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Hidden on Difficulty Terrain Cache Name
01 Mar 2003
Artistical Variations
09 Mar 2003
A Tribute to Quino
(Quino I)
16 Mar 2003
Bon voyage
22 Mar 2003
Après Travail
29 Mar 2003
Long, long ago ...
07 Jun 2003
Quino's Relatives (Quino II)
04 Sept 2003
A Walk to the Past
12 Sept 2003
A Walk to the Past - Virtual Bonus Cache
22 Nov 2003
The Middle Ages
01 May 2004
Near Quino's former home (Quino III)
23 Jan 2005
Nouveaux chemins

CACHE LOGS - May contain hints(spoilers)!   decode

Note 13 Aug 2006    A Walk to the Past  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2 )

[EN:] As the cache has not been visited for a while, I decided to check whether everything is ok. The cache box is where it is supposed to be and is in good condition. It is waiting for further visitors.

[DE:] Da der Cache einige Zeit keine Besucher hatte, habe ich beschlossen nachzusehen, wie es dem Cache geht. Der Behaelter ist an seinem Platz und in gutem Zustand. Der Cache wartet auf weitere Besucher.

Note 05 Aug 2006    Bon voyage  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

[EN:] Finally I found the time to have a look at the current situation around the final stage. The area looks now quite different than in March 2003 when I have hidden the cache. Although the cache box was still at its place and had not been effected by the tree cutting activities, I decided to move the cache a little bit towards the area where no trees have been cut. As a consequence thereof the coordinates of Stage 7 and the hint section have changed. Moreover, I added a spoiler photograph.

Many thanks to the previous visitors who took care of the cache, in particular to the last visitors for their special effort.


[DE:] Endlich habe ich Zeit gefunden mir die Situation um das Cacheversteck anzusehen. Das Gebiet sieht nun voellig anders aus als im Maerz 2003 als ich den Cache versteckte. Obwohl der Cache immer noch an seinem Platz lag und nicht durch die Forstarbeiten beeintraechtigt wurde, habe ich beschlossen den Cache ein wenig zu verlegen, und zwar in Richtung des Gebietes in dem keine Baeume umgeschnitten wurden. Als Konsequenz haben sich die Koordinaten von Station 7 ein wenig geaendert und die Hinweis-Sektion. Ferner habe ich ein Spoiler-Bild eingefuegt.

Vielen Dank an die Vorfinder, die sich des Caches angenommen haben, insbesondere an die letzten Finder fuer die spezielle

Note 03 Jun 2006    The Middle Ages  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

EN:] As the micro at Stage 2 appears to be missing again (at least I could not find it) and since this cache has not got any visitors for seven months although it is not located in the mountains, I decided to archive it (it stayed much longer than originally intended anyway). Moreover, there is another cache nearby which still leaves you the chance to visit this area.

[DE:] Da der Micro bei Station wieder abhanden gekommen zu scheint (zumindest ich konnte ihn nicht finden) und da dieser Cache seit 7 Monaten keinen Besuch mehr bekommen hat obwohl er nicht in den Bergen liegt, habe ich beschlossen ihn zu archivieren (er bestand ohnedies viel laenger als geplant). Ferner gibt es einen anderen Cache in der Naehe, der immer noch die Chance bietet diese schoene Gegend zu besuchen.

Note 13 Dec 2005    about the lake  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 4 )

Could you please be so kind and update the coordinates of this cache in order to make them identical to those on gc.com? Thanks in advance.

Bitte die Koordinaten updaten, sodass Uebereinstimmung zu gc.com herrscht. Danke!

Note 11 Dec 2005    Kronprinz Rudolf  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

Log entry was deleted.

Note 11 Dec 2005    Old Stones  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 4 )

Log entry was deleted.

I found it! 02 Aug 2005    Auf den Spuren von Georg Büchner  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 2 )

My last cache for today and also the last cache of my stay at Alice's home. We left the car very close to where the small street to the castle joins the large street. We continued with our bikes. It was a very nice ride to the castle - fortunately, the ascent back from the castle was moderate enough so I did not need to push my bike. It was the steepest ascent I have mastered after I injured my leg a while ago.

The tasks at the castle were quickly solved. Fortunately, the price for the dish with the strange name seems to be the same as at the time when this cache has been hidden. I would not dare to use such a number in cache because prices are subject to changes. The castle is nice although it seems to be a pretty touristic place - there were many people around despite the fact that the restaurant was not open when we visited the place.

It seems that the coordinates are a bit off - Alice gave me a hint to speed up the search - I had neither taken the spoiler picture with me nor had I encrypted the hint.

The cache box and its contents are in good condition. The box is, however, not very large and the log book was not inside the box, but was found seperately in a plastic bag. Near the hideout quite extensive forestry works took place while we visited the cache, but it is does not seem unlikely that the cache is not in danger as the marked trees are at some distance of the hideout.

Thanks for showing me the nice castle and teaching me something about the history of the place and its relation to Georg Buechner - I was not aware of these details, I have to admit, however, that I never cared much about Buechner as I did not like his books when I had to read them in school.

No trade

I found it! 02 Aug 2005    Fledermäuse und Wasservögel  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

At the occasion our caching tour around Giessen Alice showed me this cache since it is well suited to be done by bicycles and we had today our bikes with us.

I enjoyed the park area with the many idyllic water places. We encountered many nice birds and plants, also some species that are not that common. I was surprised to come across such a nice recreation area inside of Giessen, a city that so far did not make an attractive impression to me.
I was furthermore very surprised that bicycles do not seem to be forbidden in the park area.

To be honest, I would have preferred a smaller number of tasks where the value of letters has to be determined. I made two mistakes because I was reading too sloppily what was written because I got bored - as a mathematician I do not like routine work at all . As a consequence, my first attempts to reach the stage with the stone and the stage with the wooden sign failed, but I found my mistakes quickly as the area is easy to overlook (moreover, I had Alice with me who looked at me strangely when I rode my bike in directions which seemed to contradict to what she had recalled from her first visit ).

The cache was not difficult to find as the coordinates are reasonable. Fortunately, I had no problems in getting out the cache and rehiding it woithout being seen. On weekends in Summer this task is probably be harder.

The cache box is in good condition, but some items (in particular, the flower seeds) seem to be somewhat damp. Perhaps it would be a good idea to put them inside a plastic bag.

Thanks for showing me a very nice part of Giessen - I would have never visited without a cache being there. Apparently there are nicer parts of Giessen than the train station which is the part of Giessen I have been the most often so far .

No trade

I found it! 30 Jul 2005    Hessen's höchste Stadt  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1 )

Alice had already planned our cache tour to the Vogelsberg when she realized yesterday evening that a new cache lying on our route from Marburg to the planned caches showed up. Obviously she decided to visit this cache in the morning and not on our way home. This turned out to be a good idea in retrospect since in this manner Alice's TB Alex had already the chance to be picked up.

All tasks are precisely stated and were thus easy to solve. The required calculations were Cezanne-friendly . All stages were easy to find thanks to exact coordinates. Alice found the other name for the building at Stage 1 amusing. I am wondering whether what it written on the sign at Stage 2 is really true - it must be difficult to check such facts.

We found the cache quickly after a short walk - the blue bag was visible. I saw it already from some distance, but in fact it is Alice who deserves the first-finder honour. She is much faster than I am and waited for me several times. We tried to hide the cache a little bit better. For the Winter season a bag with a colour more common in nature might be better since then there are no leaves who can serve as natural camouflage.

On our way back to the car Alice noticed a large building in a very bad condition. From some hundred meters of distance she thought that the building might be a former private hospital. The building turned out, however, to be a former hotel. I did not want to enter the building, but Alice of course went there to take some photographs. There were no prohibition signs there, but be careful and watch your steps near the building - there are some holes in which careless people can fall.

Thanks for showing me the highest town of Hessia - I have never heard about before. This cache was a nice appetizer for our tour today. It was my first visit to the Vogelsberg - I had imagined the area with more elevation changes. Probably I had too much the volcanic region in Southern Styria in mind.

In: TB Have spacesuit, will travel
Out: TB Silverado

Danke fuer denn gut gemachten ersten Cache. Ich besuchte ihn heute als ersten zusammen mit Alice auf unserer Vogelsberg-Tour. Ich war noch nie im Vogelsberg und von der hoechsten Stadt Hessens hatte ich auch noch nie gehoert.
Das blaue Plastiksackerl (=Tuete) sollte vielleicht in der kaelteren Jahreszeit durch einen Sack anderer Farbe ersetzt werden, der weniger auffaellig ist, wenn die natuerliche Tarnung durch die Blaetter wegfaellt.
Der Erstfinder-Ruhm gebuehrt Alice.

I found it! 27 Jul 2005    murmeltiers Heimat 1  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1 )

Another enjoyable walk through a nice Hessian village I would most probably not have visited without a cache being there.

The box with the booklets was easy to find. Fortunately, there were no people around, only at a distance of several hundred meters a farmer was working on a field. The area is rather open, however, so I did not spend too much time with the box to avoid attracting the suspicion of someone. For that reason, I was not able to count the number of booklets and can only tell that I took one for myself and that several (more than 2) are remaining.

It is a pity that the place near to the starting coordinates is closed and fenced off with a gate. This has not been the case several months ago - the gate is easy to climb for everyone who has something evil in mind, so the reason for the lock is not at at all evident. Alice, my driver and caching companion, told me an interesting fact about the role of small stones placed at the place I have never had heard before.

The first of the six points I visited was the easiest for me. On our way to the second point of my tour we took a somewhat adventurous route because Alice found this route more attractive than the standard route via the bridge. It was not that easy for me as I am still handicapped by my leg, but with her help I managed it. The walk through the water near the mill was refreshing. It is a very nice place and it reminded also of my first attempts to use a kayak with Alice on the Lahn some years ago.

At some stages the colours of the photographs are somewhat misleading and I was not always 100% sure to have taken the right choice, but the approach "eliminate the impossible outcomes" finally worked quite fine.

The synagogue looks interesting from outside, using a special Alice approach we managed to get a short look to the inside from outside, but I could not see that much.

One of the stages was a bit tricky although not much possibilities were remaining and I would have guessed the result correctly also without finally finding the correct spot. Since I am much smaller than murmeltier and also the colours are again misleading, I first had doubts even when I stood infront of the detail to be found at that respective stage since from my point of view the perspective was quite different. When Alice told me that her perspective differs from mine (she is taller than I am), I realized for the first time that size matters also in such aspects - I have never been aware of this fact before.

Due to the fact that only very simple calculations were involved, it was a piece of cake to assemble the coordinates of the final cache. It was no problem to find a way leading to the cache and I found the cache at the first place I looked at within seconds. It is in good condition.

Thanks for this nice multi-cache. I like this sort of caches much more than traditional caches which result if one would remove the first part of this cache and only leave the final location. I visited many interesting places in Roth. I am admiring the professional way the booklets are made.

No trade

PS: I read the hint only now. I feel that it would be better to insert a sort of prefix in front of the hint to stress to which part of the cache it relates. I would not have looked at it even in case of problems in order to avoid to spoil myself with respect of challenges still to come.

I found it! 26 Jul 2005    Kuhtränke  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 3 )

This cache was the starting point of our tour to stonycreek-land. It was the longest cache we did today and definitely also the one which offered the most challenges from the point of view of finding a reasonable path. The latter task is much more challenging in July than in early April when this cache was hidden. In Winter it should be even easier to reach the cache without getting into contact with some nasty plants and insects (in particular ticks).

Until Stage 4 it was relatively easy to find reasonable paths to reach the respective next stage. From Stage 4 to Stage 5 we did not succeed any longer in this regard and had to walk through rather dense vegetation which brought us into closer contact with several ticks than intended by us. The hut at Stage 5 was easy to find - there were many remainings from some sort of festivity. Alice took a photograph there. Our way from Stage 5 to Stage 6 was also not at all ideal around the hideout - we do not know, however, whether a better approach exists. The cache box itself was easy to find. It is in good condition. We did not take the same "path" back to the path close to Stage 5, but approached another path which Alice could see on her GPSr. In this manner we arrived at a
larger path in a more convenient manner than by following the same tiresome approach we used from Stage 5 to the final.

Despite our contact with ticks, mosquitoes and other sorts of nasty insects and also some nasty plants, I enjoyed this cache. It offered us a nice walk through a very quiet forest.
If you prefer urban caches, this cache is not suited for you, but if you like to have a nice walk far from the hectical athmosphere of daily life, this cache is well suited for you.
Even in Summer with heavy vegetation, 3* might overrate the terrain - I would not rate it higher than 2* in Winter and 2.5* in Summer.

Thanks for the nice and easy multi-cache which was well suited to be visited by me today.

No trade

I found it! 26 Jul 2005    Fürstenbrunnen  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 3 )

The last cache of our tour to stonycreek-land. I am not always fond of traditional caches, but this cache belongs to my favourite sort of traditional caches.

It was very helpful indeed that the cache description did not contain only the coordinates of the cache, but some directions on how the cache can be reached conveniently during all seasons. The additional point mentioned in the description is also worth to be visited on its own right. An idyllic quiet place.

Shortly after we have found the very nice old well, we found the cache - despite the bad reception it was not at all difficult to find, we had no need to use the hint. The contents is in good condition. The box is, however, currently very full. The TB Plitsch is indeed not in the cache, but as is mentioned in a recent note on the TB's page, it has reappeared in another cache.

I enjoyed the walk through the very quiet forest which in some parts reminded me of caches I have visited in areas around the river Mur in Styria and also of a cache in Vienna (House of Joy). There were some mosquitoes around, but they were rather friendly compared to what I am used to from some caches at home. We took the same path back from the cache to the car - this route can be very recommended.

Thanks for this very nice traditional cache. From my point of view 3* overrates the terrain.

No trade

I found it! 24 Jul 2005    Murmeltier  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1 )

[EN:] My first cache after my arrival in Marburg. The existence of the cache "Murmeltiers Heimat 6" motivated me to visit this cache which I had ignored so far as I do not like to have to visit private property to search there for a cache even when it belongs to the cache owner.

The cache box was not difficult to find, but somewhat more difficult to reach, but I managed it without help despite the fact that I am far from being fit at the moment. The cache is in good condition. The sensor which switches on the light reacts surprisingly slowly. While I was logging and my driver Alice was walking around, suddenly the light was switched on the carport.

Thanks for the cache.

No trade - I did not take the TB with me as its target is Germany , but a corner where I do not get to in the near future. NB: The target are not the Canary Islands as written in the recent note by Murmeltier - the Canary Islands were the starting point.

[DE:] Cache ist in guter Verfassung. Ich besuchte ihn, um "Murmeltiers Heimat 6" besuchen zu koennen. Ich habe den TB im Cache gelassen, weil dessen Ziel in Deutschland liegt (nicht auf den Kanarischen Inseln wie von Murmeltier geschrieben - dort war der Startpunkt).

Note 24 Jul 2005    murmeltiers Heimat 6  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Another example that my personal caching preferences differ considerably from the German mainstream caching preferences. I liked this cache much more that the Murmeltier cache, but unfortunately this cache so far had only 2 visitors.

After having fetched the very nice booklet which is required for this cache at the cache "Murmeltier", I was ready to start for this cache. It was already close to getting dark and it was raining, but I still enjoyed the walk through the quiet village.

As the light yesterday evening was different than at the time when the photographs had been taken, I sometimes was not quite sure whether I selected the correct locations. Sometimes I had to walk back several meters because I had passed by what I was searching for without realizing it at the first spot.

I particularly liked the house which was formerly used for baking bread. On my stroll through the village I also came across some very nice timber framework houses which are so typical for the region around Marburg and which do not exist at all in the region I am coming from.

Finally I managed to assemble the coordinates of the cache box before it got completely dark. Fortunately, the walk to the cache was not a long one as we had brought no lamp.

The cache container was easy to find as the coordinates are quite exact. The cache container and its contents are in good condition, but the bag around the cache is very dirty. (It was not easy to log without getting the logging sheet either wet or dirty. The darkness did not make this job any easier.)

Thanks for the nice cache which motivated me to have a nice evening walk together with Alice after having had a very delicious Italian style dinner prepared by Alice . I liked the approach of this cache which guides the cachers via pictures. I have not yet come across such a cache in my home country. The booklet will serve as a sort of memory for me in later years that I have visited this cache.

It is such a pity that this cache does not get more visitors despite the effort the owner has spent to hide it.

No trade.

Note 25 Jun 2005    A Tribute to Quino
(Quino I)
  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

[EN:] I am deeply sorry about the inconvenience caused by the missing number plate. For certain reasons, I decided to make two changes in the description for Stage 1. If you have already an old print-out, you can still use it - it suffices to update the description for obtaining A and D.
I hope that no further changes will be necessary.

[DE:] Es tut mir sehr leid, dass Unannehmlichkeiten durch das abhanden gekommene Nummernschild entstanden sind. Aus gewissen Gruenden habe ich zu 2 Aenderungen in der Beschreibung von Station 1 entschieden. Wer einen alten Ausdruck hat, braucht keinen neuen zu erstellen, es reicht die Beschreibung fuer die Variablen A und D zu aktualisieren. Ich hoffe, dass keine weiteren Aenderungen erforderlich sein werden.

Note 28 May 2005    Nouveaux chemins  ( Difficulty: 4    Terrain: 2 )

EN:] I am happy to announce that this cache is finally available again (after quite some troubles).

Summary of maintenance work which has been done:

(a) An additional (and final) hint for Part II of the puzzle has been added.

(b) A new version of the tasks at Stage 2 has been introduced. (Description changed completely, including new hint.)

(c) Addition of a Summer version of Stage 6 which is less challenging than the Winter version in case of heavy vegeation.

(d) All stages have been checked and are ok.


[DE:] Der Cache ist nach Überwindung einiger Probleme endlich wieder verfügbar.

Zusammenfassung der Wartungsarbeiten:

(a) Dritter und letzter Hinweis für das Rätsel, Teil II wurde hinzugefügt.

(b) Neue Fassung der Aufgaben zu Station 2. (Beschreibung
zur Gänze geändert inklusive neuem Hinweis.)

(c) Alternative Variante von Station 6 wurde eingeführt, um die Station zu vegetationsreichen Zeiten zu vereinfachen.

(d) Alle Stationen wurden überprüft und sind o

Note 15 Apr 2005    Nouveaux chemins  ( Difficulty: 4    Terrain: 2 )

[EN:] Unfortunately, the object at Stage 2 disappeared in some mysterious way. (Thanks to the cacher who attracted my attention to the problem.) I will fix the stage in the next days.

[DE:] Leider ist das Objekt an Station 2 auf mysteriöse Weise verschwunden. Ich werde die Station in den nächsten Tagen reparieren.

I found it! 27 Mar 2005    Wanderung durch Vasoldsberg  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

Since the weather was unexpectedly nice and warm today, Alice and myself decided to go for this cache. We parked close to the suggested parking coordinates. I had brought white-black photographs of the stages, but did not number them which was not a good idea in retrospect and which made our search more difficult at some stages. I particularly liked the first part of the tour which lead us through the forest on the side south of the main street.

Some stages were found quickly, at some we had to search longer. Although this cache offers already a long walk, we made some detours in order to allow Alice to visit Breitenhilm City I and Breitenhilm City II. Both these caches are in good condition. Most of the time we had no problems to find an appropriate approach to the stages of this cache - I came prepared with printouts of the AMAP which were helpful in some cases, but not in all cases .
In the area around Vasoldsberg and Breitenhilm there exist many paths which do not exist on the AMAP .

To reach Stage 6 we had to make quite a detour because we did not approach it in a clever way. This stage also caused us other sorts of difficulties. It was also a bad idea to try to make a shortcut and to reach the next stage in a trackless manner. Quite a lot of additional height meters, some fences etc .

When we approached the final, I saw two people in the middle of the forest close-by. At the first moment I was unhappy because I thought they are muggles, but when they came nearer it turned out that we met E+T from ettt who were at the cache a few minutes earlier and who interrupted their logging process to avoid being seen by us.

After I found the cache, we all logged and were then kindly invited by E+T to their house where we got a very delicious original Styrian Easter meal with sweet Easter bread, ham, eggs etc. Thank you very much E+T+T for your hospitality At the house of E+T we also met Joando. Meeting four cachers from two different teams on a single day is something special in Styria!

Thanks for showing us Vasoldsberg at full length - I was not aware of the fact that quite long marked hiking paths exist in the area. Also the running routes seem to be quite new.

It was a very nice day. At the end I was, however nevertheless, glad that we had found the cache - I would not have liked to find many more stages.

Out: TB Walkman

Note 29 Jan 2005    Nouveaux chemins  ( Difficulty: 4    Terrain: 2 )

[EN:] I Increased difficulty rating to 4*.
Moreover, I fixed problem at Stage 6 and changed description.

[DE:] Schwierigkeitsbewertung wurde auf 4* erhoeht.
Ein Problem bei Station 6 wurde behoben. Beschreibung wurde

Note 06 Jan 2005    Quino's Relatives (Quino II)  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

[EN:] I checked the cache today. The micro at Stage 2 was indeed missing, but unlike Dr. Torque I did not find an empty film canister. Due to heavy tree cutting activities the area around Stage 2 has changed quite considerably. The only advantage is that the reception there is now indeed quite good. I decided to hide two film canisters at Stage 2: One at the same object as before, but a different position, and another one close-by at a another object not far from the first object. The second film canister is thought as back-up for the case that some sort of tidy-up work related to the forestry works will change the area again in the near future. I changed the hints for Stage 2 accordingly and slightly modified the cache description.

All other stages and the final cache are ok. The second micro was not covered (and has been found by accident on August 22, 2004 by a kind person who left it at its place). I covered the micro by some camouflage material.

This cache can also be done in Winter provided that there is not too much snow.

I took the TB "What Am I" with me and dropped it into the
new cache on the Platte by EliasBarns. The TB was tired of staying in this lonely cache since May.

Ich habe den Cache heute vollstaendig ueberprueft. Der Micro an Station 2 ist in der Tat verschwunden. Allerdings konnte ich im Gegensatz zu Dr. Torque auch keine leere Filmdose finden. Das Gebiet um Station 2 hat sich durch massive Baumschlaegerungsarbeiten sehr veraendert. Der einzige Vorteil davon ist, dass der Empfang nun wirklich gut ist. Ich habe mich entschieden 2 Filmdosen zu plazieren. Eine beim selben Objekt wie zuvor, allerdings an einer anderen Position, und eine zweite in unmittelbarer Naehe der ersten bei einem anderen Objekt. Die zweite Filmdose ist als Backup gedacht, falls die erste im Zuge von etwaigen Aufraeumarbeiten der Forstaktion verloren gehen sollte. Ich habe die Hinweise fuer Station 2 aktualisiert und den Text der Cachebeschreibung leicht modifiziert.

Die uebrigen Stationen und der Cache selbst sind in gutem Zustand. Die 2. Filmdose stand offen da (sie wurde am 22. August von einem Zufallsfinder gefunden, der so nett war, sie am Platz zu belassen). Ich habe die Filmdose mit Tarnmaterial etwas bedeckt.

Der Cache kann auch im Winter gemacht werden, wenn nicht zuviel Schnee liegt.

Ich habe den TB "What Am I" aus diesem einsamen Cache befreit, wo er sich seit Mai befand, und gleich im Anschluss in den neuen Cache auf der Platte von EliasBarns gelegt.

I found it! 31 Dec 2004    El Achimos A45 Cache  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

The last cache on our tour today. Alpha wanted to finish the caching year 2004 with 860 founds. So Alice had no navigate us yet another time today to a cache. Despite the darkness and the thick fog, we finally managed to come quite close to the cache. We walked the remaining meters and Alpha was the one who found the cache.

We logged quickly and then drove home where Alice managed to prepare two different dinners - a very delicious cheese fondue for her and myself and a meet dish for Alpha. It is a big miracle to me how she managed all this although she even had to bake the bread for the fondue because we had no suitable bread left and had planned to return home much earlier. What a nice conclusion for the caching year 2004 and its last day on which I celebrated several caching jubilees . Thanks to Alice and Alpha for a very nice day!
[Modified 2005-01-06 16:39:56]

I found it! 31 Dec 2004    Kiefer Cache  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

This was the third cache on the cache tour of Alice, Alpha and myself on the last day of the year.

We did not park at the suggested coordinates as Alice when doing the time-consuming job of preparing the caches did not take notice of the parking coordinates. At first we had some problems to approach the cache from the place where we had left the car as a path shown by the GPS-r of Alice did not exist any longer - some houses have been built there. Alice, however, managed to find another way and lead us to the cache area in a perfect way as usual. Many thanks for her. I trust her feeling even more than her fancy GPS. .

The reception in the target area was indeed not very good. Without the information that the cache is hidden at the roots of a pine tree we would not have found the cache. Fortunately, the number of pine trees in the area is limited. It would have been Alice who would have detected the cache box first if the text had been formulated more precisely. The information "under a stone" is not wrong, but misleading.

I do not know why this place has been selected as hiding place for a cache. It does not seem to be any sort of special place. I prefer traditional caches that either lead to a nice place or have a attractive hideout or involve a nice hike through a nice landscape. This cache has nothing to offer in this regard. On the other hand, I know several cachers who like caches of this type and even prefer them to my favourite caches. So the above only refers to my personal opinion and preference and is not to be considered as a general critique.

For getting back to the car we took an even shorter way, again found by Alice. We passed by a water house - in Northern Hessia we would not dare to mention this in a log as the consequence might be another member of the awful "Wasserhaus Serie" - a series of caches hidden close to water houses.

The terrain rating 1* seems to be inadequate as this cache can certainly not be visited by people in wheelchairs. Recommending good shoes and rating the terrain as 1* is a contradiction into itself.

No trade
[Modified 2005-01-06 16:40:24]

I found it! 31 Dec 2004    Weilburger Stadtrundgang  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1.5 )

Today Alice, Alpha and myself used the last day of the year 2004 for a cache tour. We started with this cache. Weilburg is a nice city and we saw many lions on our way. As experienced geocachers we managed to shortcut the tour and thus could avoid to pay parking fees. Unfortunately, the weather was bad and it was drizzling.

At our way to Stage 9 the reception was very bad, but it became better in the vicinity of this Stage. I liked the view from the place where the micro cache is hidden. On our way to the cache we debated on possible hiding places. Alpha and myself wanted to take a different approach than Alice, but it turned out that we were wrong. The cache was easy to find and not at all difficult to access. Has it been moved? There is no note giving any information whether the current place is the original one. Even if the original position was a different one, but not in a completely different area, I cannot imagine that someone would need a rope - even a clumsy person as myself could do without rope in such a terrain.

The cache box and its contents are in good condition. It is a pity that a lot of garbage is lying around in the whole area (also near Stage 9) - human beings in urban areas behave like pigs. In Summer it might be difficult to access the cache without being seen. Cachers which do not come alone will have it easier. Today they were no people at all around - so it was easy for us to take out the cache and to rehide it properly.

Thank you very much for this nice city cache which motivated us to visit Weilburg, a city none of us have been before.

This cache definitely deserves more visits. It shows you around a nice city, does not involve boring calculations and has a nice hiding place which is not dirty as the hideouts of many urban caches I know. Perhaps the TB which has been dropped off by Alice and Alpha will attract further visitors.

No trade
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I found it! 29 Dec 2004    Rutene marcha  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 2.5 )

This was the last cache on the cache tour to the Frankenberg area on which I went today together with Alice and Alpha.

Fortunately, Alice had read the previous logs - so we knew that the distance to the cache from the given point is considerably smaller than the age one is asked to obtain in the cache description. It was not very easy to find a suitable approach to the cache location. Fortunately, the ground was still frozen - I would not like to approach this cache when the ground is muddy after heavy rain falls.

The last meters to the cache were quite slippery and poor Alice got rather dirty and wet as she did not wear ideal shoes (she still has to wait for the answer of the company that manufactured her tracking shoes to her customer complaint as a seam of her shoe got unseamed much too early).

It was rather difficult for me to access the cache without slipping a second time today. The cache was the most difficult to find among the three of our tour today. Without the hint and without the reduced distance we would not have found it. It was Alice who finally found the cache in a hideout I do not appreciate too much. We found only one cache and not two. The hiding place seems to be used by children - one of the wooden planks lying around was decorated with stickers.

Before we found the cache Alice saw a rabbit and I saw some minutes later two deers.

On our way back to the car we took a shortcut and had to walk down a rather steep hill which was rather difficult for me. Fortunately, Alice and Alpha were waiting for me.

The cache would profit from modifying the distance between the cache and the starting point.

No trade
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I found it! 27 Nov 2004    Ruine Alt-Pfannberg  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

I went for this cache in the late morning. Like Edorian I parked at the sports center which I had planned to do right away since I had no idea where the statue of Sait Christopherus is located. I saw it when I passed by, but it would have been too late anyway to park my car there without the need to make a u-turn. As I was curious to see the twigs that kept Edorian from parking near the statue, I did not take the closest path from the sports center to the ruin, but went back to the statue and approached the ruin from there.

I have to admit that I cannot understand at all why there is just such a small hole available to enter the huge parking area - it is really strange that the no driving sign is placed about 10 meters before a much more convenient entrance to the parking area. I guess that the probability of being watched while driving these 10 meters will not be that high. On the other hand, the cache can be very conveniently approached also from the sports center. A fram track starts on the opposite side of the street. Follow it and you will reach the forest road which leads to the ruin.

By the way, I believe that the street at which the statue is located and which you have to follow from the train station if you come by train is the L 121 and not the B67.

It was a nice walk in a quiet area. I only met a single person, a woman with her dog. I have never noticed this ruin before. I was glad that the cache has been hidden outside of the area of the ruin. I would not have liked at all to enter the fenced off area to search there for a cache. I found the cache very quickly for the same reason as Edorian. I tried to improve the camouflage a little bit as I am not so convinced that only geocachers would be attracted by the
hideout. The cache is in very good condition. The cache box is rather large and closes well.

Like Edorian I preferred to keep away from the ruin area, not only because of the prohibition signs, but also because people have stolen stones of the ruin in recent years and I would not like to be seen at the ruin and being suspected of having evil intents. Have a look at the photos at the www.burgenseite.com website - it is unbelievable that people in Austria, a country where everyone has to follow several years of school education, destroy the door-frame of a historically important building and carry away the stones. Knowing such incidents, the sad status of the Great Wall in China is not anymore that surprising as it used to be for me.

Thanks Waldlaeufer for a nice cache. I am already waiting for your next one. I like ruin caches for two reasons - first, I have an interest into old buildings and their history and second, I observed thet ruins typically lie up a hill which motivates me to have some physical exercise when visiting them .

In: Black car
Out: Key ring with clip

Note 12 Nov 2004    Fiaker  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1.5 )

Log entry was deleted.

I found it! 12 Nov 2004    Fiaker  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1.5 )

In August I was quite sure that I will never visit this cache again. Today I changed my mind due to a rather unfortunate event. The underground train I was using was not able to move forward because to some fire alarm in another station - so I went off the train and was very close to this cache. Since I knew already from my last visit the hiding place, I went there to have a look whether the number of people beig around would be smaller today. So it was. I was able to get the cache, take it quickly away, log it and bring it back afterwards.

As I already said in my log from April, I do not appreciate the hiding place at all, but that's certainly a matter of taste. The earlier stages of the cache are nicer, however so easy that it is not necessary to visit them.
The cache is in surprisingly good condition and still at its place.

No trade.

I found it! 12 Nov 2004    Es lebe der Zentralfriedhof  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

My first cache of three I did today in Vienna. Except Vagabund's cache none of them was on my list of planned caches. I wanted to do a longer cache, but then the train I took to Bruck/Mur was delayed for more than 25 minutes already in Graz (they had to change the locomotive) - so I arrived in Vienna an hour later than expected. This was not the only delay I experienced today - my train home was again delayed by more than 20 minutes and I also experienced problems with public transportation in Vienna which made it necessary to change my plans once again.

Anyway, the decision to go for this cache was a good one. Unlike the weather in Graz when I left (which was awful, foggy and rainy), the weather in Vienna was very nice (at least in the period I spent there). I enjoyed the walk on the graveyard - I have never been there before. What I did not like at all was the fact that cars are allowed to drive in many parts of this graveyard. I had a look at the church at Stage 1 although I knew before that I would not like it that much - Jugendstil/art nouveau is not my preferred style for churches. I really liked Stage 2 - I did not expect such a location on the area of a graveyard. It is the first time that I come across a "park" of this type within a graveyard. Does anyone know other examples? I searched for a while for Stage 3 since I was too blind to see it at the my first attempt.

The coordinates of the final stage were quickly determined. I arrived there after a few minutes and found the cache easily. The target area is less open than in many Viennese city caches, but when compared to Styrian caches, the hideout is still rather exposed. The cache was not very well hidden - I tried to cover it a little bit better to avoid that the plastic bag can be seen already from some distance.

The cache box and its contents are in good conditions.
Thanks for showing me a place of Vienna where I have not been before. I really enjoyed Stage 2.

In: TB Caterpillar (perhaps someone could be so kind and fetch it soon - I decided to move it from Graz to Vienna because it started to circulate within the area aroung Graz and made no progress at all)

Out: Canadian Geocoin

Note 31 Oct 2004    Near Quino's former home (Quino III)  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 2 )

[EN:] I checked the cache today. The cache itself is fine and waits impatiently for further visitors.

A minor problem with Stage 5 turned up - I added some additional information to the cache description for the case that the address plate at Stage 5 disappears.

Parts of the once idyllic path from Stage 6 to the cache and
further on have been transformed into a kind of logging road in connection with the construction of a new sewage. This change does nort effect, however, the cache.

[DE:] Ich habe heute eine Cachekontrolle durchgefuehrt. Dem Cache geht es gut.

Ein kleines Problem ist an Station 5 aufgetaucht. Ich habe einige Zusatzinformationen zur Cachebeschreibung hinzugefuegt fuer den Fall, dass das Adress-Schild an Station 5 verschwinden sollte.

Teile des einst sehr idyllischen Weges von Station 6 zum Cache und weiter zum Startpunkt wurden im Zuge von Kanalbauarbeiten in eine Art Forststrasse verwandelt. Der Cache ist hiervon nicht betroffen.

I found it! 30 Sept 2004    Burg Frauenberg  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )


After having tried to make felted juggling balls together with Alice (I failed and she succeeded) and having eaten a delicious plum cake (prepared by Alice and enjoyed by both me and Alice) , there was enough time left to have a short evening walk. I have been previously at the Frauenberg, but nevertheless it was nice to revisit the place.

I found the cache within a few minutes, at the second place I looked at. The outer plastic bag has more holes than remaining material and needs to be replaced soon. Probably the next cacher can bring a new bag. The cache box and its contents are in good condition. The cache had visitors on September 11 which apparently have not yet logged online. (The corresponding log entry did not contain any names.)

Thanks for the cache. It seems that finding caches is easier than making juggling balls . Even juggling (at least the basic form with 3 balls and no tricks involved) is easier for me than making such balls ....

In: A (happy) hippo figurine, TB Storywriter (since the TB did not fit into the box, but should stay in Germany, Alice took it out afterwards)

Out: A marble

[DE:] (Kurzversion)
Cache ist in gutem Zustand. Die äussere Plastiktüte (lieber würde ich das Plastiksackerl schreiben ) ist sehr löchrig. Es wäre gut, wenn sie der nächste Cacher ersetzen könnte.

Danke für den Cache.

In: Happy Hippo Figur, TB Storywriter (passte nicht in den Cache, soll aber in Deutschland bleiben, deswegen erbarmte sich Alice seiner und nahm ihn mit)

Out: Murmel

I found it! 29 Sept 2004    Animals  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Today Alice and myself made a caching tour around the Schicht im Schacht cache that was new also to Alice.

On our way home from Giessen, Alice drove me close to this cache. We had to make a detour since there are still construction works ongoing on one of the main streets in the vicinity of the cache which makes it impossible to turn right where it would have been easiest for us. Alice vaguely recalls that already last November the same street was blocked.

It was the first time that I saw another area of Giessen than the train station.

I was indeed surprised about the contents of the signs since they are not at all typical for the place. I would love to go to the place that is associated to the signs. I have never been there.

The general area to which this cache leads to is very interesting. I have never before visited such a place.

Thanks for this interesting cache. It is a real pity that it became almost impossible to set up virtual caches at geocaching.com regardless of their quality. I hate "couch potato" caches, but I liked this cache. It is much nicer to hunt for a virtual cache in an urban area than to dig for a film canister in the garbage thrown away by other people.

By the way, I prefer the French name to the English name used for this cache at navicache.com. It was the French name that attracted my attention at first ...

I found it! 29 Sept 2004    Burggarten Nordeck von Rabenau  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Today Alice accompanied me to a cache tour to the area around Giessen. She acted also as my driver - thanks so much .

This cache was the first on our tour. I was surprised about the large church in a rather small village. It is quite astonishing what large churches our forefathers have built at some places which do not make the impression of having been once very large.

I could neither spot a castle nor the garden of a castle, but I found the cache after some minutes. Alice had found some minutes earlier a packet of paper handkerchiefs and was already worried that also the second incarnation of the cache and the TB have been stolen. Fortunately, this was not the case. The cache box and its contents are in good condition. The coordinates are a bit off.

Thanks for the cache.

Out: TB St John of Beverly (to save him from potential cache thieves)

PS: I found it interesting to read about St John of Beverly on the TB page. His goal reminded me of my stay in Canterbury more than 20 years ago. The cathedral there is very beautiful.

I found it! 26 Sept 2004    große u. Herrenwiese, Kloster Eppenberg  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

I did this cache together with Alice and the Lindolf team during our hunt for the multi cache which we were supposed to find at the occasion of the event cache Kasseler Cachetag.
I was sick of all being forced to sit in a car so long - the walk to this cache and the Kartause cache which I had visited already last year was at least some kind of relievement.

No trade.

I found it! 25 Sept 2004    NATO  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1 )

After paying a short visit to a kind of fleamarket in Marburg, Alice and myself decided to visit the three new traditional caches near Frankenberg. This was our third cache today.

I did not like that much the walk to the cache. I was surprised that such a large paved road is dedicated only for agricultural traffic - it is not even allowed to ride a bike there.

The third time for today Alice was faster in finding the cache than me. How many caches do I need to do per day such that I find at least one before Alice?

The coordinates seem to be somewhat off, but the cache can be found rather easily nevertheless.

I preferred the cache box of this cache to the other ones we found today, but Alice thinks that the cache is not water-proof and will not survive the Winter.

We read the hint available at geocaching.com after having found the cache and did not understand it. It is quite cryptic. Fortunately, we did not need it to find the cache.
The hints here are more explicit, but are not what a cacher expects to read when he has problems to find a cache.

Why is the cache called NATO?

Thanks for hiding the cache and making it available on geocaching.com

No trade.

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I found it! 24 Sept 2004    Blind Date  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2 )

This was the second cache I did today. Since I prefer multi caches and I like caches that offer a nice walk, this is among the caches hidden my murmeltier my clear favourite (I do not regard the cache Fliegercache as a real multi cache).
It is also one of my favourite caches in the Marburg area.

In approaching the place where I wanted to search for the first cache, I managed to act very clumsy and to bump my head. After a minute needed for recovery, I found the box at Stage 1 very quickly. The contents of Stage 1 did not come as a big surprise to me. I took one of the nice plates with me as a souvenir. 6 plates are still remaining in the box.

Obtaining the coordinates of the final stage was easy for me. The walk to the final stage was really nice. I have never been in that area of Marburg before. Despite the bad reception at the final location, I found the cache box quickly. I have a preference for this type of hideouts which do not require an exhaustive search of a large area.

On our way to the final, the weather deteriorated. There were even some rain drops although Alice has taken her rain hat with her (in an attempt to convince the weather to stay dry). At the final cache location the sun came out again. So Alice decided to wait in the sun (at a place which apparently had been attractive also to the hider of the cache) and I went to search for the cache alone.
Unfortunately, today there were many big ants around and so Alice refrained from sitting down. Since I found the cache quickly, her waiting time fortunately was short.

The cache box and its contents are in good condition. The information sheet in the cache box did not teach me anything new and did not answer the question I raised myself already many years ago. (Probably there exists no answer - though this type of outcome is not satisfactory to a mathematician.)

I liked the cache despite the fact that is an easy one.
I am rather annoyed, however, by the fact that some cachers do not seem to be able to refrain from mentioning spoilers in their logs. (Fortunately, they did not manage to spoil my fun as I had the right guess concerning the background of the cache already before it has been found by anyone.

Thanks for the nice cache which provided a motivation for me to undertake a very nice walk in Marburg, my favourite city in Germany. It is always a pleasure for me to come here.

When Alice and myself came home, we had a delicious plum cake ... What a nice first day of this year's stay in Marburg .

In: a grass-hopper figurine
Out: the big red wonderful marble

(I left the other marbles in the cache - Alice was so kind to arrange the bag in the original way. I decided to take only the red one as I do not yet own a marble of that type. I am not trading that often, but nice marbles provide some sort of temptation for me to deviate from my recent habits.)


[DE:] Caches sind in gutem Zustand. Es befinden noch 6 Tafeln in der Schachtel an Station 1. Der Rest des englisch-sprachigen Logs ist als mein persoenliches Cache-Tagebuch zu betrachten.

Note 30 Aug 2004    Fiaker  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1.5 )

I had computed the coordinates of the final cache already at home by using the internet. Although I am not from Vienna, I found it very easy to find the required informations. I was done within 10 minutes including the computations and map views to sanity-check my results.

Today I checked my answers for Stage 4 (which were correct) and went to Stage 5. I am quite sure that I know where the cache is hidden, but I could not try to get it - there were far too many people around.

This cache is not recommendable to visitors of Vienna who cannot come in the early morning or in the night and who get easily frustrated when they have to leave. I was aware of the difficulty to get the cache at the wrong times of the day, but decided to go to Stage 4 and 5 because I have never been in this area of Vienna before.

I do not think that I will give the cache another try at the occasion of another visit in Vienna (provided it still exists at the time) - caches of this type are not very attractive for me. I prefer caches where taking the cache out of the hideout and putting it back is not the main challenge. Moreover, I do not appreciate physical caches in urban hideouts. Personally, I would prefer this cache as a virtual one. The same holds for the Schwarzenbergplatz cache, but I am aware of the fact that many cachers like the thrill associated with caches of this type.

Please do not interpret the lines above as criticism. The mostly positive logs show that there exists an audience for caches of this type. Next time when I am in Vienna and do not have time for caches in the outer districts, I will probably better visit a book store or something the like instead of searching for caches.

Note added:
I forgot to mention that the first 4 stages of the cache are nice although rather easy - I only did not like the last stage as it does not match with my caching preferences. In urban areas, I would prefer virtual caches.

Note 08 Aug 2004    The Middle Ages  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

[EN:] Unfortunately, the cache box was indeed gone. Perhaps an animal carried the box out of the hiding place and then someone found it and took it away.

I decided to give this cache a final chance. Today I hid a new box at a place close to the old hiding place (still within the tolerance of the GPS). Therefore, the coordinates remain the same, but the hints changed. The cache is now waiting again for visitors.

On my way, I also checked Stage 2. The micro is still at its place.

I offer my apologies to PlanetEarth who searched for the final cache twice in vain. According to gavriel's descriptions, he searched at the right place and only failed due to the missing cache.

[DE:] Leider ist der Cachebehälter in der Tat verschwunden. Vielleicht hat ihn ein Tier aus dem Versteck gezerrt und er wurde dann von einem Menschen gefunden und mitgenommen.

Ich habe mich dazu entschieden dem Cache noch eine Chance zu geben. Daher versteckte ich heute einen neuen Behälter an einem Platz im Nahbereich des alten Verstecks (innerhalb der Toleranz des GPS). Daher habe ich die Koordinaten unverändert belassen, aber die Hinweise modifiziert. Der Cache wartet nun auf weitere Besucher.

Auf meinem Weg überprüfte ich auch Station 2. Der Micro ist dort wo er sich befinden soll.

Meine Entschuldigung an PlanetEarth, der zweimal vergeblich nach diesem Cache suchte. Gavriels Beschreibung nach, hat er am richtigen Platz gesucht und scheiterte nur am leider verschwundenen Cache.

Note 05 Aug 2004    steh auf männchen-stand up little man  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Coordinates are wrong (W should be changed into E). Neither a box nor a log book - just a bottle of an alcoholic drink. This does not appear to be a geocache. Is it a bad joke, or what?

I found it! 03 Jul 2004    Ruine Hauenstein  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2.5 )

I preferred to take the route via Baernbach, Kainbach etc for two reasons. First, I do not appreciate too much scenic drives with my car and second, I combined the cache tour with a visit to a furniture store. I needed two attempts to find the right street which leads to Kainbach and further to Galmannsegg. Once I had found this street, everything else was easy.

There were some black clouds at the sky when I left the car, but and still when I reached the ruin, but fortunately it did not start to rain. On the contrary, the weather became sunny again when I was back at the car.

The path leading to the ruin was easy to find. I did not meet a single person on my way up. I have never been in this area before. I enjoyed the calmness.

In the target area I had to search for a while. The GPS reception was not that good and I first searched in more difficult (Edorian typical) terrain than necessary. (The moss and the stones were somewhat slippery.) The cache is in good condition and is waiting for further visitors.

Why are so few cachers visiting this cache? It is easy, does not contain any puzzles, offers a nice and short walk and is also suitable for families with children (be a bit careful with small children near to the ruin).

Thanks for the cache and for bringing me to yet another place where I have not been before.

No trade

I found it! 19 Jun 2004    Bruendlweg  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3.5 )

As I wanted to go for a longer walk today than the caches around Graz on my to-do-list require, but I felt that the weather was too unstable for the Kreuzkogel cache, I decided to drive to Kapfenberg to do the castle cache. This enabled me to give this cache a second try by making a small detour.

This time I had the correct coordinates (I had calculated them already at the evening of my first try since W_K_68 had been so kind to sent me a photograph of the sign at Stage 9 he had used to set up the cache). What a strange coincidence that not only the sign had been changed, but also the number of words had changed in a way that the calculation still made sense! I was a little bit angry last time when I realized at home that I was that close to the cache - only about 60 meters distance according to my track log. Fortunately, being the first finder of a cache is of no relevance at all to me. Otherwise, I would have been rather frustrated.

I had used the same approach as Gert, but unlike him I had not been lucky enough. Gert took apparently a different way back from the coordinates where we had both searched for the cache, and so he passed by samples of the objects mentioned in the hint that were sufficiently close to the hideout of the cache. I came across other samples, and did not have the time to search for further ones as a thunderstorm was approaching.

Today I found the cache rather quickly. The GPS was, however, quite jumpy. I guess that I would have had to search quite some time without knowing the hint (from last time).

This is really a nice cache. I suggest to do it if the weather is nice since then you will be rewarded by nice views at various points of the route. In my opinion, the terrain rating 3.5* is far too high, even if ClayJar's form at gc.com is used. Taking into consideration the length of the walk, I'd probably rate the terrain as 2.5* - if it were shorter, I'd rate it as 2*. The terrain is very easy - most parts are even well suited for running. Those used to walking, will probably use less time than suggested on the various signs. Until I got used to this, I was somewhat surprised that I always arrived at the next stage faster than I had expected. I met quite a lot of walkers when I did the Bruendlweg loop, but almost no young people and no children which I found quite surprising. Certainly the Bruendlweg offers no spectacular hike, but in my opinion it is well suited for families and not too small children who can walk around 10 kilometers (with many possibilities for having a rest). The Bruendlweg is also described in the book "Themen- und Erlebniswege Steiermark" by Guenter and Luise Auferbauer. For photographs of the many nice stages along the Bruendlweg see http://www.bruendlweg.at.

Thanks, W_K_68 for a nice cache which offers a reasonably long, but still relaxing walk. There do not exist that many caches of this type in Austria.

This cache definitely deserves more visitors than caches in this area typically get. An additional asset in Summer is that it is neither necessary to carry many bottles of water nor to stay thirsty. Very convenient indeed :).

In: TB Get Smart

I couldn 10 Jun 2004    Bruendlweg  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3.5 )

Well, there are two sides of today's caching story. I had a nice walk and did not get wet as I managed to finish the round and the fruitless search before it started to rain. I did not find, however, the cache.

I searched for quite a while around the place where the coordinates I had calculated had lead me. The GPS reception was bad, but I also used a compass. Only after a rather long time I decided to decrypt the long hint (took me quite some time). I was then quite sure that I was not at the right place. On my way back to my car I passed by chance some places where the hint might apply, but these places were typically too close to a path, and moreover, there was no cache also there.

I had no time to doublecheck one of the numbers where I am not really sure that I took the right one.

Maybe I will return another time. In any case it was a nice, easy walk and quite suitable for a hot day like today with unstable weather. (I did not dare to do the Kreuzkogel/Schiffal cache today.)

I found it! 22 Apr 2004    TSP - The Architect's Garden  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

Going for this cache was an absolute must for me since it contains the word TSP in the title which has a special meaning for me (though a completely different one). I had determined some of the digits already at home when the cache showed up, but nevertheless I visited all stages today just for the fun of it.

When I read the log of schurki with his suggestions for the recommended order of the stages, it occured to me that this cache in the TSP actually gives rises to some kind of on-line form of what is known to me as TSP - what makes the problem really hard is of course that there is no beforehand precise information available about the location of all the stages (though some can be guessed beforehand).

It was a very pleasant walk through a very nice park (another one I have never been in before) at a day with gorgeous weather. The bikini riddle was the hardest for me. The other ones were pretty straightforward. Stage 5 reminded me of a talk I gave in school many years ago. I liked the bloody sisters. Although I am not Viennese, I had no problems with Stage 8. I did not need any hints at all for the intermediary stages - I have to admit, however, that I had a look in advance at the hint for the final cache to avoid arising too much suspicion when looking around for the cache.

It took me about 15 minutes to find the cache, in particular because it took me some time to find a way to approach the cache without behaving very suspiciously. I finally succeeded. The reception was not that good, but fortunately the micro is hidden in a way that it is not too difficult to guess the area where it is hidden once one is sufficiently close. It is true that a larger box would have fitted at this place, but I think that it is better that only a film canister has been used since the probability that a black film canister is found by chance at that place is definitely lower than for a larger box.

I do not agree with schurki regarding the terrain rating. I feel that 2* is appropriate - if a higher rating would have been used already for this cache, then the majority of caches in Styria which are not inside of Graz, would have to be rated by 4* though their difficulties are extremely diverse.

The cache and its contents are in good condition, but it is not that easy to close the film canister again after because it is quite fully packed. (So I was faced with yet another online OR problem. Probably geocaching will once become a separate area of application for OR tools .)

Thanks for another creative cache out of the ordinary.

No trade.

I found it! 22 Apr 2004    Fantastic Beasts  ( Difficulty: 4    Terrain: 2 )

After having solved the riddle part of the cache last December (see my note from December 5), I eventually had the chance to visit the final stage of this very nicely done cache before I had to attend a business meeting. The weather today was gorgeous.

I have never been in Fang's garden before. Quite a nice place, I would never have visited without geocaching. It took my some time to find the waterfowl's playground as I had no map of the area and since I came from the opposite side. The cache was easy to find, the description is very precise. I had no problems with getting the cache and rehiding it - there were no people and no dogs around .

Thanks, gavriel, for a really nice and creative city cache which is not of the traditional, somewhat boring type.

In: A small peg with a ladybird attached
Out: A crystal (most likely from theplank)

Note 18 Apr 2004    A Walk to the Past  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2 )

[EN:] Checked cache today. Exchanged box because the old one had a small hole. The contents was still fine. The hole and the fact that the box was lying outside of the hiding place, makes me believe that the hiding place is in use by an animal.

Since moreover the GPS reception was worse than when I hid the cache, I decided to move the cache. I will enable the cache again as soon as I changed the last part of the description.

[DE:] Machte heute eine Cachekontrolle. Tauschte den Behaelter, da er ein Loch enthielt. Der Inhalt ist ok.
Aufgrund des Loches und der Tatsache, dass der Cache neben dem Versteck lag, vermute ich, dass das Versteck von einem Tier besetzt ist.

Da darüberhinaus der Empfang schlechter war als beim Verstecken, beschloss ich den Cache etwas zu verlegen. Werde ihn wieder aktivieren sobald ich den letzten Teil der Beschreibung modifiziert habe.

Note 18 Apr 2004    Badlgraben  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 3.5 )

To prospective cache searchers: Be careful - the description currently contains some flaws. Check on geocaching.com for the current status.

I found it! 17 Apr 2004    Badlgraben  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 3.5 )

Well, this time I found the cache box. I came from another direction via a longer, but more comfortable path than the one Alice and myself had taken last week.

This time I was not tired when I arrived at the target area, but still I had to search for quite a while (about 30 minutes). I had not expected the cache where I eventually found it since I would have hidden it at different places. (This sentence might sound somewhat strange, but I cannot become more explicit because I do not want to provide spoilers.)

I guess that I never before have been so sad when I found a cache than today. I would have wished so much to find this cache together with Alice who deserves a "found it" log so much more than me - without her I would not have managed to get to Stage 5 and could not have done this cache at all.

As I wrote already in my previous "did not find" log, this is a nice, but demanding cache. Without this cache I would never ever have visited the Badlgraben. I would have missed a very nice experience and adventure.

It seems to me that the difficulty rating of this cache should be increased, perhaps by 1 point. It is a long multi stage cache, and some of the stages are hard to find due to bad GPS reception and the terrain that is harder than 3.5* if one does not find the right paths. Moreover, also the final cache is not trivial to find due to a bad GPS reception and millions of potential hiding places in the target area. (The fact that Gert, a previous finder and experienced cacher thought that the cache has been stolen, is a further evidence.)

Thanks, Edorian, for a very nice, challenging cache, for providing me with some additional information on the terrain difficulty several months ago, as well as for checking the cache so quickly.


I couldn 09 Apr 2004    Badlgraben  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 3.5 )

This cache apparently does not like me. I made a first attempt last Summer after having done another cache. I was alone and so I was sure that I would not be able to finish the cache. I wanted to have a look at the Badlgraben. I reached Stage 3 (the way through the gorge was nice, but not easy for me), and then made a stupid mistake. I confused the letters I and L because I had folded the cache description. I got strange coordinates for Stage 4 and then gave up and returned home.

Today Alice and myself made a new attempt. Because I had the old cache description, I thought that we should not meet problems caused by mistakes in the new version. So we decided to go for the cache despite its disabled status. Probably not a good idea although the hike was very nice and full of adventures.

Today the creek had much more water than last Summer and some paths of the path were quite slippery. We had no problems until Stage 3. After a few minutes Alice found a nice path to Stage 4. We then obtained the coordinates of Stage 5.

We could not find a reasonable path leading to Stage 5 from above although Alice tried very hard and we searched around quite a while. We then decided to go back to the gorge the way we had used to Stage 3. Although the GPS reception was bad in the part of the gorge close to Stage 5 Alice managed to find a small path leading up to Stage 5. The path was relatively steep, but manageable also for me.
We were very happy having found the last cave. After having computed the coordinates of the final cache, we decided to go down to the creek again. After having arrived back at the Kerngast inn, Alice detected a steep path leading upwards into the direction of the final cache. We took this path which was quite exhausting. It brought us in the target area with tons of rocks (=potential hiding places for the cache).

We searched for quite a while. The GPS was very jumpy. We could not find the cache. We found, however, some plastic bags - Alice suspects that an animal or a forest worker has removed the cache from its place. I am not that sure as I have already found plastic bags at many strange places in a forest. Moreover, I was somewhat tired and it was hard for me to recall where I had searched already. Caches hidden in areas with many rocks are not my destiny (I will never forget my first attempt to find the N47° E15° cache where I searched for a non-existing box).

We then gave up and Alice suceeded in finding a less steep path than the one we took uphill. It led us close to the Kerngast inn, but we had to pass through some private property in the last part.

The gorge is very nice. This cache was for sure the most demanding one from the physical point of view I have ever done. I was very disappointed that we had to leave without having found the cache. The hike was, however, worth the time and energy we invested into the cache search. It was a big adventure to find all caves.

The cache should be checked since close to the target area heavy forest works have taken place recently.
If the cache turns out to be still at its place, I'd suggest to provide a further hint or a spoiler photograph to help people that do not want to give up after having invested a lot of energy.

I found it! 05 Apr 2004    hungry? - austria's first cryptocache  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 3.5 )

Finally, I managed to go for this cache. I had decrypted the text very quickly on the day the cache came up (no big deal given my profession ;) ). For some special reason I was particularly interested into this cache. (If you got curious now, then you have to search this cache and read Edorian's note in the log book.)

I originally intended to go for this cache already last year, but then I either did not have time or the weather was not that pleasant to do a 3.5* Edorian cache on my own.

Today the weather was not very pleasant either, but I was not alone as Alice came with me.

On our way to the Stage 1 it started to rain rather heavily and there was a rather cold wind. Fortunately, the weather improved lateron. The ground was rather wet, however, since it also had rained during the night.

Like Gert, Alice and myself had some difficulties with Stage 1 - the reception was very bad today. After some time, we decided to use the hint, but, as we found out later, we misinterpreted it. So we searched for quite a while at wrong places. Alice was close to giving up, but then we finally had the right idea. The micro cache was then easy to find once we searched at a place where one had been hidden ;).

The micro at Stage 2 was found much more quickly. The first part of Stage 2 to Stage 3 was the most difficult for me, in particular because of the wet ground. I was very glad that Alice was with me and helped me a lot :). (A big thank you!) We probably did not take the optimal path to Stage 3, and had to walk up a rather steep slope. We found the final cache almost immediately.

Thanks, edorian for hiding this very nice cache. I knew already a part of the area, but I have been there on a sunny, warm day. It was a special atmosphere to be there on a day like today. I also liked the view from Stage 3. Alice and myself did not meet a single person except two forest workers right at the beginning of our tour. The first part of the logging road was very muddy, but not that muddy than the area around Peter's new house which we visited on our way back home ...

I am glad to have completed my first cache hidden by Edorian. Let's see when further (already existing or, even better, new) ones will follow.

In: Bank note from Africa, TB "Schellenberg Pilgrimage"
Out: blue marbles

[Modified 2004-04-18 14:19:19]

I found it! 31 Dec 2003    Heiligenberg Cache  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Our third cache today. It was not easy for non-locals to find the right street leading up to the restaurant.

We first searched for the cache at the wrong place in a more difficult terrain than necessary. Finally, it was again Alice who found the cache first. The cache was in good condition.
The hideout is nice, but I am wondering how long the cache can survive at this place without being stolen. Cachers who come to search for this cache on a sunny week end need to be very careful to avoid being seen.

Thanks for hiding this cache which leads the cachers to a very beautiful place with an interesting history.

No trade.

[DE:] Danke für den schönen Cache an einer historisch interessanten Stätte.

Kein Tausch.

I found it! 31 Dec 2003    Felsburg  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

Our second cache today on our North-Hassia cache tour. The village Felsberg is very nice. I liked the walk up to the castle and to the cache. We found the cache at the first place we looked at. The difficult part was to open the container due to the underpressure (as Alice told me) - fortunately, Alice is a very skilful and knowledgeable person [:)]. She finally managed to open the container.

Thanks for the cache which motivated us to visit Felsberg and the Felsburg.

I imagine that it might be rather difficult to get the cache on a sunny day without being observed - today we had no problems at all.

No trade.

I found it! 31 Dec 2003    Melsungen Cache 1  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Our sixth cache today and the second of the Melsungen series.

This time we drove up to the cache and while Alice was turning around the car, I got out and wanted to search for the cache. Unfortunately, no search was necessary as the box was lying around open - the plastic bag was lying near the container. Apparently nothing is missing. We rehid the cache at the place which looked like the original hide-out and covered it with stones (to that end, we had to carry a rather heavy stone from a nearby place to the hiding place).

The hiding location can be observed from many houses nearby. It is almost impossible to log this cache without being seen.

No trade.

[DE:] Unser sechster Cache heute und der zweite der Melsungen Serie. Diesmal gelang es uns bis an den Cache ranzufahren, aber dann wartete eine Enttäuschung auf uns. Der Cache lag offen herum - der Plastiksack lag daneben. Offenbar fehlte aber nichts. Wir haben den Cache wieder besser versteckt und mit Steinen bedeckt in einer Weise wie wir vermuten, dass der Cache ursprünglich versteckt worden war.

Kein Tausch.

I found it! 31 Dec 2003    Melsungen Cache 2  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

[EN:] Our fifth cache today and the first one of the Melsungen series. We had solved the tasks for all three of them at home by a search in the internet.

The biggest challenge of the Melsungen cache series for us was the driving part. It is not at all easy to drive near this cache for nonlocals without a reasonable map of Melsungen. I admire Alice for her nagigation skills. We had to walk about 500 meters to the cache.

The cache itself was easily found and was in good condition.

In: Lucky charm coin (with ladybird)
Out: Policeman figurine

[DE:] Unser fünfter Cache heute und der erste der Melsungen Serie. Das Schwierigste für Auswärtige war definitv die Anfahrt. Danke für die Motivation Melsungen zu besuchen.

In: Glückbringer (Pfenningmünze mit Marienkäfer)
Out: Plastikfigur (Polizist)

I found it! 31 Dec 2003    Melsungen Cache 3  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Our seventh cache today and the final one of the Melsungen series. We could drive rather close to the cache.

This time it was me who found the cache first. There were many people around having a walk on the afternoon of the last day of the year 2003. Fortunately, this cache is not hidden in plain sight. I liked the hiding place - hopefully it will not be removed by people who are looking around for material to set up a campfire. Among the three Melsungen caches this is my clear favourite.

The box is untypically large for a cache by Chrisi. You can bring along larger trading items. The box is currently rather empty as it contains predominantly small items.

Thanks for the Melsungen cache series.

No trade.

[DE:] Unser siebenter Cache heute und der letzte der Melsungen Serie. Dieser hat mir am besten gefallen, inbesondere was das Versteck, aber auch die Gegend um das Versteck betrifft. Diesmal war es auch einfacher zu loggen ohne gesehen zu werden, obwohl wieder einige Spaziergänger unterwegs waren am letzten Tag des Jahres.

Danke für die Melsungen Serie.

Kein Tausch.

I found it! 31 Dec 2003    Kartause Cache  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Our fourth cache in North-Hassia today. Alice and myself came by car from the Heiligenberg cache and parked about 400 meters from the cache.

It was a nice walk to the charterhouse (Kartause). This time it was me who found the cache first. This was my first cache without a container. Despite the fact that the cache was only wrapped into a plastig bag, the contents is in good condition.

The charterhouse (or better, what has remained from it) is both interesting and nice. Since we were there in the wrong seasons, we did not encounter any bees. I learnt, however, a new German word today - I have never before heard the word "Klotzbeute". Thanks to Alice I now know its meaning.

Thanks for the nice cache without which I would never have visited this nice place.

No trade.

[DE:] Danke für den schönen Cache an interessanter Stelle.
Dem Cache geht es gut.

Kein Tausch.

I found it! 31 Dec 2003    Wildsbergcache 76° 1,9km von Beiseförth  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

Our eight cache today. We started in Heina after having had some troubles to find the street to this village. There were no signposts at all which would have helped us. Fortunately, Alice is very talented and experienced in navigating. We parked the car near the coordinates given for Heina in the cache description. In this manner we had to walk about 1.2 kilometers one way (as the crow flies). We could have driven a little bit further by car. It was, however, a nice walk from the place where we started, definitely the nicest one today.

The cache area is nice and was rather lonely and quiet today. Due to the cold temperatures the ground was frozen - so our shoes neither got dirty nor wet. The cache was easy to find as was the case for all fianna caches I have encountered so far. The cache box has a small hole, but the contents did not suffer so far due to the plastic bags and the hiding place which serve as protection.

I was somewhat shocked when I read in the cache description that the ICE bridge is often used by people wishing to commit suicide. I always have a very uncomfortable feeling when I am traveling by train and delay arise because someone has thrown himself in front of a train. I am very glad in such moments that I am not a train driver. It must be horrible to see someone on the tracks and not being able to stop the train in time.

No trade.

I found it! 31 Dec 2003    Falkenkopf I  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Our ninth and final cache for today. What a wonderful day. Thanks, Alice [:)]. I have never done before so many caches on one day. Poor Alpha who caught a cold and could not come with us. I still recall very vividly our tour exactly one year ago when we had hidden the Ursus Sylvester cache on the Swabian Alb.

Again approaching the cache location by car was the most difficult part of our cache hunt. We parked the car about 400 meters from the cache, started to walk and then realized that then GPS pointer turned into another direction when the path. So we boarded the car again and approached the cache via a different street. The distance to the cache did not decrease, however, in this manner, but this time the direction of the GPS pointer coincided with the direction of the path which led uphill.

The cache was easy to find. The hiding place is far from being ideal. It is very open and it is hard for a single cacher to look into all directions at the same time to be able to check whether other people are around. The view from the cache location is indeed nice, but it would suffice to hide the cache at a place nearby at a larger distance from the path. The cache box does not close well and the inside of the box was very wet. The log book was, however, dry. There was a mixture of ice and water in the wrapping bags. This cache needs urgent maintenance.

No trade.

[DE:] Cachebehälter ist innen sehr nass. Wir schütteten Wasser aus so gut es ging. Logbuch ist noch trocken. Cache benötigt dringend eine Wartung.

Note 30 Dec 2003    Fritzlar SightSee  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

This was the first cache on my caching tour today with Alice to North-Hassia.

Many of the answers required for assembling the coordinates of this cache can easily be found in the internet. Fritzlar is an interesting city. Before doing this cache I was not aware of the fact that the oldest city hall is located in Fritzlar. I was somewhat surprised that a cache which apparently invites for a sightseeing tour did not include the very famous cathedral, but leads the cachers to an ice cream parlour.

We drove rather close to the final cache. I would not have dared to search there for a cache when Alice had not been convinced that the place was correct. Fortunately, we did not meet any military persons while searching for the ammo box. There were, however, several people with dogs around and we had to be careful not to be observed while getting out the cache and while rehiding it.

Among the nine caches Alice and myself found today, this was the most difficult one as the hiding place is not at all striking and as we did not have the spoiler pictures with us. The frozen ground made our job even more difficult. Finally it was Alice who found the cache container.

In: Turtle figurine
Out: Clip (traffic light reflectors)

I found it! 27 Dec 2003    Schönberg/Schwalm  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Today Alice, Alpha and myself made a cache tour to the Schwalm. The weather was unfortunately bad - cold and windy and it rained already when we started in Marburg.

The chapel at Stage 1 is nice, but it was unfortunately closed. I am pretty sure that the cache can also be done without knowledge of German (by making some rather straightforward assumptions).

The cache was easy to find. Alice was disappointed when she realized that we were not the first to find the cache - three teams have been at the cache about one hour before us (i.e., around noon). Her mood improved again, however, when we realized that only two of the three teams before us took the special surprise for the first three finders ;).

The cache is in good condition. I am wondering how long the cache can survive at such an open place. I liked the location of the first stage far more than the location of the second stage. Thanks to the good navigation skills of Alice ans Alpha we could drive rather close to Stage 2 which was convenient today given the unfriedly weather. I was very glad that it was not my job to rehide the cache again. I am not talented in rebuilding such types of hideouts.

In: mouse figurine
Out: turtle figurine

I found it! 27 Dec 2003    Waldknuell  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

This was the second cache of today's cache tour together with Alice and Alpha. The weather was even worse than at the Schönberg - Schwalm cache. It was raining cats and dogs, and on our way back to the car the rain partially turned into snow and ice-rain. I hardly ever feel cold, but at that moment I did not feel too comfortable. It took some time until our trousers were dry again.

The cache was very easy to find. We knew already from some distance where to search for the cache. The only difficulty for me was to get on the other side of the barbed wire fence. Fortunately, Alice and Alpha were so kind to help me. I do not appreciate that much caches where barbed wire fences have to be surmounted.

I am sure that the view from the cache location is very nice when the weather is fine. Today we had no view at all.

In: Porcelaine figurine
Out: Glass moon

I found it! 27 Dec 2003    Eisenberg  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

This was the third of four caches I visited today together with Alice and Alpha. Again the good team work of Alice and Alpha in navigating and driving brought us rather close to the cache location. They also did a fine job in wiping the inner side of the front-screen by exchanging the wiper every 30 seconds to guarantee that the view was sufficient to see where we were driving along ....

We had to walk only about 300 meters (one way, as the crow flies) which came convenient given the very bad waeather. There was snow on the path and some parts were quite slippery.

Also the third cache of this day was found very quickly. It was very evident where to look for the cache.

In: cord for cachers
Out: crow

I found it! 27 Dec 2003    Stoneheart  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 2 )

Our final cache today. It was almost dark. Fortunately, Alice and Alpha were well equipped and had their torches in the car. Thanks to Alice for suggesting to Alpha to go back to the car and get the torches and special thanks to Alpha for carrying out the order of Alice [;)].

The coordinates of the final cache could be guessed right from the beginning. They turned out to be correct. The tree is rather impressive - I liked it. The weather was better than at the first three caches today. Almost no wind, and no rain.

Although Alice had read the hint and we took the suggested approach, we had to surmount three barbed wire fences - two of which consisted of five strings. If I had been alone, I would have had to give up without being able to reach the cache location. There exist many hiding places around the nice location of Stage 1 - I do not understand why the cache had to be hidden at a place behind several fences where it is not even clear whether the land owner would agree with the placement of the cache.

The last cache of today was the only one where some searching was required to find it. The cache is in good condition. It is somewhat strange that the log book has been used from both sides - from the front and the back side.

In: 50 Oere coin from Denmark
Out: 100 Lei coin
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Note 06 Dec 2003    Fantastic Beasts  ( Difficulty: 4    Terrain: 2 )

When this cache showed up, I did not expect to get the chance to do at least the first part of this cache relatively soon.

I do not appreciate that much the most typical form of inner city caches which either lead the cachers to the most famous sights almost everyone knows or where a film container has been placed at a very public place of no particular interest (like in a chink of the wall of a quite normal house). When I started to read the description of this cache, I was, however, thrilled from the very beginning. Although I had planned to visit all stages anyway, I tried to find out some of the letters already from home. In retrospect it turned out that only some of my guesses have had been correct.

I like the very imaginative way in which a guided tour to Viennese sights is set up in the framework of the Harry Potter books. Really well done .

Yesterday evening after a meeting I had to attend (at a place quite close to Stages 3 and 4), I managed to complete all auxiliary stages of this cache. It was already dark and at some stages I had difficulties in reading the required information (my sight is not that impressive).

With some of the stages my biggest problem was to find a way to them without making too many detours (I do not know Vienna well). I had prepared the cache at home and had looked up the location of the stages that had not been obvious to me, but it is not so convenient to walk around with a city map and sheets of paper when it is dark and also windy . So I tried to take the bearing indicated by the GPS when there was any reception at all as general guideline. For most of the stages this worked sufficiently well.

I was very glad that the coordinates of all stages (except the final one of course ) are given in advance so that it is possible for cachers to look up the approximate location of the stages in advance. This is a really great help for people not knowing Vienna sufficiently well. I also was glad that it was not necessary to type in new coordinates into my GPS - I do not like to do that when it is dark.

I have to admit that at some stages I had to search a while even though I was standing almost in front of the required information. The darkness made life much more difficult for me, but at some stages I also think twice because the answer I obtained in the first attempt did not make any sense in combination with the rest.

At Stage 4 I wondered which English word gavriel might have in mind. At home I was hoping that there would be a sign at the spot containing the English word, but this was not the case. I first started with direct translations or the versions I had already tried at home, but only the most simple version which is not correct in the strict sense (and even more incorrect than what the plate at the monument is saying) led to me a satisfactory result.

At Stage 5 I misinterpreted one term and was first searching for something which could not be found at this place.

At Stage 12 I was left puzzled with the number to be determined there. Fortunately, one of the two solutions leads to a letter which I could exclude for some reasons. (In fact, it is, however, this solution which would be the correct one in the strict sense although I had a feeling right from the beginning that gavriel had the other solution in mind.)

I had some troubles in finding Stage 13 as I suffered from a very bad reception, but I succeeded after having made a short detour. This has been one of the stages where all informations I had found some weeks ago via the internet, turned out to be wrong. I have to admit that even right at the spot, I first made a mistake at this stage which I discovered because of the fact that at this stage I had already a very firm idea of the solution to the anagram.

Although I am not from Vienna and do not know Vienna well, it was easy for me to solve the anagram. It was much more difficult to find some of the stages in the dark without making too ling detours.

As it was already very late and I had to catch the train back to Graz and also because I prefer to visit the place where the final cache is hidden during day time, I decided to do Stage 15 next year. I hope that the cache will survive until then.

In order to be able to express my appreciation for this cache, I decided, however, to write this note already now. Thank you, gavriel, for investing so much work into this cache which brought to me some very enjoyable moments .

BTW: I guess that the cache should be classified as regular one as it is larger than a typical micro cache.

Note 29 Nov 2003    Après Travail  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

The cache has been stolen. I replaced it today and adapted the cache description.

Der Cache wurde gestohlen. Ich habe ihn heute ersetzt und die Cachebeschreibung angepasst.

I found it! 29 Sept 2003    Mellnau Burg  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

I had determined the coordinates for this cache already back home in Austria by using the only meaningful values for A and B which led me to C. It is obvious that the cache hider is not a mathematician ;-).

When I came near the cache area, I was almost sure where the cache would be hidden, but unfortunately there was not even a small spark of surprise involved as the cache was lying around open and not hidden at all :-(. Not even the huge blue plastic bag was wrapped around the box properly. In the first moment, I already thought that the box had been stolen. Fortunately, the box and its contents were still there and in good condition. Alice who had been at the cache previously invested quite some effort in rehiding the cache again properly. I carried along some new camouflage material. There was hardly any of the original material left.

If flowcatcher has found the cache lying around similarly open, I do not understand why he did not try to hide the cache again. The hiding location is quite open and the area is visited by quite a number of people.

Thanks for the cache which made me revisit the ruin Mellnau where I have been previously.

In: Orange rubber ball
Out: Yo-yo
[Modified 2003-10-10 07:03:11]

I found it! 29 Sept 2003    Fliegercache  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Alice detected this cache when we returned from a successful cache hunt yesterday evening. She was quite disappointed to realize that the cache has already be found by someone although it had not yet been online when we left yesterday at about noon.

Although I was rather tired from the short night after the event cache and the Steinkammern cache, I wondered whether it would be possible to find out the final coordinates of the cache without leaving home. Since yesterday evening only the German description was online which asked the cachers to refrain from accessing the airport area without being requested to do so, and I do not like to enter areas where one has to ask for permission, I was rather glad that I managed to determine all the required coordinates without going to the airport. This task turned out to be even simpler than I had imagined.

It was clear beforehand which airport was meant, but still I intersected two circles just to realize that the given distances to the two caches mentioned in the cache description are only an approximation of the true distance (probably the distance has been determined by measuring at a map). Anyway, there is no other airport in the target area, so it works out fine to use the approximated distances.

Some of the digits required for the final coordinated could be easily guessed, the remaining ones were found within 2 minutes. Only the digit K left me puzzled for a while as the height given in the internet apparently slightly differs from the height given on the tower itself (we did not check).

We drove quite near to the cache and then found it rather quickly. The hiding place is nicely chosen. This cache can be recommended to those who wish to hunt for a cache and do not have much time at their disposition (in contrast to the Doppelpack cache which definitely needs time). It is not necessary to be equipped with clothes which can get very dirty.

Thanks for hiding a cache before I had to go home again :-). It was nice to do a cache together with Alice which was new for her as well, but without having to drive rather far.


I found it! 28 Sept 2003    Königreich Preussen / Kingdom of Prussia  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

It was a big honour to accompany Alice and Alpha on their 300-th successful cache hunt. Congratulations :-). We found the cache rather quickly. In contrast to the Steinkammern cache we did before, it was easy this time to decide where to leave the car and how to approach the cache location.

The cache box and its contents were in good condition. Two of the plastic bags had a hole. Alice replaced them by bags she took from her famous small case filled with useful geocaching items (those who have seen the TV broadcast of the hunt of Alice and Alpha for the cache Sechs Kraeuter might be already familiar with this case).

The cache location is interesting. It is the first time I have been at the joint border of three Federal States of Germany. I was not aware of the fact that there also exist marked bordertriangles within the same state. It is quite surprising that there exist many possibilities for hiding a cache near a point which definitely is a kind of touristic attraction in that area.

Thanks for the cache which made it possible for me to be present at the 300 caches jubilee of Alice and Alpha :-).

In: Snake figurine
Out: Bear figurine

I found it! 07 Sept 2003    Gruener See  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

I was very happy when this cache showed up since it is located at a lake. Since my return from Denmark I was looking for an appropriate cache for the TB Dolphin Miller which I brought from a cache in Copenhagen. This TB wants to be placed in caches near some form of water.

Unfortunately, this year the so-called green lake (Gruener See) has much less water than usual, but one can still admire its very special colour which is quite unique. Hopefully, the next year will not be as dry as this year so that also future generations can enjoy the lake. The scenery around the lake is really beautiful.

I found the cache very quickly - I did not need to use the hint. The box was partially visible already from some distance (blue is a rather striking colour in the forest, isn't it? ;).

I hope the dolphin will enjoy its visit to a very nice Styrian mountain lake. Let's see which other places he will get to know. Maybe, Dolphin Miller even manages to visit one of the Austrian IMC caches in the beautiful Mondsee region. It would be great if we could show the dolphin some of the beautiful spots of Austria near lakes, creeks and rivers before trying to help him to reach the German IMC secondary cache which contained a dolphin among the initial inventory.

Thanks, Walter, for the nice cache :). The place is so nice that it payed off to undertake the comparatively long drive from Graz.

In: TB Dolphin Miller
cleansing tissue for glasses

Out: small vase (jar) from Greece

[D:] Falls jemand dem TB weiterhelfen moechte, und Probleme hat den obigen
englischen Text zu lesen, moege er mich bitte per e-mail ueber geocaching.com

I found it! 21 Aug 2003    Library Garden  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1 )

I did the first part of this cache already last Sunday, but on that sunny afternoon the Library garden was much too crowded. I just admired the flowers and left without searching. Yesterday evening it was raining and only very few people were around which made it possible to search.

I found the cache after some minutes. It is well hidden and still in good condition.

Thanks, ArktiS for the nice cache and also for checking the cache before my arrival to Copenhagen.
Among the caches in the city area, this is my clear favourite.

No trade due to the rain.

I found it! 16 Aug 2003    A Buggy Place on the Common  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

My first cache in Denmark, and thus obviously my first also
in Copenhagen. At my previous visit to this nice city,
geocaching did not yet exist. Time changes rapidly.
Let's see how long a typical cache will survive.

I visited this cache in the afternoon. There were that many
insects around that seemed to be eager to get my blood that
I tried to hurry as much as possible. Interesting location -
such an area does not exist in my home country Austria.

The cache was in good condition although it does not get
that much visitors.

Thanks for the cache which brought me to an area of
Copenhagen which I would not have visited without a cache
to be found there.

In:Sample of shower gel
Out: Yellow ball
[Modified 2003-08-25 07:45:30]

I found it! 17 Jul 2003    Hollende  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 3 )

Alice and myself went for this cache on our way back to Marburg from Biedenkopf where we visited gissmo.

It was a nice walk up to the ruin and the cache. The temperature today was much more comfortable than yesterday. The insects were still somewhat annoying, in particular when we returned to the car since due to the insects we could not opem the windows immediately to cool down the interior of the car which got quite hot during our absence.

I found the cache very quickly at the first place where I looked at. I like hiding places of this type since one does not get that dirty without usage of gloves than in the case of the majority of the caches in the Marburg area.

A nice final cache of my visit in Marburg .

In: Sticker from the firefighters in Biedenkopf (from gissmo's firefighter cache)

Out: 2 coloured glass stones

I found it! 16 Jul 2003    Wo war ich nur?  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1 )

On a trip back from a sightseeing tour we passed by this place. Since I recognized the building in the middle of the photograph immediately, I could have solved this cache using a map and without leaving my home. It was nice, however, to compare the photograph with the reality.

My companion used the opportunity to collect some plants, in particular she found some orach and prepared a delicious meal.

Thanks for setting up a cache where the building in the middle of the photograph and the city play the mayor role. Both are associated with very nice memories.

I found it! 16 Jul 2003    Wilhelmsteine  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

I visited this cache together with Alice on our sightseeing tour through several picturesque villages with wonderful small churches and chapels, many of which of timber-frame type. I prefer these churches and chapels by far to the often pompous churches in Styria many of them having been restructured in the Baroque period. It is a pity that the churches in the Marburg area are almost never open to the public. I would very much like to see the interior of those lovely, small churches.

When approaching the cache, we had a very bad GPS reception in the wood, sometimes no reception at all. Most probably this was due to the black clouds. When we arrived at the rocks, the reception became suprisingly good. The sun reappeared and we escaped the thunderstorm :).

To keep the searching time within a reasonable limit, I used the hint. The rocks offer an uncountable number of possible hiding places, and I am very clumsy and too heavy for climbing manoeuvres. Once I was near the hiding place, I could see the box already from some distance as some parts of the plastic bag were visible. Alice changed this situation [:P] because the cache has been found two days ago by 2 climbers by chance. The box is is good condition.

It was nice walk to a location which I would not have suspected to exist that close to Marburg, a region without mountains.

In: Nothing
Out: Nothing

I found it! 15 Jul 2003    Weissenstein  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 3 )

Yippee! Due to the exceptional weather, I managed to undertake also the third castle cache during my stay in Marburg. Apparently, the weather has a tendency to be nice when I have geocaching plans, but bad when I plan to go into the mountains ....

We approached the cache in a different way than Alice has done on her previous visits. In a small village we had some problems to find the right street. Alice then asked a woman who called her father-in-law who turned out to be a member of the association of the building at the last stage. With his hints we could drive rather close to the cache.

The walk from the place where we left the car to the cache was very pleasant despite the heat - lots of shadow and almost no ascent was required. The height meters I typically have to master to find a cache in my home region, seem to be sufficient to find ten caches in the Marburg area .

The cache was very easy to find. It was badly hidden and there were lots of ants around and on the cache box. Fortunately, Alice had her cacher's gloves with her. The interior of the box is, however, in good condition. Alice did a good job in rehiding the cache well. As an experienced gardener she is much more experienced in such things than myself.

I could not find much information on the location of the final stage in the internet. Again I was surprised to see that there exist many places with the same name. Apparently, there exists only a limited list of names which are used for castles and ruins. I have never before thought about this issue. Again, a nice by-product of geocaching.

In: 5 Euro cent coin from the Netherlands
Out: small violet glass stone

I found it! 15 Jul 2003    Wenigenburg by Murmeltier und Malamute  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1.5 )

A nice short walk after lunch despite the heat . Not much remained from the former castle. I am wondering why quite a number of ruins of castles are still referred to as 'castle' (Burg) in this region. In the region where I come from, the term 'ruin' (Ruine) is even used for buildings where quite a substantial part still exists.

Today it was very quiet around the hiding place. Alice and myself did not meet a single person. I am, however, astonished that a cache at such a location is not found often by chance by non-cachers.

It was not hard to find the cache which is in good condition. The quality of its contents seems, however, to deterioriate considerably compared to the quality of the original

I was surprised to find a log from yesterday in the log book. Since it was written in English (not very common in Germany) and since the handwriting reminded me of the American style, this finder who has not yet logged online probably comes from the US. The logger was mentioning supplementary coordinates which turned out to be helpful for him. I did not understand to which coordinates he referred to. In any case, it is a pity that the cache description and the nice historical informations are only available in German.

Probably, by now I know more castles and ruins of castles in Germany (many of them in the Marburg area) than in my home country, Austria.

In: Travelbug 'Dreamcatcher', 10 cent Euro coin from Italy
Out: Peseta coin from Spain, blue dice

I found it! 15 Jul 2003    Rimberg  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

It seems indeed true that I surprisingly often visit these days caches 1-2 days earlier or later than Tine&Manu.

Alice and myself walked up the Rimberg via the comfortable way. It was a very pleasant walk. The view from the Rimberg tower, which is now again accessible for the public, was magnificent :-). I found the cache almost immediately. A very nice hide-out, but easy to find. It was also no problem at all to access the hiding place with sandals and to avoid making unpleasant acquaintances with stinging nettles ;-).

Thanks for this cache which served as a motivation to visit the Rimberg :-). I have been in Marburg previously, but I have never before been on the Rimberg.

In: Sticker from SOS Children's Villages (which originate from Austria)
Out: blue marbles (I like them very much, too :-))

I found it! 14 Jul 2003    Spiegelslust  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

I visited this cache together with Alice as a short excursion after a delicious dinner. We came by car and thought that the walk from the tower to the cache would be a little longer than it turned out to be. (This conjecture resulted from Alice's knowledge about the old location of the cache which she had visited last year.)

The view from the starting point of the Spiegelslust cache is indeed nice , but we could not enjoy it today since a group of young people playing very loud music was around there and we did feel more comfortable by keeping away from them. It was already less than trivial to obtain the required digits since the young people were driving around the tower with their car and were making fun of me when I was standing in front of the tower and was looking for the dates.

The coordinates of the second stage were computed quickly (the calculations were cezanne-friendly). Having entered the coordinates and having managed to obtain GPS devices
which were ready to navigate, we headed for the cache.

Although the reception was bad, the cache was found almost immediately. There was no need to decode the hint. Alice was again faster than me in finding a cache. (Un)fortunately, she did not have the chance to compete with me these days since she had been at all caches in the Marburg area previously.

The new place seems to be better than the old one insofar as no person has found it by chance up to now. We learned from the log book that several people (non-cachers) have found the cache in early January when it was apparently not lying at its original place.

In: Cleansing tissue for glasses
Out: Game (15 puzzle of Sam Lloyd)

I found it! 14 Jul 2003    Kreuzkapelle  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

This is indeed a very nice place which is worth to be visited. The internet pages to which the cache description refers to also contain interesting material. I like old chapels and churches very much, also when only some stones are left.

Today, on an Monday in the late morning, the area around the ruin of the chapel was also a very quiet place. Alice told me that this is not always the case. So sunny Sunday afternoons might not be the ideal time for visiting this cache.

The GPS reception was very bad. One of the reasons was that it was a spontaneous decision to visit this cache during the waiting time Alice had to wait for her turn in the blood bank. So we were in a hurry and did not have time to wait some time at a place close by with a better reception.

The hint would have sped up the search, but I did not have it with me. The way the cache is hidden is typical for Haegar (at least as far as I can judge this by having visited three other
Haegar caches before).

In: Nothing (we had to hurry)
Out: Nothing

I found it! 14 Jul 2003    Phillips boundary stones  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

I visited this cache with Alice after she acted as blood donor :-). The boundary stones are not very easy to detect - typically they are well 'hidden' (i.e., camouflaged by all sorts of plants during the Summer months).

We found the cache close to the original hiding place where Alice had found it. It seems that so far no one has followed the suggestion made in the log book. I guess it is a rather time consuming task to find another suitable boundary stone and
a suitable hiding place close by. Personally, I have to admit that I do not appreciate the extension idea that much. The length of the cache tour can easily get out of control.

As mentioned in the log book, Murmeltier could not find the original hiding place, and has hidden the cache at a place not too far from the original place. The new hiding place is probably easier to find than the old one as it is the place where one looks first as
soon as the boundary stone has been found. The old place was less obvious (according to Alice who remembered having looked at the new place first last time, but of course it was in vain at that time).

Thanks, puttsun, for this 'stone' cache at a place easier reachable for me than your caches in the Erlangen area which I would like to visit as I have calculated their coordinates. By the way, if you like stone caches, there are quite a number of them in the
Northern corner of the wood quarter (Waldviertel) in Lower Austria. Those stones are, however, larger and are natural ones and do
not serve as boundary stones though the border to the Czech Republic is very close.

In: small racing car
Out: LED key-chain

I found it! 13 Jul 2003    Blankenstein  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 3 )

This was the last cache Alice and myself did today. Fortunately, in contrast to the final stage of the 'Amoeneburg' cache, at the final stage of this cache it is
allowed to go up to the highest point to enjoy the magnificent view. I did not know that around Marburg
there exist that many windmills.

The name of the place of the final seems to be quite common. There exist two places with that name in the province where I come from and at one of them, I have even been together with Alice and spend a very nice time . Thanks, for bringing back those moments to my mind.

I found the cache very quickly (without using the hint and without using Alice's compass which we had forgotten at home ). It was a very classical place for a cache. Moreover, the box was unfortunately not very well-hidden. The very colourful plastic bag could be seen already from some distance . I tried to rehide the cache more carefully and Alice was so kind to help me (she is more gifted than me as such things are concerned).

Now only the 'Weissenstein' cache is missing on my log list. Let's see whether time will permit to visit that one as well to qualify for the 'castle diploma'.

In: Stars which are claimed to gleam in the darkness (not tested)

Out: small rubber ball

I found it! 12 Jul 2003    Amoeneburg  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 3 )

This was my second cache today. I had been before at the starting stage (at a time when neither Alice nor myself had known that something called geocaching exists), but not at the other stages.

It is a nice idea to bring all the nice castles and ruins in the surroundings of Marburg to the attention of the cachers which are heading for one of the castles caches or even for the 'castle diploma' (Marburger Burgendiplom) which is awarded by Haegar to all cacher who have been successful at all three castle caches. It is, however, a pity that the distances between the stages are rather large.

I was wondering whether perhaps a software for solving the instance of the travelling cacher problem which results from the 3 castle caches would have led to a different partition of the 9 stages to the three caches. (For insiders, the travelling cacher problem is just a small variant of the famous TSP, the travelling salesman problem.) One difficulty that occurs is that the optimal solution as travel time or travel distance is regarded depends also on the starting point of the individual cachers. Moral of the story: As usual, it is not that easy to apply applied mathematics in real life without making some compromises.

I was not at all happy with the way the calculations are formulated. Referring to different digits by the same letter is something which causes almost a sort of pain to a mathematician, but apparently it did not annoy anyone else.

I found the cache quickly. It is in good condition.

In: Bear figurine (from a surprise egg)
Out: blue mouse

I found it! 21 Apr 2003    Schulter  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Today Alice and myself went on cache tour in the upper Mur valley around Knittelfeld. As suggested, we parked at the inn Wieshuber and started our walk to the two caches in this area.

We first went for the 3 Felsen cache and then for this cache.
The cache container was found very quickly, without any need to use the photographs. The caches is in good condition and is waiting for further finders.

Unfortunately, we could not enjoy the nice view on the Mur valley due to the weather (cloudy, slightly raining). Thanks for the cache at a nice place which we would not have visited without caches being there.

In: dwarf
Out: compass

I found it! 21 Apr 2003    3 Felsen  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1 )

Today Alice and myself went on cache tour in the upper Mur valley around Knittelfeld. As suggested, we parked at the inn Wieshuber and started our walk to the two caches in this area. We first went for this cache and then continued to the Schulter cache.

When Alice saw that forest maintenance works had been done near the target area of the 3 Felsen cache, she was a little bit worried, but then we realized that the cache container is hidden at a place where it is rather unlikely that forest workers will find it.

The cache container was found very quickly, without any need to use the photographs. The cache is in good condition and is waiting for further finders.

Unfortunately, we could not enjoy the nice view on the Mur valley due to the weather (cloudy, slightly raining). Thanks for the cache at a nice place which we would not have visited without caches being there.

In: surprise egg
Out: frog
[Modified 2003-08-25 07:44:03]

I found it! 18 Feb 2003    1000er Joghurtbecher  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1 )

As compensation for my frustration with searching cache Arkanum XVI yesterday, I decided to go for this cache today.

It seems that this cache is predominantly attracting people coming from places far away. Now this cache has not only a visitor who came from Northern Germany, but also one who came from Southern Austria.

The difficult part for me was approaching the cache area. I came from Kaiserslautern by bus and had to walk from Trippstadt.

Since I only had an old map (from the last century - well from 1990 to be honest) which did not list many of the paths I encountered and since I am bad in
orienteering tasks, I ended up in making several detours. Unfortunately, there exist many trails and
different markings in this area, but almost no signposts saying which route is leading to which place and how long it takes to reach the various destinations.

It was considerably easier to find a short way back to Trippstadt (bus stop Denkmal) though I chose a path fully disjoint from the one I used on my way to the cache. Overall, it was quite a hike. Some parts of the trails were a bit slippery (ice and very hard snow). I was very happy that I finally arrived at the cache location. There was one main reason why I had not given up prematurely - I wanted to log a cache today on the birthday of my dear friend Alice.

Happy birthday, Alice, once more . I cannot offer you a birthday cache, but a cache found by me on your birthday. Again I am not the first finder (failed by 3 days), but I found my first travel bag.

After having arrived at the cache location, I found the cache quickly . The cache is still in good condition (3 days after the last and first found not so surprising ...).

It is a nice place, but I guess that even in Winter time it can be very crowded there at certain times of the day. Then it will become very hard to be able to search/find the cache without being seen. Before visiting the cache, I have not even had heard the name of the place. This GC taught me new and interesting things. Thank you.

In: a wooden pig, 1 Schilling coin from Austria

Out: Yamaha pin, TB Cadiddles Global Hopper

I found it! 09 Feb 2003    Old Stones  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 4 )

A fortnight after having found the first three stages of this multi-cache, I today found the last two stages. I did not have enough time on January 26 to complete the cache.

I found stages 1 and 2 rather quickly (at stage 1 I had to make a small detour because for a moment I was absent-minded and missed the track).

For me stage 3 was the most difficult one. I had a very bad GPS reception there and moreover, I first misinterpreted the hint, most probably because I personally would not consider hiding a cache at such a place.

I had no problems with stage 4. I found it very quickly and I did not experience the problems regarding the coordinates described by Gert. Like him I had, however, to wait some time to be able to get the cache and then to hide it again. I arrived at the spot earlier than Gert (I started today with this stage), but on Sunday this area is already crowded in the morning.

The final stage was again easy to find. The cache is still in good condition (only a week after Gert's visit not so surprising ) - there was a fresh (from yesterday), but thin coating of snow on the stones around the hiding place. (You might want to bring along gloves to facilitate the process of hiding the cache again if you decide to go for this cache before the snow has melted away again. I hade none with me.)

At the moment when I realized that I had been the first finder of the first three stages (apparently noone else had taken one of the nicely prepared sheets with the coordinates of the next stage), a faint glimmer of hope came up that I might manage to become the first finder of the final cache as
well. But then I realized that my chances to be successful would be very small due to a business trip to Germany which was waiting for me end of January. I was right - Gert became the first finder of Carsten's first multi-cache. Actually, I had suspected that from the very beginning when I first
read Carsten's question regarding the first finder, but I have to admit that nevertheless I was disappointed a little bit when I came home from Germany and read Gert's log .

My dear fried Alice to whom I owe so much likes to be the first finder of caches. So it would have been very nice if I had been able to dedicate to her the success of having been the first finder of cache Old Stones .... As there
are no log books at the intermediate stages, I cannot even prove to have been first at the first three stages.

Nevertheless I dedicate my success with cache Old Stones to Alice . Without her encouragement I would not have dared
to go for this cache alone in Winter time.

Thanks, Carsten for this very nice first multi cache in the Graz area . I enjoyed the hunt very much. Many thanks also for choosing hiding places near well-known, well-marked and not difficult hiking paths. Being rather bad in finding my way in track-less terrain, it helped me enormously that the continuation from one stage to the next one was always very easy to find.

In: a box of 6 colour pencils (environment-friendly brand)
1 Euro cent coin from Spain

Out: CD by Gert

I found it! 01 Feb 2003    Des Kaisers Hofmathematiker - The Emperor's Court Mathematician  ( Difficulty: 4.5    Terrain: 2 )

After having attended a mathematical workshop at the University of Cologne, I went for this cache together with the son of Alice who lives in Cologne.

It was Alice who attracted my attention to this cache and asked me to calculate the cache coordinates which turned out to be an easy task for me (not so surprising given my profession).
The most tiresome part was the actual numerical work although I used Maple.

Alice also organized the pick-up service by her son .
We found the cache rather quickly (using the hint). It was much more difficult to approach the cache by car without a street map of the area.

There was a little bit of snow at the cache location, but this did not cause any problems for the cache hunt. The cache is in good condition and dry (thanks to the assortment of plastic bags in which it is wrapped.

In: highlighter (yellow)
Out: colour pencils

I found it! 24 Nov 2002    Kronprinz Rudolf  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

This was by far the hardest of the 5 caches I have found so far. I started from the castle St. Martin. Everything was easy until I was very near the observation tower Kronprinz Rudolfswarte (the view from there is really very nice).

Then it started to become difficult without GPS because in the target area there are so many trees and I did not dispose of any information on the size, type and appearance of the tree I was searching for. A while ago Carsten
has sent me some hints on the location of the cache, but these hints did not contain anything I
had not found out by means of a map.

I have used the encrypted hint on this page, but I am not sure whether this accelerated or slowed down my search
- I found many places to which the hint might have potentially applied. Only in the end, when I looked at the right tree, I was sure that it must be this tree. I reached the cache after a long search - I was quite near the point of giving up.

I now know the target area quite well and have found several nice potential hiding places for caches , but they are all too close to this cache. The cache is in good condition.

In: key chain;
Out: Italian 10-cent coin

Thanks, Carsten, for this nice cache . When will you hide your next one?

I found it! 10 Nov 2002    Ruine Gösting  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 2.5 )

Due to the gorgeous weather today (sunny and much warmer than in the last days) I decided to go for this cache. I combined the cache activity with a very nice walk of about 2 hours.

I first searched for a place near the ruin with a nice view and then I searched there around a couple of big trees until I finally succeeded :-). Using this approach it was not very difficult to find the cache without GPS help. The cache was in good condition. It is indeed a magnificent place for a cache :-).

I started from Gösting. I came with good shoes because in the cache description and in the logs the steep ascent was mentioned. I was quite astonished when I realized that this term apparently refers to the standard path up the ruin with which I am well familiar. I was expecting a steep ascent near
the cache. I found the ascent relaxing.

In: a sample of Perskindol gel (might be handy if you found the ascent too tiresome)

Out: locomotive

Thank you, Carsten, for hiding this very nice cache in Graz.


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