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by WhiteUrkel
(Finds: 172  Score: 635)    (Hidden: 40  Score: 156)

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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 43° 01.139'   W 078° 52.713'
Tonawanda,   New York   14150
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 13 May 2006
Waypoint (Landmark): N0206C
Open Cache:  Non-commercial use only
Cache type:  Event
Cache size:   Unknown

Difficulty: gps (easy)
Terrain: gps (easy)

Misc: Drinking water available. There are restrooms (water closets) available Disabled access. No pets are allowed. Parking is available No fees!


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Please join us to at an event to celebrate the 1,000th find of the first Niagara County Cacher to achieve that lofty goal, BarbershopDru, on Saturday, May 13th, 2006. The event will be at:

American Legion Post 264

60 Main Street

Tonawanda, N.Y. 14150

Time: 8:00 PM

Coords at the top of the page should take you right to the proper entrance for the event. Go down the stairs, the event is in the basement. Signs will point the way.

Here is BarbershopDru at find #1000, Low and behold in

Letchworth State Park: (Note blatent Navicache plug)

There is no need to be personally acqainted with the great

BarbershopDru to attend this event! Other than a quickie

presentation around 9ish, this will resemble any other Pub Night event. So come on out and meet the local cachers.

This event is being listed with less than two weeks notice, so don't expect any Poker Runs, temporary event caches, or new hides in the immediate area. But then again, we reserve the right to throw anything at you. The late start time will provide ample opportunity for attendees to cache on the way to the event. There are 60 caches within 4 miles of the event, and 5 within what I'd consider walking distance from the event. The Legion Post does not serve food, but we will have complimentary snacks (chips, pretzels, soft drinks and bottled water, as well as a cash bar, at the dirt cheap prices you'd expect to find at an American Legion

Child Friendly! Feel free to bring children to the event, although there are no activities planned. Please keep the kids somewhat supervised though, i.e. no wandering around the building. This event is 100% Handicap accessable! Thanks to the world's slowest elevator, which was installed in 2004.

Win cool stuff. Although TWU is a Legion member, and is able to rent this spacious hall at a highly discounted rate, it isn't free We will be raffling off a nice new .30 cal ammo box, Camoed Lock-n-Lock container, and an undisclosed unactivated geocoin (and probably much more to be added to the list) to offset the cost of the rental. Any monies collected above and beyond that will be used to insure I don't have to pay for any of my drinks that night (just kidding, it's for the snacks and soft drinks).

Please post a note if you can attend, and the number attending.

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Note 03 Jun 2006 by  WhiteUrkel  (Finds: 172  Score: 635)    (Hidden: 40  Score: 156)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Time to kill this one here. Hey, thanks to the four people who logged it here, and for attending, of course. By my count 40 people attended, not bad for about 13 days notice.

Note 16 May 2006 by  mickemt  (Finds: 172  Score: 590.5)    (Hidden: 71  Score: 266)
    Open Log:  Unrestricted

I must be bored, I looked up the stats for some of our local cachers.Here's the list, the numbers after the names are, in order, ranking in NY, USA, and Worldwide.
mrsmom 4/5/26
TWU 7/8/35
MickEMT 10/12/54
Rayman 16/19/73
MrZ 18/22/83
Cayuga Crew 19/23/85
Strikeforce 35/42/135
Gryffindor 43/61/193
Gof1 46/66/210
Huckle Buckle 47/69/223
Exit Mundi 55/80/256

Our area is pretty good about using Navicache, WNY has 3 of the top 10 cachers in the state, 7 of the top 50 in the USA and 6 of the top 100 cachers worldwide, which is pretty good considering how popular it is in Europe.

I found it! 13 May 2006 by  Szuchie  (Finds: 146  Score: 577)    (Hidden: 5  Score: 26)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Hey...I was at this event!!! Yes I know Urk, logging nearly 2 years later. The things you find when you profile stalk people...god, I need to stop getting pointers from the lad. Haha.

Anyway...here's my damn log:

The first time I ever met Dru was actually at the Pub Night hosted by NYGO earlier this year. Having never met ANYONE in the caching community I was a little shy and was sort of wandering around mingling best I could.

Well, Dru walks up to me and I just kind of blurt out, "So you're the famous Barbershop Dru! So nice to finally meet you. If I knew you better I'd give you a big old hug!" Without missing a BEAT she exclaims, "A hug! I'll take it!" And wouldn't you know it, she gave me a hug. Whatta gal!

Much like Hucklebuckle mentioned, I was new to the community, and for someone who has never heard of me before and knew nothing about me to welcome me into "the realm" and treat me with such kindness was truly a great moment for me...and to this day is still one of my favorites.

Dru - thank you so much for being you, and for allowing us to come together in an open forum and express our gratitude and appreciation for everything. Here's to 1,000,000,000,000 more!!!

Also, it was nice to see old friends, as well as put names to faces. I only wish I didn't live so darn far away as I wasn't able to get around to everyone. Oh well, here's to NEXT TIME!


I found it! 13 May 2006 by  mickemt  (Finds: 172  Score: 590.5)    (Hidden: 71  Score: 266)
    Open Log:  Unrestricted

Great event Urk! Glad to hear you made out alright finacially. Gee, who's the #1 Navicache supporter in the area??
Congrats again to Dru & HC, glad to see everyone.

I found it! 13 May 2006 by  Rayman77  (Finds: 104  Score: 393.5)    (Hidden: 10  Score: 32.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Fine job with your planning Urk. Still can't believe they had my beverage of choice. Had a great time meeting some new people and catching up with old friends. Congrats again to Dru!

I found it! 13 May 2006 by  gof1  (Finds: 34  Score: 122.5)    (Hidden: 2  Score: 7)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Good to see everyone again.
It was nice to be there for Dru's 1000th find and now the party to celebrate.
See you all on the trail some time.

I found it! 13 May 2006 by  WhiteUrkel  (Finds: 172  Score: 635)    (Hidden: 40  Score: 156)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

I guess it's safe to log early here. I dunno Huckle, I'll strongarm a few people into logging here :-). I'm still Buffalo's 2nd biggest Navicache supporter. Several people expressed concern privately that I made enough off the raffle to cover hall rental and expenses (thanks for the concern). Initially, I thought we were $11 over, but the next day, I found a several 10's in what I thought was only a stack of 1's!!! So yes, very successful. Had I known at the time, I would have raffled off some cash :-). I'll be sure to spread the wealth at future events, and if you were at this event and run into me on the trail, I owe you a beer, or in the case of HB, a soft drink.

Yes, 40 people attended by my count, great event and thanks to all who attended.

I found it! 13 May 2006 by  HuckleBuckle  (Finds: 77  Score: 273.5)    (Hidden: 67  Score: 223.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Great event, wonder how many people will log it on navicache though. :-D Thanks Urkel & Congrats Dru!

Note 07 May 2006 by  mickemt  (Finds: 172  Score: 590.5)    (Hidden: 71  Score: 266)
    Open Log:  Unrestricted

I'll be there, bringing a geocoin for the auction.

Note 02 May 2006 by  HuckleBuckle  (Finds: 77  Score: 273.5)    (Hidden: 67  Score: 223.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Surprised to see a local event being posted on navicache. Sounds like it'll be a great time. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


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