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15 Sept 2003
Brought back to life
25 Sept 2003
The Sullivan Clinton Trail
04 Sept 2003
Beauty and Dispair
04 Sept 2003
Beauty and Dispair
07 Oct 2003
Along The Finger Lakes Trail
26 Jul 2009
DANGER!!! A New Hive of Killer Bees

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Note 05 Sept 2009    DANGER!!! A New Hive of Killer Bees  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

Due to lack of activity, I have decided that I will archive this cache as of 9-13-09. Thanks, to those of you who took the time to be entertained by this casche. Your comments and postings said enough for me to know that you enjoyed it.
For those that did not have a chance to attempt it, you still have eight days. KillerB

Note 28 Jul 2009    DANGER!!! A New Hive of Killer Bees  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

This rogue Queen KillerB is getting concerned as to why none of her drones have returned to their hive with her nurishment. But her major drone is keeping her happy for the time being. The hive had better get together to find these elusive drones. BFG and the team of Howie & Jan have a head start, but with the right choice of Bees to follow, you could be caught up real fast. KillerB

Note 27 Jul 2009    DANGER!!! A New Hive of Killer Bees  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

OK all you bees in this killerB hive. Are you going to let this Queen Bee take over the area with her hive or are you going to find her hive and remove her major drone from the hive and leave her there alone to die?
BFG started on it late yesterday, but lost some time due to a mistake that I made, but that was rectified and he continued on, till rain and darkness stopped him. KillerB
[Modified 2009-07-27 16:42:53]

Note 31 Jul 2008    Willy's Ransom  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

It looks like this cache is a bust!!!!!!! The final cache container was EMPTY. Many hours spent in searching.
Thanks, but no thanks. KillerB

I found it! 13 Jun 2007    FawCow'ee Challenge  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 4.5 )

Well Road Kill, as I told you I would, I finally made it to this adventuresome cache. I just took me a year to get up enough courage and loose enough weight to make the climb. It did not take any encourgement on my part to talk Cracker(Blue_Stone) into taking it on, as it had always been on his list of "Caches To Do". Before starting out I took my last swig of Geratol, knowing that I was going to need some extra something to get me to this cache.
1st stop; My partner, ButterflyGuy was out of the BO Van and ready to go, even before I got it parked along the road. Being sure to follow all of the directions given in the cache page. Cracker and Paleoman, some guy we picked up along the way, followed us to the parking coords. My partner started us off in the right direction, with Bo in the lead.
2nd stop; the old dune buggy. What a creation this thing was, being older than any one of us, and maybe in better shape than some. Just this, made the trip from Mt Morris worth while.
3rd stop; the creek, where we never thought we would get our stone mason, ButterflyGuy, out of. He had to look at, pick up and inspect every rock and stone in the creek bed.
4th stop; The cabin area with all of its interesting artifacts. Being an old Gleason gear man, I had to inspect everything that had a gear tooth on it, and there were lots of these. Not taking the time to look for any trail, as Road Kill suggested, Paleoman lead us off into the brush and the start of the incline, which never ended from that point on.
Stops numbers 5------8 were taken by Cracker and KillerB somewhere in between that cabin and the trail we should have taken in the first place. This was a much appreciated find, as it started out in a cross hill direction. Paleoman soon took us from that trail and back into the bush and straight up the hill again, with ButterflyGuy right on his heels. Like fools that we are, Cracker and I followed. Between there and the cache, there were too many stops to count.
Stop #5; Upon our arrival to the cache sight, Paleoman and ButterflyGuy were sitting on a log and all smiles. Cracker made short work of finding the cache next, and I was last to find. We all took a well deserved rest before heading back down. NOW, Paleoman is more than willing to stick to the trails. What's wrong with this picture?????
I'll call the next stop #6 even though it was the cabin again. This time we took in the spring water coming from the hill above that we had just come down from. Paleoman chose not to drink any, because it had not been through the Warsaw Water Purifcation Plant, which he operates. Foolish man. By the looks of some of the equipment, this palce must be a Venison packing plant in the fall.
7th stop; back at the creek, where ButterflyGuy found a treasure to take home with him and I picked up a nice fossil rock to take along as a momento of a GREAT CACHE.
Road Kill, "THANK YOU" for providing us with such a start of a day caching with good friends. Someday I'll tell you how Paleoman takes on a black bear, that we encountered just down the raod at a beautiful falls area.
KillerB, Paleoman, Cracker and ButterflyGuy

I found it! 02 Jul 2004    End of 18  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2.5 )

Very nice hike in a super area with a grand view. The woods are bursting with young deer and with mothers near by. Had to keep Bo(chocolate lab) on his leash for fear that he would take chase.
The cache was well hidden but the coords were right on also. So that made it an easy find. Thanks RoadKill.
Took a slosh ball and left a lighter. Killerb and Bo


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