearer parking coordinates gave us a opportunity to get a great picture with our new digital camera. Thanks again for a good hide and they are still fun even when you are not first.

I found it! 28 Dec 2001    Greenway Trail Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Well Gimpy you got us again. You may recall that we could not even open the cache box at Egyptian Hike because of the downpour. This time it was a snow burst, we did get a few words written in the log book, as I wrote Mrs. Rocky would blow the snow off the page, she was having hard time keeping up. We saw a huge oak tree that I would have liked to have measure. Last week I visited the old growth forest on the west side of Hemlock Lake that was written up in the paper this past fall. Several of the oaks trees I measured there were over 9 feet in circumference. The tree we saw on the way to your cache was as big as those. If you see Road Kill let him know that Mrs. Rocky hollered “Huckle Buckle Beanstalk” twice to make up for Doug from channel 13. We had a lot of fun visiting four caches today and it looks like winter will not slow us down.

I found it! 17 Oct 2001    West Meets East  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 3 )

Found this cache a second time as I was trying to see my old buddy the M&M HITCH-HIKER DUDE. He was placed in this cache after having been out of circulation for over 3 months. Within 45 minutes a unsuspecting claimed the prize that should have be mine. But I am still having fun!

I found it! 13 Oct 2001    Low & Behold (Read Warning)  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

I knew where we needed to be but did not start out in exactly the right spot. This did necessitate the down over the bank you warned aganist, however we did it before it became too severe. Once on the right path a beautiful, scenic ROAD KILL CLASSIC. I did not give Mrs. Rocky or Mother of Rocky any slack as I got down to the serious business of finding one of your cache hides. Even though the hiding spot was tough, I was hollering HUCKLE BUCKLE BEANSTALK in a few short minutes. After logging in and trading treasure we looked at the beautiful views with the leaves in full glory. As we were leaving we ran into two different cachers zeroing in on it too. Thank you very much, we hit the perfect day, it was grand!!!

I found it! 10 Oct 2001    Gypsum Mine  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Well, another first, this time I was not first! What a picture perfect day! It would have all been so perfect if only I would have gone in via the suggested route. Not me, I made it very interesting, but not recommended, glad thoes people do not have a big dog. I thought I had your methods down, but ended up surprised about the actual cache placement. Thank you, had a real good time.

I found it! 10 Sept 2001    Penny's Point  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2.5 )

I will have to admit to youBarrington, your cache was not my primary reason for heading to Letchworth this morning. You see, a very good friend of mine was reported to be just down the road at "East Meets West". After having been out of circulation for several months I was anxious to see him. Alas, 45 minutes after he was back in the game someone happened to stumble into him, he is now gone again. I was very happy to find your cache after my earlier disappointment. Let it be known, THE STREAK lives!!

I found it! 31 Aug 2001    Egyptian Hike  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Mrs. Rocky, Mother of Rocky and I started our walk in from your parking coordinates under cloudy skies. At about the half way point I did notice the sky getting darker. When we reached the cache area it was like someone had turned the lights out. Wet does not begin to describe how drenched we were. We could not open the cache box as it would have flooded in seconds. If the next cacher to find this would write in the log book, August 31, ROCKY, SOUTH DANSVILLE, N.Y. I would be very thankful. Thank you Gimpy, we were all laughing at dinner thinking about how we squished as we walked back to the car.

I found it! 13 Aug 2001    Blair Witch  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

I made this find interesting by forgetting my topo map at home this morning. I feel as if I crossed the Grand Canyon. Other than that blunder a nice area and a pleasant walk. Shaky was glad to have a visitor and decided to come along. I will let you know where he ends up. Thank you, I guess this makes us 3 for 3.

I found it! 28 Jul 2001    Highpoint  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Another beautiful place that I have not seen before. Geocaching has taken me to so many like this, not too far, but world class in their scenic beauty. I did some bushwacking but most of the hike was on a real nice trail. Your coordinates must be good because I walked right up to the cache without any back and forth searching. The view you talk about in your deccription is something no one will want to miss, so just let me repeart to drive along the road until you come to it or put the coordinates in your GPS. Thank you, left an entry in your log book, took a memory of a place I will want to return to.

I found it! 18 Jul 2001    No Exit  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Wide open spaces will make the Etrex people happy when they go to look for this cache. The tempture inside the box was 70 at 11am when I opened it and read 78 within 10 minutes. I think I may have been lucky to find the box rather quickly, as I thought it is well hidden. Took a picture, left things as I found them, Thank you Barrington, glad you won the exit fight.

I found it! 10 Jul 2001    It's as easy as ABC  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

An unexpected stop, in the area, so I did. A place that is new to me, enjoyed the short walk. Thank you.


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