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I found it! 28 Aug 2004    Along Oatka Trail  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 2 )

Cool tree....Excellent creek.....Some fishermen arrived just after I re-placed the cache (just in time) or I would have given away the location (couldn't take it with me.....Nice hide

I found it! 28 Aug 2004    Deer Crossing  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Raining pretty good this PM but I'm here and It's not gonna stop me ! Only saw 1 small deer.

What a beautiful park. I gotta get back here when the weather is better and do some fishin......

I found it! 28 Aug 2004    Gypsum Mine II  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

Went in circles for this one....GPS kept correcting in the cover.....Sat down to rest and almost sat right on it ! What a shock ! Hello ! Raining pretty hard this afternoon but that didn't stop me. What a wonderful park...Gotta get back here to do some fishin...............

I found it! 03 Jul 2004    Cache Jubilee  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 3 )

Got some nice pics of the falls.....easy hike. Left RatFink II TB and took GeoGoose & LoveMama TB's. Hope to drop them off later this AM. FOund it ~8:15AM

I found it! 03 Jul 2004    Haf Baked  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

FTF...this was probably the toughest find I've seen in a while. Started this one after work last night and couldn't get past the second base. Got an early start this AM determined to not let it get the best of me.
Being a weekend cacher, FTF's are not easy to come by. This is my third......its been here since June 27. How come the Cache guru's let this go so long ?????????

Left Love Mama TB.

Had a ton of fun with this one

I found it! 27 Jun 2004    Mendon Ponds Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Doin some Caches and Orienteering stuff in Mendon this weekend. Coord's ~24'. Excellent hiking, a bit muddy but got around most of it. Nothing too bad. Took TB Rat Fink II. Will find a new home for him.

I found it! 14 Jun 2004    Henpecked  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Was here last year when it was cold and miserable, gave up. Excellent sunny summer day so I thought I'd try again. Found it quite quickly this time. TNLN

I found it! 30 Apr 2004    George's Triangle  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Couldn't let a cache in my back yard go unfound. Once I realized how easy it was to calculate the co'ords I found it easily. Trail is fairly dry, cache is in great shape but when all the buds begin to bloom I think this will be very difficult to find.Trail is well defined and it looks like herds of deer pass by regularily. View is great !
This was my 100th Geochache Find.....too bad I was 2nd...

I found it! 03 Jan 2004    Orient Express  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 3 )

Finishing up the GPS-O and almost tripped on this one. I left it where I found it but it was in an open area. Of course I probably would not have seen it if I wasn't looking. Left the Sponge-Bob Keychain TB that I'll Log on Geochache. I see nobody's been here since September. That's too bad it was such a nice hike. Saw numerous deer and squirels. Hills not so bad for this one.

GregP100@aol Hilton NY

I found it! 03 Jan 2004    Duck Duck Goose  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Roads closed and had to do this one on foot. There are two others nearby so I made a morning of it. The first marker was indeed the best I've seen. Found this one ~11:30A. There were these cool Hologram Sunglasses that my daughter wopuld love so I traded them for "Stretch" a TY beanie Baby. I also see the Star Bear TB hasn't gotten far since I dropped him off a couple of months ago near Akron NY. Somehow he made it back. I took him again and will attempt to get him on his a bit further so he doesn't get bored with Rochester. I'll log him on Geochache.

GregP100@aol Hilton NY

I found it! 03 Jan 2004    GPS-O (Durand Eastman Park)  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 4 )

Completed controls 6-13. Which almost finished the course. 23/24.....
2nd time looking for Control #5. Spent an enormous amount of time looking AGAIN !. Contacted the course owner and he replied that he will check #5 when the weather breaks.

On to Mendon and Letchworth.............

GregP100@aol.com Hilton NY

I found it! 25 Dec 2003    Noah's Ark  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

Fine sunny morning and finally a day off with not too much snow. Perfect day for some caches. Found this one first since it's close to the house and I've been driving by it every day ( in the dark ). I used to do these after work. Oh well summer's coming. I love the theme and the little tricks. In leg three they were floating but the contents remained very dry. I replaced them just above the water line but enough out of view to keep the ambience of the cache as I found it ! This was 1 of 3 for the morning. Only took the TB. Might see the southern tier within a few weeks and place it there. Thanks ! This is the time of year for boots.

I found it! 25 Dec 2003    Trey's Cache  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

This was the third of 3 for the morning. Clouds are coming in and blocking the sun and the temperature is dropping so I'll go home and warm up. Found it around 10:30AM. Knee high, dry boots came in very handy. Loads of mud everywhere and the runoff is filling the creek. Cache was easy to find since the co'ords were right on ~3feet with my Magellen Map330. TNLN. Thanks Trey for the fun hide !

I found it! 25 Dec 2003    Get Fresh  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1 )

Beautiful morning for this cache as expected. Absolutely no-one around. Co'ords right on and found it quickly. I can see when this place is open that this cache could be very difficult to get to without drawing attention. Cool location ! I must get back and reward myself for this find. This was the 2nd of 3 for the day. Found it around 10 AM. I love these types of caches. Thanks for the hide.

I found it! 30 Nov 2003    Dad's Old Schoolhouse  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1 )

Up early this AM and saw the listing. Been out there 6 days and no ones found it ?????????? Oh well ! Bragging rights "FIRST TO FIND".
Took Sponge Bob-Keychain Collector TB (and 1st to find prize)

Left Mysterious Bull TB

Very Nice Hide...I wonder what was at that very spot 50 years ago...hmmmmmm

I found it! 15 Nov 2003    Casey's "The Steve Irwin Experience" Cache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Found it about 4:30 PM. Can't do much late afternoon caching unless I get a big flashlight and a heavier coat. TB "ZEKE" is listed at this sight (Geochache) but I did not find him.

I brought along "Where's Otis" Tracker dog TB and left it. Two days to Hunting season and a mama doe was standing less than 50 yards watching me. I hope she makes it to tell about the cacher she met today.

Looks like "ZEKE" TB is missing in action and I can't note it to the Geochache TB log cause I ain't got his number......

Hope someone sees this and gets him going again.

I found it! 15 Nov 2003    Halloween Treats, No Tricks  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Like an easy one once in a while and this was it. I see the gift certificate is still there.......Didn't have anything to trade so I left it for the next cacher.

This was very cool !

I found it! 01 Nov 2003    No Compromise No. 3  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

This one was tough !!!!! Went last night after work, spotted it but there were way too many folks around. Must've been something incoming. So I went very early this AM (5:30AM) absolutely isolated and I also brought something with me so I could stretch my imagination amongst other things. Easily made a log, which was even harder since the log book is totally filled up but I found a small space......I love these urban hides. Very Challanging. Thanks Wheely for the tip but if I'd done my homework and read all the logs, it was all there.

I found it! 18 Oct 2003    Hayley's Cosmo  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

Just came from archery hunting land closeby and decided to do the three in this park. This was the first, found it around 11AM. TNLNSL. Co'ord right on w/in 15'

I found it! 18 Oct 2003    Geodecache  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

Just came from archery hunting land closeby and decided to do the three in this park. This was the third, found it around 12 noon . TNLNSL. Tough Hide co'ords off a bit. My unit said ~50' but then again I was getting a lot of bounce ! Spooked up a nice 6 pointer ( Where was he when I had my bow ? ) Oh well another day ! Nice Hide excellent location.....

I found it! 11 Oct 2003    Ghost's Domain  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

Found this while doing the GPS-O. Found it around 10 AM Nice Hide and a nice break in the action.

I found it! 11 Oct 2003    Durand Discovery 1  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Found this while doing GPS-O. Nice Hide ! This one is great for the kids.....bring em' along !

I found it! 11 Oct 2003    Ghost's Revenge!  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

No ones been here since JUNE ????? What a nice cache hide. Great for kids and dogs.... This is three of four caches for me today along with 16 GPS-O points. What a great hiking park !

I found it! 11 Oct 2003    Dudes on the loose!  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

Another cache that hasn't been visited since JUNE ! What gives in this park. These trails are wonderful and the kids and dogs would love to run around here. Didn't even see another human. Although I didn't find the "easy" trail, I ended up bushwacking my way in. Found the cache holding up a tree and had to negotiate for it's release but I got it fairly easily. Cache contents getting low, only a few goodies left. TNLN. Nice Hide ! Terrain should be rated higher for the last 50-80 feet.

I found it! 11 Oct 2003    GPS-O (Durand Eastman Park)  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 4 )

This one was fabulous. Each co'ord was at a point of interest and the hike was amazing. Found 16/24 (Control # 1-4 and #13-24)today on the east side of the park. Will get back (don't know when now that we're into hunting season) to finish the last 8 (Control# 5-12)on the westside. I understand they're setting these up in Mendon and Letchworth. That's Great ! I can't wait !
[Modified 2003-10-19 06:31:29]

I found it! 07 Oct 2003    Genesee Valley Park I (ARCHIVED)  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1 )

Decided to do these after work since it was a fabulous day and didn't want to miss the opportunity. Quick find co'ords w/in 10' right on.Nice Hide ! Signed the log and on to part II
[Modified 2003-10-08 16:15:51]

I found it! 07 Oct 2003    Genesee Valley Park II (ARCHIVED)  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Got lucky and found a real good parking spot w/in 200' of the site and on the right side of the water. Passed right by it but found it within minutes. co'ords off a bit. My GPS said 40'. Took a small CD bag and left a cute little bear statue. Also left the Elvish Archer TB making his way across the US, originally from Idaho.(logged on geochache) Watch out for the Archer, the season opens in 8 days.

I found it! 27 Sept 2003    Water for your soul  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 1 )

Second time here. First time was after work one night and I ran out of light. Finally got back around 11 AM this morning. Funny thing, there's the picture clue inside the cache of where I found it ! That's wierd. Should've had the clue before I went searching. I am begining to hate sticking my hand in places that I don't know what's in there. Been doing a lot of urban caches and have had to do that a lot lately. One day I'm gonna get bit by something. Maybe I should start wearing gloves. HMMMMMMMMM !!!! Took Nothin Left Nothin

I couldn 27 Sept 2003    Henpecked  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Location 2 searched within 100' of the coords in leg 1 and couldn't see the clue location. Even had the pic with me. I wonder if it's still there. Searched for almost two hours.

I found it! 27 Sept 2003    Maps Maiden  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Still had this on my GPS unit and was passing by so I thought I'd give it a try. Didn't know it was discontinued. It's very wet back there but I was able to locate it around noon. The contents are dry and it took me a while to find it. There's a lot of growth and it's hard to manuver

I found it! 14 Sept 2003    Cranberry Cache  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Forgot to log this and was just reviewing my records.

I couldn 01 Sept 2003    A MAGICAL, MYSTICAL GULLY  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 4 )

I knew I was in trouble when I read that the waypoints were within 100'. That's like looking for a needle in a haystack. I was within 1 mile doing another cache and decided to try it ! There are soooooo many hiding places..... This was a very cool hike ! The gully was spectacular. GPS was OK but did start to jump when I got to the site. Scoured the area for the better part of an hour before giving up to check out the rest of the scenery. Nice hike ! Will try and get back sometime soon ! Lots of green rocks...kinda got my hopes up ! Maybe another clue is in order !

I found it! 01 Sept 2003    Seneca Trails  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Started from this one a couple of times but got side-tracked with all the other caches in the area. Finally got around to this one...took the short route......Took Pooh Bear TB....Left Alex The Albino Alligator TB I picked up in NJ........today's my TB trading day. Logged TB's See Geocaching.com

I found it! 30 Aug 2003    THE HOBBIT - BAG END CACHE  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2.5 )

This was one of the cutest caches I have found. This box was chock full of real cute items and the hide was fairly easy but the clues lead me to it right away (not the GPS although it helped). My complements to your 11 (now 12 year old) who hid this. Excellent job ! Left POOH BEAR TB and took FLY ARMY TB. I also traded a Undercover MD book for a mini bean baby. Thanks Butterfly ! TB's Logged on Geocache.com
[Modified 2003-09-01 04:15:32]

I found it! 15 Aug 2003    Your boots were made for cachin'  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

log on Geocache.com

I found it! 09 Aug 2003    A Tribute to Music and LOCAL Musicians  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

By far, this is the best cache i've been to. I'm a Singer/Dancer/Actor (yes even at my age) and this has to be the best cache I've been to. Fell in love with the Broadway CD..Didn't have anything to trade so I borrowed it and will get something in the cache on my next visit to Auburn. TNX Found it @ 3:45 PM..#15/16 for the day... One to go before I fall over !Comments on Geocache.com
[Modified 2003-09-01 04:20:15]

I found it! 09 Aug 2003    Van Nest Murder Case  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

This was the 5th for the day and the last before I teamed up with a friend to continue the day of hard caching. Loved the theme and felt like I was re-living it rather than reading a book or seeing it on TV. Very eriee feeling... and again by MaMa Bear.....she's everywhere ! Thanks MaMa Bear this was very enjoyable. Comments on Geocache.com
[Modified 2003-09-01 04:30:13]

I found it! 09 Aug 2003    Gone Fishin...Back Soon!  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

Looks like I'm following daseekers last two logs they were right in front of me. Found this around 2:20 PM....this one was very cool. Had to do this in cognito since they were getting ready for the big race on Sunday. Comments on Geocache.com
[Modified 2003-09-01 04:26:52]

I found it! 01 Aug 2003    Three Celtic Crosses  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Learned a little about Rochester History while following the co'ords. Very nice Virtual Cache ! Loved it ! TNX

I found it! 27 Jul 2003    Blossom's Booty  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2.5 )

Drove in from Rochester to see the falls and do a couple of Caches along the way. Had to see the falls from the lower Gorge trail and the cache was less than .1 of a mile from there. Even though I knew I wasn't near it it was strange since the elevation was 210' or so. wierd. Got on the Hi trail and found it fairly quickly. Co'ords were right on ! Didn't know there was a bug in there or I would have snatched it. Going to NJ in acouple of weeks and am bring a group of bugs with me to plant. Maybe pick up a few to bring back. Oh well maybe next time. Took nothing Left Nothing.

[Modified 2003-07-28 09:53:34]

I found it! 27 Jul 2003    Maple Grove Cache  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Co'ord's were off a little bit. I was at 28' but it was still a pretty easy find. I love this area. Primarily I was after the rio Flamingo TB since I'm going to NJ in a couple of weeks I am planning to plant as many bugs as I can find. I snatched it. Took nothing else although the CD with the Rochester history was very intising but I stopped after work and did not have anything to trade.

I found it! 10 Jul 2003    Message in a Bottle  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Little trouble with this one since there was no message in the bottle. E-Mailed the owner and got the message and found it with no problem. Cache is in good shape. Found it @ ~5:30 PM. With all the signs of teenage parties in the area I don't know how this one survived. Took the liberty of putting the message back in the bottle. I hope you don't mind. I live close by so if you would rather I not do that I can retrieve it quickly. Take your bug spray Got eaten alive !

I found it! 10 Jul 2003    Earth Day Celebration '02  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

This one was very tough. Searched for almost an hour but I finally found it. It was 34' from my 0 co-ord's on my Magellan 330. There was a load of hiding places back there but I'm starting to get good at this. Left Nothing Took Nothing. Nice Hide. 2nd time @ this park. Thought I was going to get Bulock's next but it was raining and getting very dark. I'll be back !

I found it! 05 Jul 2003    Escape  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 2 )

I didn't have this one on my list of caches to find the last time I was in the area so I headed back out after the fireworks festivities. I love this area, loads of wildlife. got there about 5PM. Took a certificate and left a rether nice Angel playing a harp and a peach blossom can that was making too much noise in my container.Rather dry now and my boots didn't get wet as I suspected. Nice hiding spot with tons of spots around to pick. Tnx for the journey !
[Modified 2003-07-08 23:23:37]

I found it! 05 Jul 2003    Bookcrossing with Basil  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Second for the evening. Found this about 6PM. Looks like the container is getting pretty cracked from the weather. A couple of books were somewhat soggy. If the teenagers wern't close by shooting off fireworks this would have been a really decent hike. It was nice all the same and I really like the book theme a lot. Loved the American Wonderlands so I traded it with "Princess Dottie" by Lucy Gordon..... Nice Hide ! TNX

I found it! 03 Jul 2003    Night Stalker Part 1 of 2  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

Very strange ! I thought it was tougher than it was. My daughter was visiting from NYC so I took her. She kept wondering where I was taking her. I told her I was just following my GPS and didn't know where we'd end up !

I found it! 03 Jul 2003    Night Stalker Part 2 of 2  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 1.5 )

Quinn... You are so good with the twists. This was great. Found it @ 12:55 PM. Kept wondering if I missed something. First time at this park..gotta go back and explore some more ! Took book "Turn of the Screw" left a Lemon Candle. Nice Hide and twist ! TNX

I found it! 27 Jun 2003    The Great Gates Cache  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

Found this at 5:50PM. Stopped by on my way home from work so I had nothing to trade. Nice stuff though. This was tricky. Didn't even know that park existed but it was fairly quiet and a beautiful walk. Loads of hiding places there ! This would be a good one to bring the dog or the kids. Another good hide Quinn! Always a pleasure. TNX Again ! (I was almost first !!!!!!!)
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Note 22 Jun 2003    Message in a Bottle  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

Found it on July 10, see entry

June 22, 2003 ; I found the bottle but there was no message (co'ord's)....couldn't get to second base.
Love the location....nice terrain.......

Are you going to put the final waypoints in the bottle any time soon ????? Pls Advise !

[Modified 2003-07-15 16:18:30]

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I found it! 22 Jun 2003    Country Wheels  ( Difficulty: 3.5    Terrain: 3 )

This one was tricky... with all the math. Since I'm a math major I thought it would be easy. Well mabey I know too much.....you'll see what I mean when you read my log entry. I almost headed for South America ! WOW ! Found it around 6PM... I like the theme and the hike.... Took Golf balls Left Porcelain Rabbit. TNX for the brain excercise.

I found it! 22 Jun 2003    Winged Things  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

16 years young....very sad .. my condolances. I love hikes with a little twist and this one had it. This was my third one for an early Sunday morning. Found it around 9AM. I thought I'd beat the bugs but they were waiting for me. Great hide..loved it ! Nice work. TNX

I found it! 22 Jun 2003    It's as easy as ABC  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

WOW ! This one was very strange. I found the location and searched and searched and searched. I sat down to take a short break and my GPS coordinates slowly shifted and said I was 60 + feet from "0". I moved the 60'found it very easily. I think the satelites were sending a correction signal and threw me off ! This is a first for this. It was fairly early Sunday Morning and it was the 4th for the day. Found it @ 11:30AM and I forgot to keep tract of what I took and what I left. I put it in the log book. What a beautiful park...My first time there...TNX

I found it! 22 Jun 2003    The Shining Path  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

This was quite interesting.

Since the last part was quite close to home I knew a few tricks on how to get there without a long hike and it was quite easy.

Excellent area ! The clues had me thinking a lot and I like that in a cache hunt. This was superb.

Stash appeared to be getting low so I took nothing and left nothing.

TNX for the adventure !

I found it! 22 Jun 2003    Lupin's Treasure  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 1.5 )

June 22, 2003 by GregP100 (104 found)
Went here early Sunday Morning. Found it @ 7:45 AM.... It was Sooooooo... Quiet with only a few birds chirpin away !!!!!..... How peaceful ! Left a Golf weight and some coffee Took the wind chimes. Coordinates were right on. What a lovely hike.. TNX !
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I found it! 14 Jun 2003    Huckleberry Island  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 3 )

1st one for this week. Sky's just clearing. Good thing I wore boots. Quite wet back there. Is this really an island? Oh well ! There's is a beautiful old tree, about 25' from the cache, that I fell in love with. What a beautiful tree. This one is magnificant. Oh did I tell you about the tree ? Nice hike ! Took lightstick...Left candle.

I found it! 14 Jun 2003    Creeks Edge Cache!  ( Difficulty: 3    Terrain: 3 )

#2 for the day. Found it @ 3:30 PM. It's nice not to have to bushwack all the way except for the last few feet. 2nd one today...just came from Huckleberry Island. Fairly easy find...pretty dry all around considering the rain we've had. Be careful on the hill, it's quite steep. Took a PCCD and left an Angel Figurene. What a beautiful day this is turning out to be.

I found it! 14 Jun 2003    A Hawks View  ( Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2 )

The light got in my eye...I stubbed my toe....Brain cramp ! I put 6:30 pm in the log book only to find out later it was only 5:30 PM. My God was it wet back there...Bring your boots and pick the right trail. Nice Hide ! Took Golf weight...Left PCCD. Weather is getting better all the time after all the rain we've had. Loads of fun. TNX Quinn. Oh I took a pic. It's #16

[Modified 2003-06-27 19:48:47]

I found it! 06 Jun 2003    CARON S CACHE  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

Finally found this one. Felt like I was wandering aimlessly. After 45 minutes of flailing, I was just about ready to throw in the towel when I made a final pass and spotted it ! It was about 7:15PM and it was a beautiful evening. Interesting hide. Since the cache is not at the exact co-ordinates maybe a clue is in order. Not knowing if your a foot or a mile from your target is frustrating to say the least. Although I loved the walk and the area was superb. Took a figurine. Left a workout video.
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I found it! 06 Jun 2003    Pink Panther  ( Difficulty: 1.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

After bushwacking for 45 minutes at Caron's cache it was nice to find this one. The coordinates were super. GPS said 2 feet , looked down and there it was. Weather was perfect, no bugs, not too much mud. How much better can it get. Found it at 7:30PM. Left a figurine Took Beany Baby. What a fun adventure ! Thanks Quinn !

I found it! 05 Jun 2003    Badge Adventure cache!  ( Difficulty: 2.5    Terrain: 1.5 )

Had to return a second time since it was raining and kinda cold when I first started out lasy week. Thank God for the backtrack function on the GPS for I found this the second time without wandering the trails. As it turns out I was real close the first time. Couldn't figger out the twist unless it was all those trails. Oh well ! Found it around 5:40PM. Fun hike ! Thanks for the journey. This was my third. Other logs on Geochache.com

I found it! 29 May 2003    Watership Down  ( Difficulty: 1    Terrain: 1 )

I just found out about caching and this was my first stab at it. It was close to home and I figgured I could do it after work. Found all three in about 1 1/2 hrs. Nice hike. Better than stationery running at the gym. (You get nowhere that way.) I thought the theme was superb and I wish I still had kids at home to share this with (all grown up now). Took nothing left nothing. Thanks for the adventure !

Loved it !


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