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Note 17 Jun 2012    Roman Around  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

Log entry was deleted.

I found it! 17 Jun 2012    Bartlow Hills  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

We came to this cache by way of the nearby terracache ("Round Tower Church: Bartlow"), a route I can highly recommend. Parking is easy by the church, and it is a nice walk to the barrows from there, passing over the old railway. This is the first time I have been to the barrows, and it is amazing how they are virtually unknown, and therefore unvisited. I first saw this cache when I was looking at NC many moons ago, and was pleased to see it was cross-listed on OC. To be honest, I didn't realise it was also on GS until I found it.  In one sense this is good, as it will be sure to bring more people to this hidden gem, but in another, I feel it is a shame as what an awesome cache this would be if it were listed only on NC and OC? TFTC - we loved it!

I found it! 17 Jun 2012    Roman Around  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

This is one of two caches I have had my eye on for a very long time, but have never got around to visiting. For some reason, whenever we have travelled for caches it has been to the east, rather than the west. Generally speaking, when we have ventured west for caching, it has been a long way west (on holidays in Wales, Wiltshire and Cornwall, for example). It took a terracache ("Round Tower Church: Bartlow") to get us here today, and even then we almost didn't make this one, as I made such a mess of the TC that we spent far too long around Bartlow.

The decision was left to Ruby, and when I asked her she was most emphatic that she wanted to find another geocache. So we headed off towards a convenient place to park for a decent walk down the road. There were clearly closer places to park, but surely the point of this cache is to have a decent wander down the old Roman road? Ruby and I managed to walk almost 2km there and back without incident, and then she fell face-first into the mud about 20m before we were back at the car. Was she upset? No way, she loved it! She was covered in mud, and "all wet and soggy", but she didn't care. Mummy did, but that's another matter. TFTC!
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I found it! 13 Nov 2011    Heaven and Hell  ( Difficulty: 5    Terrain: 5 )

Found on an EA GeoMob with teams Ursus Bear and Postie Grum, "on the way" to the associated TC, and what fun we had! Overall, this cache didn't provide us with quite so much enjoyment as the nearby Legend of the Lost Cachers, but certainly provided just as much frustration!

I think that Heaven has never been so clean, since our visit. Usually it is Rachael who is the CITO expert, but this time it was Mark who must have scraped Heaven moss-free. But not cache-free. It would appear that someone has managed to muggle Heaven! Surely only the Angel of Darkness....Satan himself could be responsible?

Luckily we have recourse to PAF, so thanks Roderick for providing us with directions to the road to Hell, which was conquered surprisingly quickly (so quickly in fact, that Mark managed to get only one leg of his flame-retardant, brimstone-resistant special equipment leggings on, before Rachael had plucked the cache from its sulphury sanctuary. (The smell of the sulpher lingered longer, despite the use of Heavenly baby wipes...)

So far, both Heaven and Hell had proved somewhat anti-climactic, but this is where the cache became interesting - and, for me, the most fun. Unfortunately this is the TC part of the cache, which means anyone searching only for the OC will miss it. If you are searching for this OC though, it is worth joining TC just for the TC addition to the cache! I LOVED the 6 Feet Under aspect of the cache. You could have made the whole cache just this one element, and I would have been more than happy!

After a little diversion to find those pesky Lost Cachers, we were back to Heaven and Hell, and off to find the TC key and OC - and bloody hell, I found the key! While others were following their magical pieces of technology, I was following the hint, and found the key surprisingly uncovered. I guess it can just sit there, because who is going to be in there apart from cachers? (After the OC/NC was found and the TC was unlocked, the key was replaced as it was found - suitably unhidden?)

Thanks Graham for finally finding the cache(s), as we were losing hope. TFTC Roderick! Another goodie!

I found it! 13 Nov 2011    The Legend of the Lost Cachers  ( Difficulty: 4    Terrain: 4 )

Found with the EA GeoMob over a night and a day in order to find the associated TC (which proved easy to find, though not in the way it should have been).

I arrived late, due to work commitments and by the time I met up with the other Mobbers they had been wandering in circles for a good hour or so. Luckily their circles had either taken them not far from where they parked, or all the way round and back again. Either way, by the time I parked up, they were all of 600 metres away from me.

It felt to be good to be part of a Mob again - it has been some time since I have been caching in a Mob - and soon I was wandering around in circles too. By the time I joined, one missing tag had already been missed, and another picked up with the possibility of another missing inbetween also (which was later worked out to have been the case). We carried on until we reached another missing tag. At this point there was no further tag in evidence to carry on, so we stopped for a very tasty beer break.

It was such a mild night, that stopping in the middle of the woods at this time of year was not at all chilly. I think the beer dulled our brains, because we stopped to PAF at this stage. As Rachael later commented, when you have a F to PA it is too easy to do so. The answer to the puzzle was so evident, and had we stopped to think about where we had been, where to go was staring us in the face. But rather than plotting where we had been, we were plotting to kill Roderick for his not answering our text.

We decided that we would leave the cache until the next day, and went off for a quick trip to Heaven instead. (Satan would have to wait for tomorrow...)

Despite the saying, tomorrow did come (and at the time of writing is aka yesterday) and emboldened by reading previous logs we felt we should be able to finish in the daylight. Back at the same parking spot as the night before, we were receiving texts from Roderick for the tags we had missed. It would be true to say we were ambivalent about this, as we had already worked out roughly what they must have been, and also roughly what we had yet to find. Indeed we had plotted every single tag we felt the Agent of Darkness...Satan himself had planted - and confirmed what we had suspected the night before (if only the plot had thickened).

We could now see how others may well have abbreviated their trek, and could see that had we not been "cache-blind" we could have easily done similarly. Then again, it would not have been anywhere near as fun or memorable experience! We wouldn't have been able to enjoy the Ditches of Death, the Rhododendra of Ruination, and the Fearsome Fence of Finality. We didn't really to find any of these, but I would urge any other cacher to seek them out. Pain is so close to pleasure, and all that...

I am really glad we found this cache at both night and in daylight. The woods are completely different beasts, and the beauty of them is not realised until visited in daylight. In fact, they are surprisingly open, and it becomes clear just how foolish some route choices were the night before. As such, we enjoyed a nice and easy stroll to a location which we believed was the only place the cache could be.

It wasn't.

We ought to know, because we spent a good hour searching there. Just as we were beginning to doubt ourselves, we stopped for lunch/afternoon tea. This was clearly a big mistake - just as stopping for beer the night before. Once stopped, the urge to PAF is hard to resist. Stupidly, the solution to our problem was mentioned only moments before Mark was phoning Roderick. So once again something we had worked out for ourselves was confirmed by the cache owner, and literally within seconds we had what he had not been looking for, which lead us to what we were looking for - and somewhat unsurprisingly, had us walking around in circles again.

At GZ, we found ourselves at yet another tag - but this time could see where we needed to be looking, and Shirley soon had a nice big ammo can in her hands.

We thoroughly enjoyed these caches (OC and TC) in both the moonlight and the daylight, and were all in awe of how much thought and effort must have gone into the planning and execution.

Thanks for an incredibly entertaining time. I LOVED your cache! TFTC!!

I found it! 31 Mar 2011    Peddars Way  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

A cache which we would have come across much sooner if we hadn't backtracked needlessly for a mile to look for a waypoint we hadn't reached yet. Great wee walk to this cache, and nicely hidden. Our first find of the day, and we enjoyed it. Thanks Kev! (Or should that be TFTC?)

(This cache was found during the grand expedition in search of the Limes Icenorum terracache.)
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