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I found it! 25 Apr 2010    My Walking Stick  ( Difficulty: 4    Terrain: 1 )

What a great surprise it was to get a thumbs up while we were at the location of our newly published cache! We have to admit we had a little nudge from Paleoman on this one or it may have gone unnoticed to us. We realized we had been in this cache's presence not too long ago and didn't even know it! Tricky, tricky. What we have learned from this cache find is that Snowman is a very talented hiking stick creator! This is our second thumbs up on the navicache site! Thanks Snowman257. It was really nice visiting with you on the trail, enjoying coffee and donuts! P.S. We will be keeping an eye out for the red hat next:)!

I found it! 02 Aug 2009    DANGER!!! A New Hive of Killer Bees  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

Yeah--we get to turn our thumb up!! After a wonderful caching breakfast we were getting ready to head off to tackle this cache again today but then we got distracted by a possible try for an FTF on a Paleoman cache so off we went for that cache. After making that find, we headed off to the location that we left off on yesterday for this cache. As we were approaching the site, Mystersolvers were heading out with BIG smiles on their faces! KillerB was also on site and came with us to watch us resume our search from yesterday. This time we knew the location we wanted to tackle. KillerB snapped some pics as we searched and searched--for his "caching torture scrapbook" according to CM! Actually KillerB was helpful keeping us on track and SM made the find and off we went. As Lucky46 mentioned in his logs the rest is pretty much a blur! Two times we almost made a call to KillerB for a "keep going, you can do it pep talk." Then we put our team into teams to make the search more exciting--SM & DCM vs LM & CM---final score 5 to 5! Why was this taking us so LONG?? How many slugs and spiders are we going to have to touch, how many snakes and frogs, etc. are we going to need to see, how many bug bites do we have to endure. Sometime we will have to fill you in KillerB about a couple of things we did while trying to complete this cache--at one point I believe we even made up our own coordinates to follow--no, we are NOT kidding!! If there is a prize for "dirtiest cachers on the Danger cache" the award goes to...malonefamily. Odd thing is, now that we think back, we really didn't need to get that dirty. We just couldn't buzz to location for some reason. Finally we found some bees that helped guide us, but isn't it more fun to try every single pathway just to make it interesting? We don't think that there is a bee left in the Mt. Morris area that we haven't found! The cache container was fantastic. We forgot our camera today so we will BEE back to snap a picture! Once again, the pure feeling of satifaction upon completion of this cache far outweighs the moments of utter hopelessness we felt along the way!! EVERYONE should try this cache. We won't mention in this log that it is 4:30 p.m. and the malonefamily is already in their pajamas because we are totally spent after 2 days of searching for "danger." It's been an intense day of caching! Curse you KillerB, we mean TFTC:)!!

I couldn 01 Aug 2009    DANGER!!! A New Hive of Killer Bees  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

Malonefamily has been stung by Killerb for now! But we are by no means giving up! We set off this afternoon on a happy little bee hunt. At leg 1, CM, LM, & SM headed back to the Jeep to change into "we mean business" caching attire--jeans AND bug guard! After making a quick find at leg 1 we set off with way too much confidence! We set off eyes OPEN for bees and bees we found--here a bee, there a bee! We found them but those blind little buggers couldn't see us. Believing that we were very close to spotting a bee that COULD spot us we searched, and searched, and searched but night was setting in and our stamina was running low. We decided to call it a night. We headed out of our search area feeling a bit STUNG! We decided it's just a DNFY (did not find yet) for us because we will BEE back on the trail ASAP. KillerB's cache creativity continues to leave us AMAZED!! Thanks for a fun "to be continued adventure".


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