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cache type Lover's Lane Micro cache size

by Paleoman
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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 42° 37.914'   W 078° 02.714'
Castile,   New York   14427
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 20 Jul 2006
Waypoint (Landmark): N0267E
Open Cache:  Unrestricted
Cache type:  Normal
Cache size:   Micro

Difficulty: gps gps gps (moderate)
Terrain: gps gps (easy)

Misc: Disabled access. Pets are allowed. Parking is available


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This road is located between Buffalo Street and Park Road East. The coordinates may be slightly off due to some difficulty getting strong signals in this area. This is a good cache to do at night!( for obvious reasons, LOL)

***New coordinates, location, terrain, and difficulty level***

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Almost every little community has a ďLoverís LaneĒ, somewhere around the township. The Village of Castile has an actual street named Loverís Lane but it is nearly impossible to find a street sign with the name on it because it is the most stolen street sign in our village. There are no street lights on this road which makes the perfect setting for lovers, young and old to go there and to have some privacy. My favorite memory of this Lane involved borrowing my Dadís 1968 Mercury Comet and driving down to Loverís Lane where I would hold the brake, smash the gas pedal to the floor, and lay rubber for about 200 feet. I only did this a few times before my dad noticed the tires were wearing out fast on the back of his car. My main intention for placing this Micro was to get people to drive down to Loverís Lane and to stop and observe the tranquil setting where a little creek cuts through the steep, wooded hillsides. Anything else that you do while you are at this location is strictly your business. The micro has a pencil in it but it wouldnít be a bad idea to bring one of your own to sign the log.

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    V xabj guvf vf Ybire7f Ynar< ohg gel gb pbapragengr ba svaqvat gur pnpur1

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I found it! 03 Aug 2006 by  Szuchie  (Finds: 146  Score: 577)    (Hidden: 5  Score: 26)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

"Hi, my name is Szuchie, and it's been almost 12 days since I last found a cache."

Today almost turned out to be another "No Cache on the Agenda" kind of day. But after arriving home only to learn that P-man was feet from my place (which in turn is only feet from a bar!), I felt the itch to head out. Of course I didn't scratch the itch, I just sat around staring at the wall thinking about how I wanted to cache (yeah, I know...I'm pathetic. You should see me try and make real decisions about basic day-to-day tasks...haha).

So after dinner, I got an email from the P-Man discussing his near miss of sharing caches and beer with me in Arcade tonight, and at the conclusion of this email he mentioned Lover's Lane. This was the second time he had mentioned it to me, the first time suggesting that this cache was a must do with Chicky. Gotta love a fellow geocacher that is looking out for your best interests right?!? Haha!

So after mulling it around, and hemming and hawing, I mumbled something to Chicky about heading out and doing this cache. She was all for it, and eventually coerced me out of the apt. at 8:30 on our way to Lover's Lane. As always, it was a beautiful post-dusk drive to Castile, and it was just cool enough to have the windows down and hang your arm out the window.

Soon after entering town, we quickly found the cache area. Since it was dark out we probably spent more time looking for this cache then normalÖ.but with the sounds of the babbling brook nearby, we knew this spot was truly made for lovers. So after 10 minutes or so, with the GPS jumping about, I finally caught the right angle and the cache was in hand.

After pawing through the logs real quick, we....well....read the log if you'd like to know more. Of course, after replacing the cache we had to christen the lane with....haha, well...read the log. Haha. On our way out, we stopped at the corner to see the road sign displaying "Lover's Lane", and as mentioned in the cache description it was indeed gone....I guess some people just can't get over the heartbreak.

Thanks P-Man for a very nice spot we had never known about, we'll have to remember to come back here again for....well....yeah, you're just gonna have to read the log.



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