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This cache has been retired.
Please do not look for this cache.

by HuckleBuckle
(Finds: 77  Score: 273.5)    (Hidden: 67  Score: 223.5)

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Coordinates (WGS-84 datum)
N 42° 55.054'   W 078° 47.203'
This may not be the actual cache coordinate.
Cheektowaga,   New York   14225
United States    Near By Caches

Hidden On: 30 Oct 2005
Waypoint (Landmark): N01CBC
Open Cache:  Unrestricted
Cache type:  Multi-Part
Cache size:   Micro

Difficulty: gps half gps (easy)
Terrain: gps half gps (easy)

Misc: Parking is available

This cache will take you on a nice easy walk through a small portion of Cheektowaga Town Park, where I plan on hiding another multi in the future. Leg 1 will take you to a pedestrian bridge that is an entrance to the park, and leg 2 is a little bit off one of the paths. I estimate this cache should only take about 10 minutes, at the most. The final is a small cammo-ed up container with just a log. Please bring your own pen/pencil. Have fun and Happy Caching! HuckleBuckle

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This short little multi is located at Cheektowaga Town Park, which is open from sunrise to sunset.

Clue decoding tables - Top letter or symbol decodes to bottom letter or symbol:



Clues:    decode

  • Leg 1: 
    Qrcraqvat ba juvpu jnl lbh pnzr va< lbh zvtug frr vg evtug njnl>

  • Leg 2: 
    xabggrq=bhg ubyr va gerr>

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Note 17 Apr 2006 by  me333  (Finds: 2  Score: 5.5)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Non-commercial use only

Looked for this one on Saturday 4/15... Nothing found except the possible hiding place, it was damaged so maybe the micro has been displaced??!!
I'll try again if I see someone else has found it recently..

[Modified 2006-04-25 13:09:06]

I found it! 14 Jan 2006 by  Szuchie  (Finds: 146  Score: 577)    (Hidden: 5  Score: 26)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

(HB you slacker...is this another cache long gone from the ranks but still lingering here in NC Land? You dork! Hahahaha!!!) And now for the log:

Szuchie quote while doing this cache: "How come people are always putting fences in my way!"

Haha, had a similar problem with this cache as described in previous logs...but once we checked the clue it made for a very quick find.

Loved the bridge, hated the fences!

Much thanks HB for a fun multi!

Szuchie. ;)

I found it! 27 Dec 2005 by  mickemt  (Finds: 172  Score: 590.5)    (Hidden: 71  Score: 266)
    Open Log:  Unrestricted

Great hide!!!!

I found it! 10 Dec 2005 by  Rayman77  (Finds: 104  Score: 393.5)    (Hidden: 10  Score: 32.5)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

I had a family reunion in this nice park many years ago. Over the fall I realized there wasn't one hidden here so I thought I'd place one. Obviously that never happened, so I'm glad you did instead. TFTC

I found it! 06 Nov 2005 by  WhiteUrkel  (Finds: 172  Score: 635)    (Hidden: 40  Score: 156)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Wow. Fifth to find on Navicache, a week after placement. The Buffalo News article did wonders for the website! Thanks as always for listing them here, HB, helping me to be the no. 1 Navicache finder in WNY (Hey, it's not about the numbers, right?) Short nice multi, along the shores of my creek :-). Thanks.

I found it! 05 Nov 2005 by  Gryffindor1  (Finds: 52  Score: 202.5)    (Hidden: 8  Score: 25)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

I couldn't wait to do this one - this is where I hung out when I was a kid. Did this one before visiting the folks today... things sure have changed here as the years have gone by :) Nice quick find - TFTC!

I found it! 01 Nov 2005 by  gof1  (Finds: 34  Score: 122.5)    (Hidden: 2  Score: 7)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

Got my geo-fix here on the way home from work.
Nice quick find.
Coords off a bit on the final.

I found it! 31 Oct 2005 by  Mr_Z  (Finds: 85  Score: 308.5)    (Hidden: 0  Score: 0)
    Open Log:  Unrestricted

Quick find on the way to work. TFTH.

I found it! 30 Oct 2005 by  Cayuga Crew  (Finds: 79  Score: 296.5)    (Hidden: 2  Score: 8)
    Open Log:  Personal use only

After a long day motocrossing and caching near Jamestown Woodie and I showered up and got intoour PJ's after dinner. We started working on our logs for the day and reading some e mail when one of us decided to check this site. Not long after that we were walking in the dark in Cheektowaga. Woodie doesn't have an account here yet which allows me to log the FTF at 8:35PM tonight but the truth is he huckled me on both parts. We are also very happy to report that Hucklebuckle is getting better with the coords as we found the final to be only 70 feet from our zero. Heck that beats 0.2 mi any day. Here's some help, go to your zero and then take 25 paces to the west. Thanks for the placement.


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