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cache type Clyde and Flora's Cache cache size

by JSahrle
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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 42° 31.455'   W 077° 39.942'
Dansville,   New York   14437
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 15 Nov 2006
Waypoint (Landmark): N02639
Open Cache:  Personal use only
Cache type:  Normal
Cache size:   Normal

Difficulty: gps gps half gps (moderate)
Terrain: gps gps gps half gps (moderate)

Misc: No drinking water! No restrooms (water closets) available Pets are allowed. Parking is a challenge. No fees!

No night caching please.

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Three stage mystery cache. Minimal bushwhacking may be required depending upon how tall the weeds have grown. This hike should get your heart pumping a bit. Overall though, the terrain isnít that bad. Just a bit of walking/hiking or snowshoeing depending upon the weather.

Parking coordinates for the cache
N 42 31.548
W 077 39.805
Please DO NOT block the entrance to the farm road. Please follow the farm road towards the cache location via foot.

This land is part of the original Sahrle Farms, which was owned and operated by my great-grandfather and grandfather. If you had visited this land many years ago, you might have seen my grandfather or great-grandfather out plowing the fields using one of their teams of horses. In fact, both grandpa and great-grandpa would often stop and take lunch with the horses by the tree that is located at waypoint #1. The team of horses would graze in the meadow and get a drink while young Howard or Frederick ate the lunch that had been prepared by my great-grandmother, Sadie. One such team of horses was comprised of "Clyde and Flora." It is for them that this cache is affectionately titled. Those good ole' horses did everything from plow the fields, assist with the harvest, and provide companionship to a young Howard Aaron Sahrle (my grandfather). Grandpa used to love to tell stories from his childhood regarding his travels with Clyde and Flora from his home to the one room school house down the road.

Update on 5/2/07. The property has been sold. The new landowners, Frank and Ellen Gendreau, have graciously agreed to allow the caches to stay in place. They have been longtime neighbors and my grandfather thought very highly of them. I cannot thank them enough for their generosity.

Note: The Gendreaus have placed posted signs around the property in order to discourage trespassers. These signs DO NOT apply to geocachers.

If anyone asks, you have permission to use this land for geocaching purposes from Frank and Ellen Gendreau--the new landowners.

Good luck and happy caching!!!


Note: This cache was previously published on geocaching.com. I just became aware of this site and wanted to publish my caches here as well.

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I found it! 13 Jul 2007 by  Paleoman  (Finds: 95  Score: 428)    (Hidden: 14  Score: 60)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Killerb's log pretty well sums up my experience at this cache. It was amazing to think that Bo played such a valuable roll in helping KB and I complete this cache. I just hope that KB gives Bo an extra cookie or two for all his efforts this morning. This dog is definitely KB's secret weapon when it comes to caching. Now back to the adventure. It is true that I had my hand on the cache leg and didn't even realize it, and then I couldn't exactly remember where I had placed my hand. KB really enjoyed watching me fail miserably at this first leg and without his help and my glasses I would be recording a big fat DNF here instead of a smiley face. Now the second leg search is something I will remember for all my caching days. KB and I put a huge effort into trying to find this one and both of our GPS's took us to different places with the same set of coordinates punched into them. It was during this search that Bo was right next to me with something really cool in his mouth so I proceeded to take it from him, and he didn't want to give it up very bad. I showed this to KB and then I found the coordinates after KB told me to look it over really good. We were thrilled to have gotten these coordinates but at the same time confused as to where this leg originally was placed, so we made a guess and positioned it where it was safe. Jen you may have to check on this spot and let us know where you originally had it. Now it was off to the final. We found the location right away and Bo and I spotted where it was but couldn't figure out how to get at it. KB and I worked furiously at retrieving this until it finally came loose and we had it in our hands. During the retrieval process I ended up loosing my GPS and had to look for that after finding the cache. I put the cache in a place that it was not in originally because we were not able to get it back to where you had it, Sorry there was an equipment failure. This was a memorable adventure doing this cache and a fitting end to a great morning of J-Dog and Mama Cass cache hides. Thanks ladies for all the great fun that KB, Bo, and I had today. -Paleoman52-


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