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I found it! 16 May 2002    Maple Grove Cache  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

found this nicely tucked away after checking out the glenn house ruins. very picturesque, lots of birds around, as well as a bridal party. no one spotted us as we looked through great info. thanks for the fun! -di and jim

I found it! 16 May 2002    High Falls Cache -That I can do and I will- Sam P.  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

jo and i (team highland!) found this around 1:00 today. what an interesting area with so much history around. ran into a few grade school kids on a field trip who were singing a great song about sam patch. nice little hiding spot for cache. on the way back to the car we came across what might have been a pheasant by the gorge wall; in the middle of the city, no less!? thanks for the fun! -di

I found it! 11 May 2002    Lower Falls And The Old Glen House cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

what an interesting place! jim and i enjoyed the park, the historic signs, meeting some interesting fishermen along the way. beautiful day, fun terrain, muddy spots made it all the more enjoyable. thanks for the great history info. our love of rochester keeps growing the more we learn of it's fascinating history! perfect hiding spot too! took little "homie" guy and left a big ben puzzle keychain. thanks! -di

I found it! 09 May 2002    MOTHER-IN-LAWS WALK  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

second cache of the day. sweet walk back with jim. nice park. perfect spot to hide a cache, very tricky! tons and tons of gnats buzzing us though -you might want to spray on some "off"! therefore we left some bug stickers and took nothing. placed cache back the way we found it. thanks for the fun! -di

I found it! 07 May 2002    Issaquah's Book Exchange Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

found this with joanne (go team highland!) and it was particularly fun to be the first group to find such a cool cache idea! you have brought us both to yet another area that neither of us has been before. great view too! nice selection of books hidden in a great spot. gps' read pretty much right on target. we exchanged and left cache just as we found it. thanks so much for the fun. -di

I found it! 07 May 2002    dig in my garden cache  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

found this with my friend frank, who i've been trying to get hooked on caching, around 8:30pm. It worked! we had a good time with this one. found cache in perfect hiding, and "worked hard" to enjoy such a well prepared stash. i highly recommend looking for this in the evening/night,it made it a lot of fun! placed cache back the way we found it, took/left nothing (tons of cool things in there though!). thanks for a fun evening! -di

I found it! 04 May 2002    Night Stalker Part 2 of 2  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

good golly, quinn, this was a blast! thanks for such a great puzzle. my sister (who lives in chicago) made us wait 2 months to look for this so that she could join us. the whole family (and jo!) went out for this one on a beautiful day. the research was just fascinating. we were actully sad once the adventure was over. keep em coming! thanks! -di

I found it! 04 May 2002    Night Stalker Part 1 of 2  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

fantastic idea! what an interesting web page to look into! thanks for the puzzle. -di

I found it! 01 May 2002    Iroquois Transplanted  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

found this with jo (team highlnd rocks!). second of the day. found cache in perfect hiding, both gps' going a little awry when jo looked down and was practically on top of it! i love this park, tons of birds around, saw a green snake on the hike out. thanks! -di

I found it! 25 Apr 2002    Watch out for Private Property!  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

found this on the second attempt. i love that you can make a 3/3 become a 4/4 if you go by way of the crow! jim and i had a blast with this one. we had a great time wandering around here. thanks -di


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