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by Cracker7M
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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 42° 36.008'   W 078° 00.511'
This may not be the actual cache coordinate.
Castile,   New York   14427
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 01 Nov 2002
Waypoint (Landmark): N003C0
Cache type:  Multi-Part
Cache size:   Normal

Difficulty: gps gps half gps (moderate)
Terrain: gps gps gps half gps (moderate)

Misc: Drinking water available. There are restrooms (water closets) available Pets are allowed. Parking is available No fees!


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"Along the Roots of Big Bend" is a five-part multi-cache. I broke it down into 3 main legs. I set it up so that you can do just the first couple of caches, or all five. Plan to spend between 3 to 4 hours if you want to take in all the views and all the caches. It is approx. 3.5 miles round trip. You can park in the vicinity of N 42°36.076 W 078°00.177. This is the beginning of the Park maintenance trail you will follow to the general vicinity of “The Foot of Big Bend Cache”.


This multi-cache is mostly easy terrain, and you will be following faint deer paths which pretty much stick to the flatter areas, but I rated it kinda high because it can be a long hike, and there are some climbs that will make you "Huff & Puff".

The Cache:

The first leg will be "The Foot of Big Bend", the 1st cache. The co-ordinates for the 2nd and 3rd caches will be inside.

The second leg is the "River-Walk Cache". You can skip this leg if you wish.
This leg offers several not-often seen views of a section of the Genesee River, (called Lee's Landing) as well as the beginning of the section known as Big Bend in the heart of Letchworth State Park. Lee’s Landing was once used as a fording to cross the Genesee by pioneers on their way westward, to settle the Niagara Frontier.
Once you locate the "River-Walk Cache", inside you will find co-ordinates for a couple of nearby spots offering interesting views. Due to the terrain, to get to the next cache you will have to return to the area of "The Foot of Big Bend".

The third, and longest leg of this multi-cache, starts with "The View Cache". Once you locate the cache, inside you will find the co-ordinates for "The View", as well as those for the next cache.
NOTE: "The View" is at the edge of a cliff. Please use good judgement and dont get too close to the edge.

"Beaver-View Cache", the 4th cache, will offer a close-up view of the first of three beaver dams, and the results of their work on the adjacent forest.
PLEASE do not climb on or cross the beaver dams. If you look downstream from the first dam, you will see a place you can cross if the water is not running high.

The 5th and last cache is called "Horse-shoe Pond Cache". You will take in a view of a uniquely shaped pond and more interesting topography. (The pond has dried up, and now is just a small creek and marsh). Inside this last cache you will find the route back to the maintenance road,
which includes one more view, and another beaver pond.

"The Foot of Big Bend" is in a 30 cal ammo can.
The rest of the caches are all in 50 cal ammo cans.

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  • Check the inside cover of each logbook for co-ords of the other caches and for extra "views".