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26 Sept 2002
Watership Down
21 Oct 2002
Bookcrossing with Basil
14 Jan 2006
A Drive in the Country

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I found it! 05 Aug 2006    Beaver Meadows #2  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 2 )

OK, I admit it...I needed the hint on this one. I had been here last week and couldn't find it, but I think a few staellites had melted from the heat and I just couldn't get a clear signal. This week I was in the area sans GPS, but thanks to the clue I had no problem this time. All those hills are tough on a warm summer afternoon! I knew I had to keep moving, though, or the chickadees would swoop down and peck at me until I departed. They're tiny little raptors, those chickadees.


I found it! 30 Jul 2006    Beaver Meadow  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Found this one while checking out the local birds - loved the trail! There was at least one very annoyed catbird who resented my intrusion of this tranquil spot. Okay, it was nine thousand degrees and sticky, but I still had fun. Thanks!


Note 15 Jan 2006    A Drive in the Country  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

LOL, yep, I found Pete's just AFTER I'd hit submit - now that it's published I can retire it!

I have another location in the same area in mind....

I found it! 20 Nov 2005    Morgans Adventure  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Since my usual trails are closed for hunting season (bleh) I had hoped to spend the day at Black Creek Park, walking and caching and taking pictures of birdies. My job had another set of plans for me, though, and I didn't get out as early as I'dhoped. I went after this cache right away and headed south to check out the multi's in another section - but I ran out of daylight and this was my sole cache of the day. No pictures, either, although I did see a gorgeous huge pileated woodpecker which was a first for me! Oh, yeah, the cache - found it easily enough and everything's in good shape. It's a pleasure to find a venerable cache such as this one in such fine shape. I took a popper thingy for safety's sake and left a special Disney promo item that I've been saving for a worthy cache. Thanks for giving me a chance to log a find despite the time constraints!


Note 04 Aug 2005    Watership Down  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Cache is in need of somemaintenance - I'll get out there as soon as I can and post a note when the coast is clear!

Update 11/05 - Cache is back and in fine shape!
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I found it! 24 Jul 2005    Magellan Adventure 31 ( Be There!)  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

Second to find! So close, but yet so far!
Had a great time hunting for this one and an loved the adrenaline rush of driving as fast as possible from Turning Point Park to here when the coords came up...so very close to scene of the first cache I ever found! I love this contest to bits and next year is my year.....hey, I'm a Red Sox fan, I said that for ages about baseball but it DID eventually come true!
I love this park but it's buggy for sure. I had a moment (before the crowd grew) to listen to the birds singing all around me in this untamed, lush and lovely spot. Birdsong and adventure and a nice chat afterwards...thanks, Quinn and Magellan, I can't think of a nicer way to spend a summer morning!


Note 03 Jul 2004    Escape  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

I took Team Dirtdog out night caching today and chose this area because the fireflies are spectacular - but it looks like I may have left my LED head lamp behind at the cache site! Bekka the cachedog pulled a toy out of my backpack at the site, and may have knocked it out onto the ground. It wasn't full dark yet so I wasn't wearing it at the time. Looks like I'll be making another trip back there!

Always a pretty area -especially with fireworks on the horizon and fireflies everywhere on the ground.

I found it! 12 Jun 2004    2004 New York Area Cachers Picnic!  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Had a great time - glad I finally got a chance to attend one of these events!


I found it! 12 Jun 2004    Ghost's Domain  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

This one is a lot more difficult if you start with the wrong coordinates! Mis-typed one by .030 and that led to an extra bit of hillclimbing and general fun times. :) We were the first to the cache today, though, and so traded the Spidey light for the inflatable beach ball with provided extra fun on our subsequent travels. Thanks for the hide, we liked this spot!


I found it! 29 May 2004    1856 Mule Path  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

I was in the area visiting Team Dirtdog at thier offsite location and we wanted to get a few caches done, so this one was first on our list since it looked like the easiest to find. However, we didn't count on a near-total lack of satellite coverage which made the hunt a bit more challenging. We were in the area, at least, when we kept hearing this freaky noise - kind of a rushing, roaring sound that my friend thought might be a big animal and I thought was traffic over a steel bridge. Scary!
I finally got a fourth satellite to tell us that we were about 50 feet from the cache, so a quick poke through the woods and a dash to a likely-looking spot yielded the goods! I left the big Troll doll in a baggie and took the Pikachu/Togepi keychain. The strange sound grew closer as we swapped and signed. Just as I was stamping my stamp on the page, it came to me...that's the sound a hot air balloon makes! From the sound of it, there were several aloft.
We replaced the cache as well as possible and took off down the path to Deep Cut. After a few paces we were rewarded by the sight of a big orange balloon rising above the tree line not far away. Magical!


I found it! 29 May 2004    Deep Cut  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

The logbook entry before mine mentioned a balloon festival in the area, and sure enough we saw hot air balloons on our way to the cache! They were only one of the many sights that made this day special. There was the not-terribly-charming deer carcass alongside the road, the assorted bunnies and groundhogs and animal hidey-holes, the old lock, the pretty lilacs...and of course the most lovely sight of all, that ammo container at the end of the walk. For some reason I couldn't seem to hang on to more than one satellite with my Magellan today, but the old reliable Garmin 48 came through on this one and led us to the right area. We did have to poke around a bit and let the dogs investigate a few likely lairs before I nearly tripped on the darned thing. No need to use the Wonder Nose of Rocket the Caching Russell Terrier (happy birthday, big guy!) for either of our caches today. I traded a Simba (or was it Nala?) bobble and an ice scraper for a CITO kit but I didn't stop to pick up any deer bones on the way back to the car. Eww.

Thanks for a nice walk on a lovely evening!


Note 17 May 2004    2004 New York Area Cachers Picnic!  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Finally a picnic that takes place when we're in town and not busy! We'll be there! I can bring some food, most likely a dessert. Let me know if other food is needed!


I found it! 01 May 2004    Nor Any Drop To Drink  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2.5 )


Team Dirtdog and I met up at this cache, our old nemesis, even though we'd struck out several times in the past. At the very least this site was a nice meeting point to start a day of caching! This time was different, though, as we finally got the right values for one of the parts and kept on racking up success from there. The dogs loved all the moisture despite the fact that it was, well, pretty shiny and thick. Almost gave up on the last portion before Rocket sniffed out the box with his superior nose. I'd like to thank Rocket, the Handy Balance Stick, and washable canvas shoes for making this find possible!

Took nuthin, left nuthin, logged my find, and washed up as soon as possible. Thanks for a long-term challenge!


I found it! 01 May 2004    Gypsum Mine II  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

Found it!
The only critters we saw were live, inluding the two happy dogs in our search party. Lucky dogs even got a swim! Just like at Deer Crossing, we ended up at exactly the same place we'd searched in the fall and then found the cache with minimal fuss. Geesh. It makes me feel kinda silly about the failure last time. I took a big troll and a button, and left something nice and a sealed Snap (of Crackle and Pop fame) spinning top toy. I forget what my nice thing was but I hope I traded fair.


I found it! 01 May 2004    Deer Crossing  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Today was Find One You Missed Day for me and Team Dirtdog!

Wow, what a warm and muggy day this was. We were covered with sludge from an earlier cache, but headed over to this one to see if we could keep our success string intact. Plenty of fishermen and snakes were out enjoying the lovely summerlike weather, and we enjoyed the day even more when Rocket extended his Sniffing Streak to two successive caches! Now, last time were were here, we searched all over this same spot. Why did we not find it then? Were we blind or just oblivious? Hmmmm.....

Anyway, I took the ice scraper because its placement in the cache apparently violated physical laws (sucker wouldn't fit back in the box) and left something smaller and less improbable. The cache is in good shape and yes, the log book is sealed in its baggie. Thanks for a lovely walk and a feel-good find!


I found it! 22 Nov 2003    The Old Boneyard  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

Finally, a successful mission on a discouraging day! We came over from Oatka Creek Park where we'd missed a few, so we went by a likely-looking boneyard while driving here. Found a nearby trail that led in the right direction, too. Of course, this led to a few obstacles that made the find even more interesting! Once in the right area, we found the cache without a problem. Took the travel bug, left a Scooby Doo book and a bone-shaped dog treat.
This area is an absolute treasure and I'm so happy that we were able to find it! Gotta love a hobby that brings me to a hidden gem like this.


I couldn 18 Oct 2003    Nor Any Drop To Drink  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2.5 )

No luck - got a bit confused by the Holes clue, couldn't find the Number after trying two possible options, and of course things went downhill from there - ended up just walking around the final area hoping to spot it, but that didn't work! Oh well, we ended up leaving the park to grab a nearby cache and were successful there, so the day was not a washout. :)


I found it! 18 Oct 2003    Your boots were made for cachin'  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

Found it after getting a no-find nearby, so this one was a confidence booster! Set out with Dirtdog and the dogs for a lovely stroll. Cache was well concealed and we had to look around a while before we found it! Nice hiding spot and a pretty walk.
Thanks for the hide!


I found it! 18 Oct 2003    Sprucewood  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

The fall colors really looked nice along this quiet trail. I saw a few people in other sections of the park, but not a soul in the search zone. The cache is very nicely concealed until you look at things from a different angle, and everything's in great shape!

As is usual, I totally forget what I left in the cache or if I took anything out. I should remember to take notes, but I forget that too.


I found it! 12 Oct 2003    Heron Bay  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

Fourth of the day for me and the last one in this park. I passed by this area on a walk yesterday and knew I'd have to come back! A very pretty spot, and the letterbox is well concealed. Stamped my stamp and headed up the trail. Thanks!


I found it! 10 Oct 2003    Hayley's Cosmo  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

I took off after this one during a visit to the park on an errand, so I just had the coords and no real clue - so this nice asy cache turned into a long, long walk. Once I got in the right zip code I was successful at last.


I found it! 09 Sept 2003    Lupin's Treasure II  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

I am the very first person to have found both Lupin's Treasure I and Lupin's Treasure II! :D Had to crawl around a bit to get to this one, but it's in fine shape and nicely re-hidden in the deep, mysterious woodsy bits. The day we found this one it was HIDEOUSLY hot, and the bugs were out, but the area was very pleasant and we had a great time. Headed from here to the 5th station of Mount Fuji, where I climbed about three yards to make me feel like an adventurer. Then off to get food in Hakone. Quite a busy day, and I was happy to start it off by doing the cache thing!


I found it! 26 May 2003    Tamarck Swamp Cache  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1.5 )

Found it only a lovely Memorial Day - people all over the park, but definitely no one in this section becides the local fauna and one muddy geocacher! I've never been over here, and from the near-pristine condition I'd gather that goes for most people. Quite a lovely spot, thank you!


I found it! 26 May 2003    A Hawks View  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

If you're keeping track, the current status is: still muddy. I only saw one "not muddy" log in the logbook! This was a very fun cache to find, well hidden but not so far off the trail that I had to tear anything up to find it. Trails were like a little swamp. I had abandoned my search for another cache due to mud, but after this I figured I had nothing to lose and went back and nabbed it. :) I saw a lot of birds, sure, but the best bit for me was the frogs! I'd be walking down the trail and hear a splash as they jumped around in the puddly bits. Ploop...frog. Ploop...nuther frog. I took some frog pictures on the way out. I will be back after May 31st to walk on the forbidden paths, because I can! I stopped by the banding place but I felt silly yelling "clear" so I just lurked and left. I had a great time! Thanks!


I found it! 19 May 2003    Escape  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

Well, doesn't it figure that this cache gets posted about two minutes after I arrive in New Jersey for a long weekend? And that the main souvenir I brought back from my trip down south was an incipient sinus infection? Well, if you think that stuff like that is gonna stop me, you're dead wrong. I was out of work early and walking down the long, long road. Since it took me 4,271 attempts to find the Caron S Cache, I knew the area pretty well and knew I had a bit of a hike ahead of me. I managed to stay mostly dry due to my advanced hummock-hopping skills. What a nice spot for a hide! I rested a while and listened to the blackbirds. Dropped off a homemade traveller, a mirror, and some bandaids as requested. :) I got there at 7:30 and I see by the logbook that I just missed the Wheelygood team - I wonder what route they took on the way out? I didn't spot them at all! Managed to snag another cache on the way out, too. Email's on its way. Thanks for the hide!

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I found it! 04 May 2003    Henpecked  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

The clues made all the difference for this one! I doubt I would have ever discovered Part One without 'em. I had less trouble with the subsequent searches and really enjoyed my walk! Thanks for the hide and the pleasant stroll.


I found it! 04 May 2003    Country Wheels  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 3 )

Came over here from Henpecked and did not give up even when confounded by my old nemesis, Math. I think I walked around enough so that statistically I was likely to find the cache no matter what! Enjoyed the artifacts and the setting. Traded the Sinead CD for some screwdrivers and a Simba bobblehead and a PS2 demo CD.

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I found it! 03 May 2003    Geodecache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

I got muddy on this one! Nice walk, though, even though I didn't spot any wildlife. The cache is quite full!


I found it! 01 Jan 2003    Make My Cache The P-Cache  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

I remember this one! Was nice to finally find it after searching its old location. Love my Franklin Institute heart, it holds all my pencils now.

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I found it! 29 Dec 2002    Lupin's Treasure  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

Catching up on some older logs: I found this one in the cold and snow, but after I had read the description I knew I had to go! I look forward to my next trip to Japan but I doubt I'll run out of tissue packets before then - I think they took up 85% of my suitcase coming home last time! The rest was goodies from our sumo outing at the Kokugikan. :)
Took a soap and a keychain, left a Hong Kong cinema mousepad, Hindi soundtrack CD, and a pamphlet from the Ghibli museum in Mitaka. The Ghibli museum was an awesome place! Thanks for a hide that brings back a lot of great memories just reading about it. I hope to be the first one to log both Lupin's Treasure I and II!

I found it! 21 Nov 2002    Get Fresh  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1 )

Found this one on the date listed: it took a bit of searching, a lot of stealth, and decent balance, but I got it anyway! :)

I found it! 12 Nov 2002    No Compromise No. 1  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1 )

Catching up on some old logs: how well I remember this one! It took me a couple of tries but I spotted it and finally nabbed it at 1:30 in the morning when the crowds were a bit more reasonable. :)


I found it! 09 Nov 2002    No Compromise No. 3  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

This one is tough, but after one failed attempt I was able to snag it. I'm a fan of Monty Python so I kept their lessons in How Not To Be Seen in mind, and I think this one's still a secret. :)

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I found it! 09 Nov 2002    Jungle Gym  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Last time I tried this cache I had help and still couldn't find it. This time I set off alone and got it! It was in a spot that we thought we checked last time, but luck was just with me today. I enjoy the concerts here in the warmer weather, but was glad there were no crowds today.

Thanks for the challenge!

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I found it! 09 Nov 2002    Art Walk  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1 )

I liked this cache. Challenging, sure, but at least for me the coords were right on and I couldn't get too distracted by all the cool stuff to see. After a busy start to the day I needed the respite that this cache offered. Nice hide!


I found it! 09 Nov 2002    Issaquah's Book Exchange Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Very nice!
I have a book-themed cache on this site, too, but it's super-easy and nowhere near as fun as this one. The terrain wasn't as bad as it looked on paper, and it was such a pretty day outside! Plenty of people around but I used my sneaky skills and found the cache just fine. Took a murder mystery and left a bookcrossing.com book in the hope that it will travel well.

Thanks for the hide!


I found it! 03 Nov 2002    TUG ME  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2.5 )

What a nice day for a walk!
Started out from Turning Point and took in Brown Falls along the way, then hopped down the tracks a bit toward the cache. Soon I was in my usual position above the cache looking for an easy way down. Found the easiest way by sliding down in the mud, so two looooooong footprints are the only trace I left! Found the cache right where it should be, well concealed but not tough to find. Signed my name - I really do need to get a stamp made - and made my way up the mudslide. Great views all along the way, and I especially liked the spooky tree I slid past toward the end. Thanks for a great hide! I'll visit this area as often as possible.

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I found it! 23 Oct 2002    Plethoric Planetaria  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Strasenburgh Planetarium, 663 East Ave, Rochester, NY. - 43 09.093, 77 35.206.
Built in 1968, right in the middle of a lovely neighborhood. Coming here as a kid was always a treat, especially when Dr. Bill Gutsch was still in the area. Besides the Star Theater, this planetarium also has space exhibits, a Challenger Learning Center, and an observatory. A new 8/70 LinearLoop projector was installed in 1997. The Laser Light shows there are great, too!

My camera batteries died right after I snapped my first picture but I'll be back to add more tomorrow. I'm uploading the first one to log my find.

  cameraEntrance from the Parking Lot

I found it! 15 Oct 2002    No Compromise No. 2  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1 )

Headed down to the area at about 11pm, so there weren't many people around as we looked for this one. Didn't get good reception and there were a few likely places for the cache, so it took a while - but we finally zeroed in on the spot and took out our fine-toothed combs. Success! I have to admit we almost gave up, but that one last try did the trick. I never knew this little place was here and enjoyed reading the plaques and inscriptions. Signed my name and took the First Finder's cert - Huckle Buckle Beanstalk for me!


I found it! 13 Oct 2002    Huckleberry Island  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 3 )

First of the day on my return to local geocaching, all-west-side day of hunting. I had a great time with this one! Terrain was challenging but, thank goodness, mostly flat. Saw some signs that previous visitors might have looked in a few of the spots that caught my eye - but the real location eluded me for a while until I gave up on the satellites and just walked the Big Circle. Took only the traveler, left a music CD and a PS2 promo disc. The person who logged before me had just stumbled over the cache by accident - pretty amazing! - and expressed and interest in learning more about our favorite pastime. I couldn't read the email address they left, though...I hope someone else can!
While I was in the cache area I was serenaded by many different birds. What a lovely spot!


I found it! 13 Oct 2002    Northhampton Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1 )

Last one for today. Headed back from Holley and into my neck of the woods for this cache in a lovely local park. Took the wrong trail in but deer trails got me where I needed to go without undue bushwhacking. It's pretty back here! Cache was in great shape, just where it was supposed to be, and guarded by a snail with a colorful shell. Even better, this one was easy enough to find that I could make it back to Greece before the malls closed! A lovely autumn day tromping through the woods, never breaking a sweat, and a trip to the bookstore at the end. Bliss!


I found it! 13 Oct 2002    Casey's "The Steve Irwin Experience" Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Number Three for the day, not far from my last stop. I had to laugh when I saw the park's name - explained my reasons in the log. I almost turned around and left! :)
The cache is still being Protected. No problem finding it. There's a squeaky tree nearby that spooked me a little, but aside from that no creepy-crawlies. Too bad, really. I like 'em.


I found it! 13 Oct 2002    Cache Jubilee  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 3 )

Prickers Ate My Brain! Film at 11.

Actually, my brain survived intact (as good as usual, anyway) but my hair looked kinda worse for wear. That's what happens when you pick the wrong path! I felt like Dorothy in the forest with all those grabby trees.
I don't think I'd ever go caching in a gingham dress, though. Anyway, after fending off the carnivorous plant life for a while, I found the cache sitting quietly in a safe area, mocking me. I also spotted my easiest path to escape. Took some time on the way out to explore the waterfall and trails, cross over and check out the other side, too! Quite a nice day and I'm mostly joking about the prickerbush attack. :)


I found it! 29 Sept 2002    Electric Bugaloo  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Found it! I kinda bushwhacked my way in but found an easier way out without so many prickerbushes by going just a little farther along after the cache. Just a few feet made a difference. This was a very nice location, scenic, with quite a few dog-walkers and fisherfolk along the way in. I've passed by the area so many times that it was even cooler seeing what was down here!


I found it! 28 Sept 2002    I'm Not Supposed to Be Here Today!  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

I've been here! You have my answers. It was quite cool to see this place live - it looked so familiar! I wanted to hang around out front for a bit but time didn't permit that kinda thing.


I found it! 28 Sept 2002    Animal Magnetism  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1 )

Hurrah! I'm the first to log this one on Navicache! I went there for the cows, and they were out in the field looking great. Nice little area not too far from a favorite video store of mine. Found the cache quite easily in a well-concealed spot and made my trades, dropping off a travelling friend who'll enjoy the company she'll keep there. Thanks for the hide!

I found it! 28 Sept 2002    The Hardy Boys in the Tower Treasure  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

First one navicache.com and first in the log - guess that gives me the right to say "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk" if I want to! And, of course, I do!

Easy to spot the general location, tough to spot the actual cache. Traded quickly and headed on down the road for more. I'm a Nancy Drew person, myself.


I found it! 15 Sept 2002    Cacher's Cache Can  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Whew! Took me ages, but finally I spotted a likely hiding spot that actually turned out to be THE hiding spot, unlike the 5042 likely hiding spots I'd checked out before it. This was my third of four today, was hoping to get six but as I exited the woods I felt the first little sprinkles and decided to try for just one more before heading home. This cache was very well hidden and I had the same bouncy sattelites that have plagued the cachers before me. I hope I left the cache as well concealed as I found it, since it was such fun looking!


I found it! 15 Sept 2002    Mendon Ponds Deer  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1 )

Nice! Parked quite close and the GPS led me right to it. Nicely hidden - I came home and laughed at the ever-so-helpful clue. It was raining buckets by the time I got there so I just logged my find and dashed for my nice dry car across the road - and I'm that much closer to being done with this park!


I found it! 15 Sept 2002    Issaquah On The Ave Webcam Cache  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

I'm the blue blur!
Stood in a couple of different spots until my helper was happy. I've always liked this neighborhood. :)

  cameraBlue Blur

I found it! 15 Sept 2002    Maple Grove Cache  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Nice walk on a lovely day before the rain started - no trouble to find but well concealed.


I found it! 09 Sept 2002    Locke of Olde Cache  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

How cool! I wandered around a bit before realizing that I had transposed two numbers (was wondering why the Garmin wanted to steer me to the middle of a parking lot!) but a quick call to online backup solved the problem and I walked right to the cache area. I stopped to take a bunch of pictures along the way, and even managed to get a shot with both my car and the lock in it. Coords were right on and I had no trouble walking up to the nicely-hidden cache. Pity that the partiers in the area aren't a little more thoughtful - definitely a good place to bring a trash bag, you could rack up a few bucks in deposits from the bottles lying around. The rest of the area was pristine and quite interesting, too! Thanks for showing me this bit of history!


I found it! 09 Sept 2002    Sams Surprise  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

Nice easy one for poor tired me! Walked along the canal and found it with minimal difficulty. Too hot out there to exert myself today so this cache was ideal! The walk was quite pretty, too. Took nothing, left something - a yo-yo, I think, a fairly nice one because the cache had plenty of room.

Thanks for the hide!


I found it! 02 Sept 2002    Mendon Ponds Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Cache number 2 of 4 today, and this was such a nice walk! Came from the direction I wanted (there was something in this park I wanted to see on the way) and cut over up and down the hill to get to this one. Lots of people out on the trails, but I think I escaped detection. Took the hand towels because I needed them desperately, traded georges, and left something else - I forget what! A very nice walk with great scenery and good exercise, too. :)


I found it! 02 Sept 2002    Mendon Ponds #2  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

If you're a fan of chipmunks, as I am, this is a WONDERFUL cache! Took the educational way around and soaked up lots of knowledge. Everywhere I went, chipmunks crossed my path. I wondered if I was on the wrong path for a while, but I decided to follow the twists and turns and soon found my ingress to the actual location. While I was filling out the log, all I could hear was geese, geese, geese! I think I was bothering them. The big white-tail deer standing a few yards away couldn't even hear me over their ruckus, so I sat and watched him for a bit. Took lots of chipmunk pictures on the way back out. Thanks for a great afternoon!


  cameraCompany along the trails

I found it! 18 Aug 2002    Joannes Trek  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Found it! Wish I'd read the logs to see that there was an easier way up the hill - but I made it anyway, so it all worked out! 6:15 am and not a soul in sight unless you count deer. Coordinates led me in the right direction, Personal Cache Radar got me to the box. A pretty walk on a dewy morning.


I found it! 18 Aug 2002    The Orc's Treasure  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 4.5 )

Already wrote up my adventures on another site, so all I'll say here is "Kris and I found it!" and "Bring Rope!"
I loved the first part to bits. :)


I found it! 13 Aug 2002    Wadham's Walk  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 3 )

I've been in this area a lot lately, so this time I decided not to walk away empty-handed. Took the right path in and walked right up to the cache, saw some wonderful birds and something ominous stirring in the swamp. I think I'd get more done in this park if I didn't keep getting distracted by the fishies.
Didn't take anything, didn't leave anything except Marvin the Martian, the travel bug. I snapped a picture and when I got home to look at it I realized I noticed that the log entry doesn't look like I signed it - sorry! I was here!


I found it! 10 Aug 2002    Carthage Landing Cache  ( Difficulty: 4    Terrain: 4 )

For once I'll write up an entirely different log for this site. :)
Since I had been over on the island earlier, I took the northbound gorge loop of the trail to get to this one. The hike was easy and very interesting - I liked the rocks and blocks and bricks I had to climb to follow the trail along the river. I don't like steep elevation changes so this path was ideal for me. I don't know what it is about those plastic containers, though...I never seem to be able to get 'em to fit back in their hidey-holes the same way I take them out. Anyway, I eventually fit the box back in and made sure it wasn't visible to the fishermen. Took a police car and left a toy and some of my special treats (from exotic New Jersey). I liked sitting practically on top of the cache and swinging my feet as I rested up for the next cache in my sights. :)


I found it! 09 Aug 2002    Iroquois Transplanted  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

I headed out for this one after work and after making just one wrong turn I managed to find the parking spot. Nice trails took me back to the cache area - the place was deserted and so truly pretty that I took a bit of time to explore. The cornfield seemed a bit incongruous to me, though. The cache was nicely hidden, well out of sight and stocked full with all kindsa neat stuff. After reading some log entries I decided to leave my extra bug spray behind. I also left an astrology CD, took a compass keychain and the travel bug, Marvin - my second Martian bug! Took what may be my picture with the little camera. Lucky picture #13, I think. What a nice, cool, easy, shady walk this was - thanks!


I found it! 04 Aug 2002    Founder's Avenue  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1 )

Adorable! I really enjoyed this most unusual little cache. Traded WG bills and got Timely to sign the log - I can't write that small! Since it was sooooo hot there weren't many people on the streets and stealth wasn't much of an issue. Headed from there to the reconstruction site of the Palace of Depression and had a great talk with the sole worker, whose scrapbook has to be seen to be believed. Stood in the ticket booth (39 29.044, 075 03.679) and enjoyed the shade.

Thanks for getting me out to this area - loved the cache and the side trip!

[Modified 2002-08-06 22:46:06]

  cameraReady to sign the log
  cameraPalace Ticket Booth

I found it! 30 Jul 2002    Brodies Box  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

There, no more caches in this park for me! I was hoping to get back to another one to pick up something I'd forgotten, but it get very dark while I was looking for this one and by the time I'd scribbled in the log I'd become disoriented enough to lose the trail I used - ended up bushwhacking due north until I reached civilization. This park has it in for me, I swear. As always, though, I made it out safely and flushed with success. Thanks for the adventure! :)


I found it! 30 Jul 2002    Webster 2  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

I was determined to finish up the caches in this park tonight, so this was cache one of two. Saw a few snakes on the way in, but I didn't have my camera - too bad, I just love snakes! Didn't get my feet wet crossing the stream, hunted around and found the cache, signed the log and headed off to the next one. Took nothing, left nothing - I felt like a Type A cacher tonight, dashing about before it got too terribly dark. A nice walk on a warm summer evening!

[Modified 2002-07-31 00:14:33]

I found it! 28 Jul 2002    Issaquah In Webster  ( Difficulty: 4    Terrain: 4 )

Oh boy.
I'd seen this one a few days back when searching for a nearby cache, and figured "nah, no way." Well, it nagged at me and nagged at me and tonight I went back and got it! Of course I was shaking the whole time, but I signed the log in situ and was ready to get outta there. I noted that I left a WG bill but forgot to actually take it out of my pocket, and I "set aside" a raccoon to take from the cache but by the time I got to safety I'd forgotten that too. I hope to go back to grab it, but it's lying nearby so if anyone finds it please put it back in the cache.
I'm probably too old to be doing this sort of thing, but for a few minutes there I felt very agile and adventurous, so for that I thank you very much for this hide. :)


I found it! 28 Jul 2002    Casey's Joy Returns  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

I'll assume this is the same cache as Casey's Joy on geocaching.com (coordinates are the teeniest bit different), and log it in both places. Stumbled around a bit but trusted my GPS and sure enough, my stubborness paid off. Only a few dents and scratches along the way. I saw a few anoles along the pond on my way in and was glad to see they could move fast enough to avoid my clumsy footsteps! The cache was in a nice cool spot on this hot humid day. Traded georges and signed the log, and dropped off Keychains to Maine travel bug whose mission should be plain from his name - he's moving east, please keep him headed that way!
Replaced the cache and left for the other one in the park.


I found it! 26 Jul 2002    Scrawny's spot!  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2 )

(as logged on another site)
I had been in the area a few days ago and knew where to pick up the path and the general area of the cache, but it was still quite a challenge to locate this one! Every place I turned was a likely spot for a cache. I think I looked in every one of 'em, too. Finally my flashlight beam hit something tht didn't look quite organic, and my hunt was over! Took the astrology CD and left a pokemon toy and a WG bill. Very nice hide!

[Modified 2002-08-05 11:16:47]

I found it! 24 Jul 2002    Shagadellic Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 4 )

I needed my climbing elves for this one, but they didn't even blink when I pointed out the location. Kris took about two seconds to find the cache and Shawn watched over his shoulder after falling down the hill (maybe we should have waited till his wrist brace came off)? This was Shawn's first time caching and he loved every minute of this one (well, maybe not the few seconds he was falling...)! He talked of nothing else but hiding his own on the way to the next one. Took a George bill, left a bill and a Pokemon toy. Snapped a pic on the camera, too. Thanks for all the fun!

-shilfiell and the Climbing Elves

  cameraChief Elf Kris paws through the loot (spoiler?)

I found it! 20 Jul 2002    Bullock's Woods  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2.5 )

Found it! Only saw one deer this time, but it was lovely. I took my mom along with me on this one since she played in the nearby woods in her youth and wanted to see if she recognized anything. She did remember the small falls we passed on the way in. We both made it to the main location and the swap-spot, too - both were very nicely hidden. The lid on the tupperware container did NOT want to stay closed, though.

We took in a bit more of the area, watched boats from a dock, and enjoyed a gorgeous evening. Took a WWF motion card from the stash, left a promotional keychain character. For part one, I was in a precarious position so my handwriting in the log is even worse than usual. Thanks for the hide!

[Modified 2002-07-20 20:51:30]

I found it! 20 Jul 2002    Three Celtic Crosses  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Found it the same day as I found Bullock's Wood - had a blast seeing such glimpses of local history. I look forward to my next!


(PS. and I'm getting much better at remembering to check the "Thumbs Up" button before submitting my report)!
[Modified 2002-07-30 17:11:23]

I found it! 19 Jul 2002    Issaquah In Irondeqoit  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Whew! I hiked to this one after work and set my backpack down on the cache without noticing it...hunted all around the area including some fairly steep hilly bits, then picked up my backpack to grab my fluffy towel to wipe off my forehead and...duh! Talk about feeling silly. At least I had no witnesses. :)

The woods were cool and delightful, the trails well-defined yet tricky enough to be interesting, the bugs minimal, and the views gorgeous. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and sat near the cache for a while just soaking it up.

Took the bug (will move him eastward) and a WG bill, left a WG bill and a pokemon toy. I'll be back in the area as soon as I can convince my son to go after the impossible one nearby. All I could do there was hang from the rope and covet.

Thanks for a fabulous walk!

[Modified 2002-07-19 21:35:09]

  cameraA Wrong Turn

I found it! 15 Jul 2002    Candie's Cache  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Darn my late working hours! Junglehair beat me to the cache, but I was a solid second. :) I packed and sealed a special lot of goodies in honor of the cache's name, some souvenirs from Japan. Also left a pack of trading cards, a Tweety pencil pouch, and a George bill. This one's nicely hidden right where I thought it might be...no one around so stealth was not an issue. In a typical episode of forgetfulness I left all my goodies back at the car and had to walk to the cache twice, so I thank you very much for the nice workout. :)

[Modified 2002-07-16 10:21:28]

I found it! 15 Jul 2002    Den 11 Strikes Again  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2.5 )

This one was great fun as a night cache! The sun was almost down when we arrived, but we had a little bit of light to see the heron perched atop a signpost, guiding us in. Wandered around a bit and finally found the cache in the pitch dark, nicely hidden. Dropped off a geocaching.com travel bug, Read All About It, who's on a mission to visit local newspapers around the country. The D&C has officially been done now, but one of the weekly Posts would fit the bill! Also left a PS2 disk of Parappa music & art, a WG bill, and a wrench set. Took the Intel guy and a WG bill to log. Great hide, and a lot of fun!

-shilfiell and kris

  cameraNight Cacher Kris

I found it! 15 Jul 2002    Subway Cache  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 3.5 )

One of my favorite places to explore! We had to go down there anyway and were planning the trip the day we saw the cache posted. We took the easier way in (one short jump, even I can handle that!) but walked out through the entrance you listed. No problem finding the cache, read the material, and left behind a CD that I hope gets to another history buff - a few movies in DiVX format,. including my favorite Rochester, City of Quality circa 1963. Walked over to Upper Falls from the exit and spent some pleasant time in the city. Thanks for a fabulous cache and a great idea! (I saw this one listed here first and made a disc to place in the cache, so letterbox or not I left it! Hope it gets to the very creative cache owners. Anyone can borrow it to make a copy if desired. )

-shilfiell and kris

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  cameraHeading towards daylight...

I found it! 15 Jul 2002    High Falls Cache -That I can do and I will- Sam P.  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Nice walk! I'd never been over here before. My son and I had just come from the Subway Cache and wandered over for a little sunshine. Saw three fat groundhogs running for cover in the brush. Left a WG bill, a Spiderman squirter and a Spidey keychain, took the gum and wrenches. Tough getting the lid back on, especially when replacing the cache! Very well hidden and fun to find. Oh, and did the bonus, too! I was almost as happy with the bonus as I was with the cache, construction or no construction. Fascinating bit of local history.

-shilfiell and kris

I found it! 03 Jul 2002    CARON S CACHE  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

This time, I brought a spare pair of eyes with me, and he had no trouble spotting the cache after I pointed him to a likely area that I thought I had searched thoroughly.I hate know-it-all kids. :)
Swapped a few things, signed the log, took a picture and ran quickly away from the bugs. Mr. Eagle Eyes used his cache loot to catch a firefly on the way back (before releasing it back into the wild a few feet up the road). It was dark, so I didn't see any other wildlife besides whatever was crashing through the bushes and the parties along the pond. Still, I can claim a find, at last!


I found it! 29 Jun 2002    Earth Day Celebration '02  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Nice shady walk for a warm day - unfortunately, the local wildlife included two kids on ATVs barrelling through the park. Having avoided them, I found the cache easily and made my trades. The cache is pretty full!


I found it! 29 Jun 2002    The Treasure Of Blackbeard  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

First! I dashed off after this one as soon as I saw it posted - what a great spot! I enjoyed the neighborhood on my stroll to the cache site. Lovely scenery, swans and geese, and water, water, everywhere. As I stated in the log, I could have stayed there all day. An ingenious little hiding spot! I dropped off a geocaching.com travel bug because I didn't plan on going to any of their sites today - maybe the next person can get him back on track. :) Traded some Georges, swapped a few items - wonderful stuff in this cache! I was drawn to the CBS Radio Mystery CD like a magnet, and the watch was a gotta-have. I hope my trade-ins were as nice. Thanks for another fun adventure!


I found it! 29 Jun 2002    Pink Panther  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Determined not to leave this area empty-handed again, I went after this one first and left my nemesis till later. As usual, I took the long way through the rough path but made it to the cache without a hitch! Coords were right on and the cache is intact, but is the lid latch broken? It still closes up nice and tight, and I tried to fill it up a bit. Only real problem is that I put my hand in the yellow goo. Ewwww. Aside from that, great fun and mucho wildlife. :)


I couldn 29 Jun 2002    CARON S CACHE  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

LOL, that settles it - I'm coming back for this one in winter! Third try today with no luck. I saw about a dozen lovely places for a cache in that small area, but no luck with the real thing! I really enjoy this area, though, an had a double light-show tonight with the fireflies near me and the fireworks down the road. I'll definitely be back to walk around at least, and maybe stab at a few shrubberies trying to find this one. I'll never give up, never surrender!

-shilfiell, restocking her PowerPuff Girls backpack.

I found it! 25 Jun 2002    Genesee River Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2 )

85 degrees and humid...why not? I set off after this one during a break from work and it was certainly a challenge! I took the wrong path at one point and ended up in exactly the wrong area, then forgot how to get back and had to go around the long way. :) I eventually found the right spot and searched the area, finding the cache when I'd almost given up. Took nothing, left nothing, and skedaddled back to work with conspicuously muddy shoes. A fun break in the routine!


I couldn 24 Jun 2002    CARON S CACHE  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Ooooh, is this one presenting a challenge for me! I went out yesterday and then again tonight, this time bearing in mind that the coordinates may be a bit off and that I should thoroughly search the surrounding area. I did my best, but it was getting dark again and I had to call it a night. I may go back tomorrow because I can't stand losing. :)
BTW, the walk back in the dark is truly spectacular. I've never seen so many fireflies! It was like walking through the Main Street Electrical Parade. Fabulous! Another reason to come back tomorrow for another shot.

I found it! 23 Jun 2002    Ghost's Revenge!  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Nice walk! Saw some fabulous birds and lots of chipmunks, including the three that ran over the cache to point me in the right direction. Cache is in good shape and the coords were right on. Took nothing, left a Taz ornament.

I found it! 23 Jun 2002    Global Geocache (ARCHIVED)  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Couldn't cut out of my son's graduation party early so I lost my chance to be first, but it was nice to meet another geocacher when I arrived! Argyle was just leaving as I walked in.

A fairly short, easy walk to a nicely hidden cache - easy to spot the place, not the cache though. Took the Rochester CD and a Sahara sand: left a Hindi movie soundtrack tape, a few yen, and a DiGi Charat capsule toy from Tokyo. I was excited about this cache the minute I read the description, since I was eager to find a good home for these items! Thanks for another nice walk in the park -

I found it! 19 Jun 2002    Crescent Hill  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1.5 )

I had to move around after a long day of jury duty, so I headed out here to see if I could find this one and get a bit of excercise. Found the trail just fine and headed up, scaring a bunny along the way. Coords were right on and I had no trouble with this one. Joy! The travel bug was still there so I nabbed it, and took a grow-a-frog as well. Left the cowboy earrings and a few WG bills. A nice walk after sitting around all day!

I found it! 18 Jun 2002    Maps Maiden  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

This one was the toughest one for me yet! Very wet ground and lots of foliage, plus that scary loud frog...but I was determined, and I found it on my first try. Took some hair stuff, left some nail stuff. :)

There were a few people walking about so I ended up leaving the area and coming in via a different, strange entrance - even though it's pretty close, I don't recommend this route to anyone. Very wet and non-scenic. I took the easier way out and was glad of it.

Tough, but I was SO happy when I found the cache!

I found it! 18 Jun 2002    Winged Things  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

This was my evening for travelling, and this was the perfect midpoint for my three-cache night. Had no trouble with the Angel, and spent some time reflecting on things at the first site. Set off calm and determined to add my wings to the stash. How pretty it was back there! The mosquitos had a feast while I wrote in the log, traded my items, and took a picture of my hand holding the trusty GPS48 (I was travelling alone, that's the best I could do)! Took a George bill and a pack of stationery, left a george bill and a butterfly pin that belonged to my grandmother (I think she was attracted to shiny objects sometimes). Sorry I didn't fold the bill into a plane, that was a great idea! Unfortunately the plane had done some time at the bottom of the box and was no longer flightworthy. :)

A beautiful location, I knew right where to look when I got nearby. I'll be going back to that park for sure!

I found it! 18 Jun 2002    Message in a Bottle  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Hooray! I found the first part the other day, but one of the coords was indistinct and led me WAY off-track, so I couldn't get back till today. Once I found the way to go I found the cache without a problem, exchanged a few items, and logged my find. A nice walk and I was lucky enough to catch the bugs during their naptime!

I found it! 16 Jun 2002    Badge Adventure cache!  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

My first find! Practically in my front yard, too. Figured out the twist and took off, knowing about where I was headed (I spent a lot of time in this park in my youth!) and getting very muddy and wet along the way. Found the cache after a minimum of poking around, and it's crammed pretty full! Took a george bill and a tape measure, left a george bill and a CD (about all that I could fit in the box). Thanks for the great introduction to my newest obsession. :)

I couldn 16 Jun 2002    THE HAIR SALON CACHE  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

No luck after quite some time searching - trusted my GPS to show me the general area, but poking around yielded nothing. I didn't decrypt the hints and now I'm worried that I may have disturbed the setup when I stirred up all those piles of wet leaves with a stick or two. I'll come back to look again, since I have a bunch of goodies that should fit the theme nicely! By the time I gave up on crawling through trees I needed a hair salon for sure. :)

I found it! 16 Jun 2002    Seneca Trails  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Fun and very pretty! I saw someone going in just ahead of me so I hung back to feed the ducks for a while. After enough time had passed I went in and found the cache pretty easily. Took a keychain/watch and George bill - left another George bill, a stuffed bear, and a new CD. There was plenty of room for more stuff in this box, so I did my best to fill the empty space. :)
Thanks for a nice adventure!


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