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Hidden on Difficulty Terrain Cache Name
18 Jul 2003
Indian Falls
04 Jul 2004
Black Bridge Cache

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I found it! 02 Oct 2003    No Compromise No. 3  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

wow.. found cache fairly easily, however (a) getting it unnoticed and (b) returning it unnoticed were quite a challenge. had to make it look like i was waiting for someone to arrive and had to wait for all the smokers to go inside. all while it was 35 degrees outside :> a very formidable urban challenge! would love to see more in the famous wheelygood series of no compromise caches! would be very funny to find out someone works there who placed the cache or knows about it.

I found it! 02 Oct 2003    Warning (I Shall Wear Purple)  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

nice area.. well hidden. had to return a while later than when we first arrived as someone was nearby. tn/ln

I found it! 20 Sept 2003    Art Walk  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1 )

Finally got a chance to look for it when there wasn't a million people around. looked at the art and walked around and sat for a while. managed to stay lo profile. very cool.

I found it! 14 Sept 2003    No Compromise No. 2  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1 )

wow.. quite possibly the best hide job i've ever seen. very sneaky. still amazed we found it. nice little park didnt even know it was around.

I found it! 14 Sept 2003    No Compromise No. 1  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1 )

wow.. last place i thought of to look.. very hard to keep a low profile in this area.. all the students and people milling around..

I found it! 03 Sept 2003    Honey Creek  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

not first to find, but first to log. nice hide. took travel bug.left keychain.

I found it! 24 Aug 2003    Bullock's Woods  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2.5 )

nice hide, but the coords for the second container weren't in the box :< saw a whole mess of deer and got close enough to smell the stink blowin' off em'! nice wild refuge for 'em to run from lake ave. took the bass ackwards entrance through the swamp, nice walk though. thanx

Note 06 Jul 2003    Letchworth Fall Gathering II  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Sweet. Can't wait. How much is it per person for the cost of the lodge, booze permit, etc? anything needed let me know. count on at least 4 from the team going.

I found it! 03 Jul 2003    Return to Earth  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

nice night for a walk. found it with ease. got kinda turned around on the way out. some nice terrain back there. some of the biggest spiders i've seen on the bay. cache was a little skinny so i left some stuff.

I found it! 29 Jun 2003    Henpecked  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

found it at 1:00 pm on sunday. tough one. the first and second ones were tough.. little bit of poison ivy, but not bad at all.. took harry potter stickers, left navicache car decals(though they could be stuck to anything; kayaks, boxes, etc). thanks for a good afternoon

I found it! 28 Jun 2003    Ghost's Domain  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

found the cache. nice hiding spot. hard to spot at 12:45 am.

I found it! 27 Jun 2003    The Great Gates Cache  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

found this one at 9:30 pm... nice hiding job. tricky. word of caution for anyone looking for this one: watch out for poison ivy, both kinds(shrubs and climbing vines w/ little fuzzy roots)i realized i was immersed in it and got to hess quick fast in a hurry for some rubbing alcohol to clean up. but aside from the ivy, it was a wicked good hide! left everything i brought and took the shirt to change into(t-shirt was contaminated w/ yucky ivy juice)

I found it! 27 Jun 2003    Water for your soul  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 1 )

found it at 11:00 pm. tough find.. didnt look at the clue to see what it said :> found both though.. took nothing, left nothing. thanx!

I found it! 27 Jun 2003    Heron Bay  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

Nice location.. the little patio in the middle of nowhere is kinda cool, except the bugs kept us from veggin' out too long :> found this one after a little searching. log book is full. nice stamp, good carving skills!

I found it! 22 Jun 2003    Genesee River Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 2 )

found cache. took only a little while the whole team had fun. took phone cord, left handcuff key.
team ho2

I found it! 22 Jun 2003    Earth Day Celebration '02  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

found cache. well hidden. kudos on a good hide job. nice size container.. took cd, left streamlight jr flashlight w. new batteries.

I found it! 22 Jun 2003    Bookcrossing with Basil  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

found cache coord's are slightly off, but only about 10 ft. or so.. took high five, left romance novel. good idea with books.

I found it! 14 Jun 2003    Subway Cache  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 3.5 )

This is the first find for Team HO2. We stumbled onto this site accidentally when looking for maps of the old subway system. This is a cool sport. We're gunna have to find more caches. We only saw one homeless dude and 2 people in their birthday suits. We took nothing and left a glow stick(kinda old, no guarantees on functionality) in case your flashlight dies. The Pex dispenser was a funny sight after all that gloomy dismal walking.
Team HO


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